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Bethenny Frankel Broke Pre-Natal, Post-Pregnancy Rules

New York housewife Bethenny Frankel appears to have broken numerous rules for a healthy pregnancy and post-natal baby care, judging from her new reality show “Bethenny Getting Married.”

Even though she is increasingly holding herself out as an expert on childrearing, the reality star engaged in a number of unhealthy activities that could have adversely affected her baby, and maybe even triggered her pre-mature birth.

In one scene, the obviously pregnant Frankel is wolfing down a big plate of mussels, even though pregnancy experts warn expectant mothers to stay away from shellfish.

The American Pregnancy Association warns expectant mothers to avoid both raw and cooked shellfish, principally oysters, clams and mussels.

Cooking helps prevent some types of infection, but it does not prevent the algae-related infections that are associated with red tides, the group advises.

In the same episode, Bethenny, who married pharmaceutical sales rep Jason Hoppy in March 2010, can be seen sneaking a beer while cooking in the kitchen.

The March of Dimes, which specializes in childhood afflictions, warns expectant mothers to stay away from all alcohol consumption.

“Although many women are aware that heavy drinking during pregnancy can cause birth defects, many do not realize that moderate or even light drinking also may harm the fetus,” it advises on its Web site.

A Danish study of 40,000 pregnant women found that drinking could trigger a pre-term birth, depending on the amount of alcohol consumed and other factors.

After her baby Bryn was born premature, Bethenny, a big advocate of breastfeeding, can been seen drinking in several scenes in other episodes.

In one particularly incredible scene, Bethenny tells her infant nanny to bring her a beer, and she drinks it while nursing!

Husband Jason walks in and says incredulously: “What are you drinking?”

“Beer,” Bethenny replies.

“Beer and nursing our baby?” he says. “Doesn’t it go right through to our baby?”

“Yeah, I feel like she had a stressful day,” Bethenny flippantly replies.

Frankel justified taking the drink because her infant nanny noted that it would help stimulate breast milk.

But the American Academy of Pediatrics advises just the opposite.

“Breastfeeding mothers should avoid the use of alcoholic beverages, because alcohol is concentrated in breast milk, and its use can inhibit milk production,” it says.

Bethenny’s baby was born at New York Presbyterian Hospital. It’s unknown whether the hospital condones drinking by post-delivery patients.

Experts advise that as long as the alcohol is in a woman’s blood, it is also in her breast milk.

If a woman is impaired in any way by the alcohol, including a light buzz, the alcohol is in breast milk and will affect her baby.

Frankel can hardly draw on her own childhood for positive behavior.

She claims she suffered an abusive, dysfunctional upbringing marred by eating disorders, violence, alcoholism and drug abuse, although her devastated mother denies the allegations.

Frankel, who’s starring in her third reality TV show, caused an uproar when she warned the ladies of the “Real Housewives of DC” to keep their children off-camera as much as possible.

“I would say keep your kids out of it as much as possible,” Bethenny, 39, said during a media conference call to promote breast-feeding.

“You don’t want them to go bananas like the Jersey housewives’ kids!’ You’ve got to be an adult and know how to deal with it.”

All but one of the DC cast members are women in their 40s who each have between two and five children each, none of whom are newborns.

Frankel cause another uproar when she rapidly lost 30 pounds in three weeks after giving birth by Caesarean section.

“I’m concerned if she’s taking care of herself, getting enough rest and enough food, and not obsessing about losing the weight so quickly,” Peg Moline, editor-in-chief of Fit Pregnancy, told the New York Post.

Frankel defended her weight loss and exercise regime, claiming they were doctor supervised.

  • K

    I feel bad for her daughter. Not a single time she fed her on camera btw. Her husband did a few times while being filmed which is painful to watch. She eats shellfish, drinks beer and wine, complains nonstop about her parents or that she has too much pressure, too much to do… Some woman takes care of her child 24/7. Get a nanny (not a baby nurse) at least so you can spend evenings with your child, get up at night and bond with your baby. Yes, we all have to get up early in the morning and go to work! And she dares to complain about Jason’parents and the fact that they want to spend time with their granddaughter – what a bitch! I guess her baby is better with the babynurse or her assistant! She is thinking about a second child? Why??? She didn’t even bother to arrange her daughter’s room. Her assistants did!

  • Fiona

    If you live your life on camera for all to see, and have a big mouth with an annoying, worthless opinion on everything…then any criticism one receives is very well deserving.

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  • Regardless of how the experts see it, each woman has the right to throw caution to the wind if she so chooses, and do things that aren’t necessarily right for her or her unborn child, or right when breastfeeding etc…it is just that most women choose to abstain from drinking and the like when pregnant or breastfeeding – however it is still everyone’s right to make the choice to do it or otherwise…because she is a celebrity that doesn’t give people the right to criticise when so many other women would follow the same behaviour.

  • Wide Eyed

    Right… right. you all are absolutely right. Why would anyone believe the American Pregnancy Association, the March of dimes or the American Academy of Pediatrics, or any other medical authority. Bethenny knows best… sheeesh! What idiots!!

  • Jehefinner

    There is nothing wrong with light, occasional alcohol consumption whilst breastfeeding. As long as you’re not drunk, or drinking every night it’s perfectly ok. This is one of the big breastfeeding myths and it’s very frustrating to see it being trotted out as a “fact” when it’s total rubbish.

    Get your facts straight!!!

  • Dawn

    I second Jan in ATL – get your fact straight Improper!

  • Christy

    Your article seems to reinterpret several episodes from Bethanny Getting Married. I’d correct you myself, but Jan in ATL seems to have done if for me. All I can add is your “journalistic integrity” is lacking and there is no do diligence done in preparing this article.

  • Jan in ATL

    I was giving your article some level of credibility until I read it and could clearly see that you could not have actually been watching Bethenny’s show.

    No. 1, the baby nurse brought Bethenny a beer (not at Bethenny’s request as you imply) and told her that a half a glass a beer every now and then helps the milk production for breast feeding. She was going on the advice of a trained and highly recommended baby nurse.

    No. 2, she was holding and not drinking a beer in the kitchen as part of a scene to deter the potential homebuyers that her landlord brought to see the apartment.

    No. 3, as she was leaving the hospital after giving birth, you could clearly see that she had lost almost all her weight at birth. Some women are that blessed and some are not.

    If you are going to criticize someone for their behavior, try and witness it firsthand before you go on the attack.

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