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Bethenny Frankel Claims She Never Posed 'Trashy-Nude' (Except She Did)

Reality tv star Bethenny Frankel says she would never pose nude for anything “tacky or trashy” like Penthouse or Playboy. Except she did.

“I’ve only posed naked for PETA and on my show,” Frankel, 39, tells Access Hollywood. “I have no problems with my body but I wouldn’t pose for anything trashy or tacky.”

Except that she did. Back in 1994, when Bethenny was an aspiring actress (like most reality stars are), she posed topless and did a tacky, trashy sex scene in the 1994 flop Hollywood Hills 90028. (see the cheesy screenshots at CelebSlam)

While a celeb posing nude is hardly earth-shattering, Bethenny has built her personal brand on being real and authentic.

In fact, she’s the first person to call out any of her fellow Housewives for lying, being publicity wh*res or acting pretentious.

Remember when she trashed Alex McCord in Seasons 1 and 2 for putting on airs and called McCord out for living in a then-dilapidated townhouse while spending thousands on a designer dress?

“I tell it like it is, and not how it should be,” Frankel has said repeatedly on The Real Housewives of New York City — the reality show that made her famous.

She always tells her co-stars to “own” their flaws and past mistakes (meaning, be a straight shooter and don’t lie about things or put on airs, like when she claimed she spoke French but couldn’t understand a word when a francophile tried to converse with her at the birthday party Simon van Kempen threw for Alex).

Her I’ve-never-posed-trashy-naked proclamation is just another hole in Bethenny’s carefully constructed persona as an everywoman that has won her millions of fans.

Another contradiction appears to lie in Frankel’s status as a fitness role model. While Bethenny has a slammin’ bikini body and lost 29 pounds just 21 days after giving birth to daughter Bryn in May, she became a best-selling diet book author by preaching that women didn’t have to diet to be “naturally thin.”

But Frankel confessed that she was anorexic and a food addict for much of her life, and was 20 pounds heavier until just a few years ago. Should women really be taking diet and fitness advice from someone who suffered from eating disorders until just recently?

Also, if Bethenny’s diet guidelines can teach anyone to be “naturally thin,” why is her 20-something assistant Julie Plake still overweight after working for Frankel for more than a year?

Frankel Writing Self-Help Book But Was Broke Two Years Ago

Meanwhile, Frankel is currently writing a self-help book called A Place of Yes, where she’ll purportedly dish advice on becoming personally and professionally successful and happy. Yet Bethenny has been called a pathological liar by her own mom (to whom she hasn’t spoken in over 10 years), and was estranged from her dad before he died in Nov. 2009. So what would Frankel’s advice on interpersonal relationships be?

In addition, Frankel — who’s building a mini-empire thanks to her best-selling diet book Naturally Thin and her spinoff reality show — confessed that just 2 years ago (before she became famous on the Real Housewives) she could barely afford to pay her rent.

Since most people have little chance (and many have no desire) to chronicle every detail of their personal lives on TV and exploit it for income, what would Bethenny’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs be?

Recently, Bethenny advised the cast of The Real Housewives of DC to keep their children off-camera so they don’t turn into hot messes like the New Jersey kids, but the focus of her entire reality show is her 5-month marriage to pharmaceutical sales rep-turned-reality star Jason Hoppy and 3-month-old daughter Bryn.

‘Don’t Expect Reality TV To Make You Rich and Famous’ (Oh Really??)

Frankel also advised the DC Housewives to “not take themselves too seriously because none of this is that serious. Be true to yourselves and don’t manufacture who you want to be on the show.”

She added: “It’s not fool’s gold — you don’t go on television to be rich, famous and successful . You have to have something to back it up.”

Yet Frankel parlayed her reality tv notoriety into an exercise DVD, a best-selling diet book and her own spinoff, and recently announced that she wants to host her own talk show. Would any of those ventures been successful had she not been on reality tv? As if.

As a point of reference, other reality stars who became New York Times best-sellers include New Jersey Housewife Teresa Giudice (who reportedly sold more books than Bethenny despite releasing hers a year after Frankel did) and The Hills star Lauren Conrad.

Maybe Bethenny should change the title of her upcoming self-help book to Do As I Say, Not As I Do.

  • Mary Bartels

    Thank god she is FINALLY being exposed for what she is….I was screaming at the TV every friggin night when she was bullying Kelly on the island vacation, and trashing Jill to the media, then playing the “victim” on camera. Disgusting trash, and I’m happy Jason is getting the hell away from her. To Jill, if you read this, honey you have been vindicated. You don’t need Andy, Bravo, or this crap you called a friend in your life. I’m so happy you stayed strong, and the truth is finally coming out!

  • Slick

    drugged up, saggy breasted, star wannabee.

  • agape

    Wonder how Frankel (Hoppy) will wiggle her way out of this precarious situation which reveals her trickling collapse of “dominoes” (lies)?

    I agree with others: Bethenny Frankel’s lies cannot be excused based on what others may or may not have done.

  • Reese

    Keisha, yes, I def think Bethenny is lying about ever being 20-25 pounds overweight. Just a deceptive ploy to sell her books.

