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Twi Fan Uproar Over Robert Pattinson Sexiest Beast Loss

Robert Pattinson and Ian Somerhalder

Twi-hard fans are not only dedicated, they are legion. So how did Twilight’s Robert Pattinson get edged out as the “Sexiest Beast” by Vampire Diaries’ bad-boy Ian Somerhalder? Many Twi fans must be scratching their heads over the same question.

Just check out Rob’s newly released photos, who could be sexier than that?

While there’s unlikely to be a congressional investigation, many Twi-fans think there should be after Damon beat out Twilight’s Edward Cullen and True Blood’s Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard), according to a fan poll conducted by Entertainment Weekly.

Who knew Ian was so popular?

EW conducted a single-elimination tournament with 64 contestants, much like the NCAA’s March Madness basketball tournament. It’s online poll began July 19, and the results were revealed Thursday (Aug. 26).

The “Beasts” vying for the title included vampires, werewolves, aliens, mutants, monsters and machines from various movies and television shows.

The finalists after more than 1.5 million votes cast came down to Pattinson and Salvatore. Other top contenders included True Blood’s Alcide (Joe Manganiello) and Twilight’s Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner).

In the final, the two dashing undeads were separated by a mere 3,902 votes out of about 270,000 cast. The tally was 138,630, for Damon and 134,728 votes for Edward.

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The magazine reports that the voting was close; at one point only 200 votes separated the two, before the tide turned for good.

“Maybe it was a last-minute Tweet from Somerhalder himself –”That Pattinson guy will end up kicking my butt, however thanks for taking the time, that’s really cool : )” that turned the tide, the magazine noted.

Or maybe it was a get-out-the-vote campaign by Somerhalder’s co-star Matt Davis (Alaric). “I think he text-messaged Justin Bieber and said ‘Hey, would you please vote for my friend?’ I’m not even kidding,” Somerhalder tells EW.

So what happened Twi fans? Voice your opinions in the comments section below and enjoy Rob’s photos.


    I vote for Ian Somerfalder,getting sick of the sight and sound of Robert Pattinson and his hard done by story. Every one makes a bad decision, and has their heart broken,but we dont have the money to keep taking out press adds, he thinks he is gods gift to could it happen to him.If you have him what more could you want,there will be more heartbreak for him as who do you trust they want to be with the name and the money dosent hurt.A quiet media free life is no longer a choice for you.How many relationship do you know last in that business,you love it and all the attention it brings you. if you dident you would pack your bags and go home.I’M SURE Kristen was glad to be more so in public, you should take a lie dectot test and make it public. She could tell us about your other women.Its a well known you flirt with any thing with boobs,Just maby you brought the problem on yourself.

  • faiza464

    You all sound childish.I fill sorry for all of you.they are at the beginning of there career it is good to support both of them.good lack.


    Listen up, weirdos. The photos posted of Edward WERE SUCKY!! I wanted to GAG! Ian is WAAAY hotter and it’s time you got a life and realized that. Of course, after you get your heads out of your BEEP. He did NOT win PITY votes, and believe it or not, some people actually LIKE HIM. At least, the author of Vampire Diaries didn’t COPY THE SERIES FROM ANOTHER!!!

    Hello? Stefan and Edward are WAAAAAAAAY to similar! Stephanie should be charged with copyright. And she didn’t copy only that, but Anne Rice and lots more amazing vampire writers.

    Ian DESERVED to win. Rob is too stupid looking and weird. Ever SEEN him?? UGH!!! GAGGAGGAGGAGGAGGAGGAGGAG!!! YUCCCCCCCK!!!


  • Jacki Wacki

    Somebody call the waaambulance for these Twilight Fans!!!! IAN SOMERHALDER all the way!!! He is GORGEOUS!!!!

  • Gaussian

    Rob has already won the more important contest…..people go and watch his movie. Is anyone actually watching Ian’s show on the CW?

  • NotAVampFan

    Uhm, how this could happen? *points to the pics of both guys* Ian is sexy, Rob so not.

  • S

    omg…i used to be as obsessed as these other fans about rob… but i finally had to come to the realization that he would be terrible in bed, and worse, he has ummmm no jewels to ummmm you know, be ‘manly’ with… if you havent crotch watched rob, than you dont know crap about sex, so you shouldnt be voting on ‘sexy beast’… again…
    rob is sweet, but he wouldnt work out in the sexy beast department…

  • S

    oh get over yourselves… AND STOP LYING!!!!!
    1-no one voted twice on the same computer.. NO ONE
    2-EW stated plainly that they stopped showing the percentage in the end so no side had the advantage of last minute drive…
    3- IAN didnt ask for votes, he actually conceded towards the end and thanked his fans, he thought he would lose…

