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Bill O'Reilly Slams Jennifer Aniston for 'Destroying Society' (video)

Fox News loudmouth Bill O’Reilly is taking on actress Jennifer Aniston, claiming her recent remarks about motherhood are damaging to 12- and 13-year-olds who may get the idea that they don’t need a husband to start a family.

O’Reilly was reacting to recent comments by Aniston in which she said there’s nothing wrong with an unmarried woman wanting to raise a child without a man.

“Women are realizing it more and more knowing that they don’t have to settle with a man just to have that child,” she said while promoting her new movie “The Switch.”

Aniston, 41, plays an unmarried 40-year-old woman who seeks a sperm donor to get pregnant.

“Times have changed and what is amazing is that we have so many options these days, as opposed to our parents’ days when you can’t have children because you have waited too long,” she added.

Aniston clearly wasn’t directly her comments at teens. Rather she was referring to older women like herself and her character in the movie, who may be considering having a child in their 40s.

But that didn’t stop O’Reilly from exploiting the issue.

“She’s throwing a message out to 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds that, ‘Hey you don’t need a guy. You don’t need a dad.’ That is destructive to our society,” he shouted.

“Jennifer Aniston can hire a battery of people to help her. But she can’t hire a dad. Dads bring a psychology to children that in this society is under emphasized. Men get hosed all day long in the parental arena,” he added.

Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson agreed. “She is glamorizing single parenthood,” she said.

“Any man who leaves their children is not a man. Let’s make that perfectly clear. But the fathers that do try hard are under appreciated and diminished by people like Jennifer Aniston,” O’Reilly added.

Again, was that really Aniston’s point?

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