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John Mayer Trashes Jennifer Aniston Dating Reports

Singer John Mayer is throwing a fit over reports that he is seeing Jennifer Aniston again on the sly, but he may have no one to blame but himself for dropping hints that suggested the possibility.

During a concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday (Aug 22), Mayer told the audience he believed in “second chances.”

But he has taken a different view of the matter.

“Let’s break it down: I don’t think I ever said, ‘I believe in second chances!’ but I can’t be 100 percent sure,” Mayer said in a post on Web site

“It’s possible I could have accidentally said something succinctly and to the point. The next sentence is from the song ‘Half of My Heart’ in reference to the idea that meeting new people allows for hiding old mistakes ..” he added.

The rocker and the actress had a highly publicized fling last year, but Mayer abruptly ended the relationship.

Since then, he has said he has “never really gotten over” the break-up.

The actress, 41, and Mayer 32, reportedly rekindled their relationship when he played recently in New York. They supposedly have been in contact ever since, according to London’s Mirror newspaper.

“John invited Jen to come out and meet him while he was in Manhattan,” a source told the newspaper. “He told her he really wanted to see her and even paid for a private jet to fly her from LA.

They spent hours in his hotel suite at the Four Seasons, ordering room service and drinking wine,” the source said.

Then a report on the Huffington Post claimed that the “second chances” reference was about Aniston, who, the report said, was spotted  in the wings of the stage during the show. The sighting was widely disputed.

That was enough to launch Mayer’s tirade.

The singer/songwriter suggested another story for the Web site: “JOHN MAYER SLAMS HUFFPO: ‘GO F**K YOURSELF!’”

Mayer said the Huffington Post’s blogger was the equivalent of “an insolvent law student willing to dance for a few extra dollars,” except the Web site does not pay contributors.

Huffington Post, this is reporting…? This is equal parts fabricated, cobbled together and misleading,” he wrote on his Web site.

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