  • Julie

    As a huge Rob fan myself once upon a time until Ian Somerhalder came on the scene…after watching the first season of Vampire Diaries it’s easy to see why and how Ian bet Rob…he really is so much better looking and after meeting him in Melbourne Australia at a convention, he was everything and more we hoped he would be.
    I know a lot of my friends have left Twilight, not that we don’t hold the series close to our hearts but Rob just isn’t what he was in Twilight….Ian on the other hand is smokin hot, a total babe….can’t wait for season 2

    Sorry Edward fans a new boy is in town :)

  • Kizzy

    Say what you want about Ian but at the end of the day he WON and RP LOST,LOST,LOST.CAN I GET L-O-S-T.So yes Ian is holding a place and if you can read it says first place.Here is a one reasons RP probably didn’t win it is kind of hard to look like a sexy beast when you are so busy sparkling and looking constipated.I know you RP pod people don’t care that his charcter looks like he hasn’t had a bile movement in over a century you will take a win anyway you can get it.Even if you have to trick warped minds into believing that no one has fans but your king,but just take a moment and let the fact he LOST sink in.IT is better to accept these facts now than to wait for the electric shock or the straight jackets.I know I shouldn’t make fun of your pain but frankly it tickles me.After all the things Rp has won(or been given on a silver platter depends on how you see it)you Twinuts still think it is not enough.Frankly I think all of you need a few volts just to bring you back and help you realize the sun does not rise and set on RP.Shake off the fairy dust and realize this guy is not as perfect as you are making him out to be.So what Ian tweets to his fans that is what you call not forgetting all the people who make you a star.How many times has RP thanked his fans on his own time without having a camera shoved in his face?No if he is not in front of a camera or being bombarded by you he wants nothing to do with you.Ian out of his own time an accord keeps in touch with his fans.Now who is more humble and appreciative?Me thinks that makes RP and ungrateful beast instead of a sexy one.That may be another reason he deserved to lose.You are so low on his totem pole that you don’t register until he wins something or you trap him.

  • kam

    bahahaha! I’m still laughing at Ian Somerhalder, he is a needy balding whimp and didn’t even win because he is seen as a sexy beast, more like a place holder

  • Kizzy

    Who freakin cares whether it is sexy beast,vampire or martian.The fact is the your fairy(I mean vampire) lost.Why should RP or Edward (which ever one your delusional warped mind tunes into) rally for votes when he has all his pod people doing it for him.No people probably didn’t want RP to win.The sun does not rise and set on this guy and there are others just as worth it not more so than him.Just because you all are under his spell doesn’t mean evryone has to be.I admit Edward/RP has alot of drones hanging onto his every word but that doesn’t mean that Ian or other don’t have just as many fans.People probably just weren’t as vocal until you all started wanting to turn the world into RP or Edward junction.People are speaking up now because it is time that others get the recognition they deserve.Just like the twilight movies there are more actors but only two seem to get the praise and that is not fair.So before you all want to talk about fair you need to look around and see that it hasn’t been fair for along time.Everything has somehow been tipped into RP or Edward’s favor and if he doesn’t win one thing the drones are put on attack because someone isn’t under his spell.The people have spoken and whatever the reason the end result is RP did not win.YES OH YES I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES.I know it is a hard concept to wrap you minds around but the world can have more than one sexy man,beast,etc.I know you RP fanatics are having a very hard time with this maybe if you wish hard enough RP will turn into Edward and come and use his sparkling powers on you to make it all better.As for this contest it is over and RP didn’t win and it tickles me.

  • Kizzy

    to an RP uninfested world.

  • Ginny

    Ian IS NOT the sexiest vampire!!!!!! He won sexiest beast.

  • catrina

    nothing is going to change the fact that people on that board were writing “we can’t let cullen win” and “we all have to get together and vote for one character to make edward lose”.
    does that sound like people actually think damon is the sexiest?? a lot of people think that, in fact, i think he’s sexy, but not nearly enough people to beat the cullen character.
    ian somerhalder was the one who took the poll personal, what i did not appreciate, so don’t say it’s just a character. he used his twitter account. can you imagine if robert pattinson had done that, e.g. through peter facinellis over 1000000 followers twitter account?
    and if ian only wanted to thank his fans, he could have done so after the poll was over. if you read between the lines, it was him telling people that he was losing at the moment and asking to vote for him.
    so i am not bitter, but i do think that how this voting went was not fair against the edward character. especially since robert pattinson did not involve himself personally and a lot of people just hating on him.

