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Dr Phil Called Out by Conan O'Brien Over V. Stiviano Interview (watch!)

Let's His Hands Do the Talking About Sex

Dr Phil was called out by Conan O'Brien for making crude an obscene gestures during an interview.

Dr Phil was called out by Conan O’Brien for making crude an obscene gestures during an interview.

Dr. Phil McGraw threw some hardball questions at Donald Sterling’s alleged mistress, V Stiviano,. But the ones about sex particularly irked comedian Conan O’Brien.

“He really grilled her about all the rumors that she was actually sterling’s mistress. I know he’s a doctor but I don’t think all of Dr. Phil’s questions were entirely appropriate,” Conan griped.

Dr. Phil went into considerable detail about the allegations, obviously to titillate the audience. But what wasn’t shown during the interview were his incredibly obscene hand gestures, out of view of the cameras.

Somehow, Conan obtained the director’s cut that show’s just how dirty-minded Dr. Phil really is. Do you think he wanted a piece of that?

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts. It’s hilarious. Then, follow TheImproper on Twitter so we can keep bringing you the funniest late night skits on television. Your support is invaluable to us.

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