  • Reese

    Great research. It’s about time Bethenny’s con-gig was exposed. I don’t fault any woman for trying to make a living, just don’t be a combo bitch/hypocrit about it and hate on others to build yourself up. She acts like she’s so above the Housewives. Instead, she should be sending Jill flowers everyday to thank her for ‘losing it’ so much last season. Beth’s fan base grew out of hate for Jill, not love for Beth.

  • Mary

    Great article! She is so fake!!!

  • Keisha

    Excuse me, but Bethenny looks as thin in those sleazy screenshots as she does now. Is she lying when she claims she was 20 pounds heavier before? A lot of women who want to lose weight relate to her because she says she overcame weight battles and was heavier and now looks amazing. But these pictures don’t look like a heavy woman at all. Wouldn’t surprise me if she lied about that too. What a sham.

    PS – Why do commenters always bring up that nutcase Kelly Bensimon’s name in a post about Bethany? No one’s comparing Kelly, who;’s clearly insane, with Bethenny.

  • Kellie

    * Catherine in Tulsa Kelly is not only crazy but she is a nut case. Have you watched any of her videos? The woman is delusional. I can’t imagine anyone being a fan of this crazy. I will watch Bethenny any day over Krazy Kelly. At least Bethenny has some talent.

  • Dani

    Wow, guess you are not a Bethenny fan! I love her and think she is the real deal. Maybe you should read her statements again. I think that you are taking them out of context. Compared to the other housewives she is smart, witty and enjoyable to watch. She does own up to her flaws and her mistakes. Kelly is crazy everyone thought that before Bethenny said anything about her. If it comes down to who is the better person and who would I want to be friends with it would be Bethenny hands down.

  • Mabel S.

    Bethany was my favorite housewife until she repeatedly began talking behind all the other housewives’ backs. On reality tv, the cardinal sin is hypocrisy. I loved her on season 1 b.c she seemed like a straight-shooting, unhypocritical aspiring businesswoman that other women could relate to. By season 3, she got annoying and said some pretty harsh things about ALL the housewives behind their back.

    I’ve tried to watch her on Bethenny’s Getting Married but can’t stomach her sharp words alone. She’s better when she gives pointed commentary about co-stars, and not when everything’s about her. Everything about her now seems inauthentic. As she told Alex: Just own it, tell the truth about yourself (instead of putting on airs) and people will love you for it. Again, she should take her own advice.

  • Let the truth be told

    Great article! I believe that she is a very dysfunctional woman. I can’t understand how she dispenses advice when she, herself is so insecure, and is literally a complete nut job. To me, she is a “hot mess”. How do people not see through this self-absorbed, all about me personality? I just can’t understand why they don’t? This woman needs to be in serious therapy…not therapy on television with everyone witnessing.

    She is full of contradictions…I believe she is a pathological liar and has grandiose illusions of herself. She is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” She comes across real and funny on the surface, but underneath it all she is an animal. This was exactly the personality of my father. In fact, when Housewives first came out he related to Bethenny…Imagine a grown man relating to an overly- sarcastic, in your face type woman, with a big, no-it-all mouth. He saw himself in her, and I think many fans who exhibit these qualities, or wish they had them themselves, relate to her.

    If she was never on a reality show, barely anyone on earth would know anything about her. So really the reality show in her case was “fool’s gold”.

    I grew up with a father (as mentioned above) who told everything like “it is” to the point where it completely screwed up my life. It took me years of intense therapy to undo all of the damage that was caused by this dysfunctional “real” parent.

    Poor Bryn!

  • vicster

    “She added: “It’s not fool’s gold — you don’t go on television to be rich, famous and successful . You have to have something to back it up.”

    Yet Frankel has converted her reality tv notoriety into an exercise DVD, a best-selling diet book and her own spinoff, and recently announced that she wants to host her own talk show. Maybe Bethenny should change the title of her upcoming self-help book to Do As I Say, Not As I Do”

    UMMMM you are making her point. She is saying you can’t just go on a reality show and be successful, you have to have something to back it; books, dvds, products (liquor) etc. Just going on the show won’t make you successful you have to do something with it.

  • vicster

    Oh my I don’t think that Bethenny had to turn everyone against Kelly or find proof she is crazy she has done that to herself. Have you seen her little video posts? Who cares about satchels of gold-if she did get it from B so what? Was still weird, as was her screaming that B was a cook over and over. I do think that putting teen age kids on these reality shows can be very tricky, some how a new born baby is not really going to be effected the same way… sorry. No Bethenny is not perfect and does not always say and do the exact right thing. I think its a stretch to call her on her assistant not being rail thin, what if Bethenny supposed to force her assistant to eat and exercise the way she says? Come on.

  • Catherine in Tulsa

    And another note of hypocrisy: when Kelly said “satchels of gold” and B mocked her and called her “crazy” – Kelly was paraphrasing B when B said “Kelly thinks life is all lollipops and unicorns and silk satchels filled with gold” – but never copped to saying that until recently. She used that to try to turn everyone against Kelly, and “proof” that Kelly was crazy.

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