  • Kizzy

    Let me give all the people who continue to call Robert Edward some advice Twilight is not real.Edward is a fictional charcter.Maybe you feel closer to Edward because you get more interaction from those than you get feom RP himself.Like I said he only speaks to and about his fans when he is forced(interview & awards)until then you are just annoying gnats that won’t go away.They say he tries to evade the papz but it is really you guys too.I agree with the lady who talked about him going out with the fan to get her to leave him alone,that is real apprciation for a fan.He didn’t know who or what she was and didn’t care he just wanted to be left alone.Like now I am sure if he could take all you delusional horny fans out to get rid of you there would be car outside your door right now.No all of Ian’s fans may not have been polite or classy but that may be because all of the programmed droids saying the same thing about RP.They are tired of the all talk all RP 247.So just like someone said they weren’t going to let RP be ragged on guess what we are not going to sit quietly by and let you dog Ian(see we are real fans we know the difference between Ian(real) and Damon(fictional).The fact that Ian will thank his fans without being paid or before he won anything makes him humble and sexy.Yes people may be bashing RP and that could be because we are sick of him being shoved down our throats,we might like a Edward/Robert free day.There is more going on in the world that some sparkling lamb loving vampire or what happens in Rp everyday life and guess what some of us just don’t care.WE JUST DON’T CARE and we would like to get back to an RP infested world.WE would like to watch TV,get on the computer without seeing an atricle or picture or some new story about him.WE DON’T CARE and in case you missed it WE DON’T CARE.

  • Dani

    Actually this article is badly written and just a sensationalist piece of junk rehashing information form all over the place. Ian tweeted that hours (about a day) before the poll closed when he was actually loosing!

    Ian won because the poll became private and Twilight fans were only voting to keep Ian from winning with a surge every time it came close. Not knowing how close it was meant that fans didn’t vote. While Damon/Ian fans continued to do so because they were less confident in the outcome. I mean hello fighting against the ‘legion’!!

    The vampire diaries have a very close community of fans (on the internet which is where this poll occurred) who are also close and in some case in direct contact with the cast. Some like Matt Davis (who I am in contact with) who are complete off their rockers but in a good way. They are grateful to the fans because it is the fans who have made the show a success its a symbiotic relationship. Twilight is a world wide phenomenon. The fans of Twilight and TVD though can not be compared we are different and we do things for different reasons.

    Do you think Rob cares about winning another poll? Nope. But for Ian this is a big deal because it shows how invested and dedicated the fans are and above all how much fun we are having and this he is very grateful for.

    Also the poll was Edward vs Damon not Rob vs Ian. Rob in my opinion is much sexier than Edward but that isn’t what it was ever about…

    So what happened was this. The internet fandom of TVD pulled their weight campaigned and stuck it to Edward’s twinkling derrière! The sexy beast won! (actually the sexy beast with the largest number of crazed internet fans won. Stop being bitter…Twilight is frigging Twilight! A success! Let TVD and its cast have their time…it doesn’t make a frigging difference. Twilight still dominates the world!!

    …for now….

  • Randi

    Told you everyone would forget about the whole Twilight Saga. I voted for Rob several times, but I can say I am now a huge fan of Vampire Diaries. By the time Breaking Dawn comes out the END OF NEXT YEAR!!! Im going to forget why I started watching Twilight. Just another fan not happy with having to wait.

  • kathryn

    “You have just revealed yourself to have absolutely no taste”

  • anna

    All I can say is, EDWARD CULLEN will be glad he didn’t win this. WHY?? Because He doesnt ever want to be a BEAST. He even despise being a Vampire… so…. ROBERT PATTINSON all the way!!!!

    Damon is the Typical Vampire that drinks HUMAN Blood and EDWARD despise that way of living…

    but if Tallying is the concern, you can see that on the EW’s summary of Votes, EDWARD CULLEN has a lot of VOTES on the other competitors.. And if you can sum it up, the Percentage EDWARD received is way way far from that of Ian so it was impossible for Ian to win… Anyway, atleast Ian and Vampire diaries has got their wish, one single Magazine about VD. But without the word BEAST, who is the SEXIEST? ROBERT PATTINSON DEFINITELY!!!

  • teri

    YES!!! IAN WON!! That’s so cool!! And he’s not only sexy he’s good person:) (which is rarely met these days)

  • Connie

    I think Rob is the sexiest of anyone! He is another ‘Elvis’ whether you like it or not! I think Ian (Damon) is good looking and sexy too and I watch him every week but Rob (Edward) is the sexiest and always will be! Rob has millions of fans and I can’t see how he can lose at anything. The man is popular and truly loved by millions. He should have won but his fans will support him and will still think he is the sexiest! May God continue to bless him!

  • guest

    If you bothered to check the comments on EW website, it was clear that lots of people hate Twilight and they voted for VD guy just to make sure Twilight character would lose. EW hid the results at the last minute because both actors were going head to head even with all those votes put against Twilight guy. When they did that, I knew that they will announce VD as a winner. Both guys are kind of cute but Rob is hotter in my book. He is tall and has this devil-may-care disheveled look about him that I like in guys, and yet, he cleans up really well for premieres. Ian is ok but his eyes freak me out, he is balding already, his ears stick out and he is short (I prefer tall guys). Also, I don’t like his personality during interviews but he is all right as an actor.

  • Karen

    BTW…the “newly released” photos are from 2009.

  • Karen

    Rob is the sexier man but Damon the sexier vampire…he has to be.. he gets some action!

  • Cindy

    Everyone has their own opinion and I’m sure that everyone didn’t vote! They are both gorgeous men….BUT Rob is my guy and that’s all that matters to me!!!!!!

  • j fierce

    This must be some kind of mistake. Sorry Rob… wont happen again!

  • kate

    I believe many voted against Rob-not for Ian. Some pretty immature people, who should no better, just seem to hate anything Twilight. (they say Twihards need a life-what about theirs just being “anti”?) Ian is very hot but there is only one Robert Pattinson. The reason C Hardwicke choose him to play Edward is that he is very otherwordly beautiful. Ian is pretty boy handsome. Ian’s character is kind of a rat/mean, Rob’s character is “otherwordly” noble/loyal. Two completely different takes on Vampires–who by the way, are fictional!!!!!

  • Jen

    Rob got legions of fans but combine VD, Zac Efron , Jonas bro, Justin Bieber and Taylor Lautner fans of course there’s more of them the reason why Ian won.. u see they hate Rob.. Why?? Well u tell me..

  • AD

    Oh yeah! Ian’s fans were so classy and dignified. During that whole poll, they were bashing Edward/Rob and they are still doing it. I don’t care who won anymore. If Damon won fairly, I will be the first one to congratulate him, but something is not sitting right with me. Especially since they decided to hide the votes towards the end. You professed classy and dignified fans were doing all of the name calling. You think the Twilight fans are just going to sit there and let you bash Edward and them for being his fans. I don’t like either one and I could see what was going on. The bashing should not have started to begin with. Go ahead, go over popwatch and read the comemnts from the Damon fans. If that is classy, then I would hate to see what would constitutes as not classy.

  • Holly

    If the poll was for the sexiest MAN, Robert would have won hands down. But since this poll was for sexiest BEAST and lot of people didn’t think Edward was a beast (since he didn’t drink human blood and loves Bella). Even Twi-hards didn’t think Edward should be classified as a Beast. However, I guarantee that if the vote was for the sexiest Man, there would be no competition – Robert is the sexiest man alive!

  • lisa

    vampire diaries starts next month. i’m sure that this has nothing to do with that right?

  • karen

    He didn’t beg for votes, he thanked the fans. And unlike Rob Ian cares about his fans, and the world issues. He is not asking fans to dinner to scare them away, unlike Robert.

  • Kizzy

    Get over it Ian won and he should have.I am so sick of all the overly hormonal obsessed RP fans that think he is the be all end all.He only speaks about and takes time out for fans when he has to or is put on the spot.Ian only said that RP would probably win because of the wet women running around worshipping Pattinson.People had the same reaction over Brad Pitt,Johnny Depp and million others.His season is now and like every season his will pass.I for one can not wait because people are being really mental over this.Ian is a great actor and very good looking and doesn’t get the credit he deserves so yes he deserved to win.RP has gotten his recognition and it is high time that the truth come out that RP is not seen the same way by everyone.So all you RP loves need to step out of your alternate universe where RP is the adored king and step into reality and the reality is not everyone is under the RP spell that you are.We don’t get all hot and bothered(bothered maybe)when he RP is seen anywhere and we aren’t sore losers because of what he has achieved or won.We do however support out favorites(with a little more dignity and class)and you need to accept this as an eye opener that there are other actors that can compete with sparkling,lamb loving vampire.

  • Sheri

    I’m sure neither Rob nor Ian REALLY cares about all this…it isn’t of huge importance, obviously. It was a very close race, as it should have been…both are incredibly yummy. As a huge fan of BOTH series, I can say I was thrilled it came down the two of them. I couldn’t lose either way! :)

  • amy

    EW had an interview with Somerhalder to run. They created this around it. It’s no accident that they “hid” the total votes in the last day of the poll. The whole thing’s pretty pathetic. Begging for votes on twitter?

  • jen

    rob is the sexiest man alive! i dont care about other bad boys or beasts. rob is a gentleman! that what makes him sexy. oh, and yeah..rob is insanely beautiful

  • edina harman

    and just to let you know that we could only vote once each. so get over it. Ian is the new sexy vampire

  • edina harman

    Ian Somerhalder all the way. Just look at those eyes. He has it all whereas Robert Pat just looks gooky, weird, just odd. Ian for me

  • Ginny

    Rob won Glamour’s “WORLD SEXIEST MAN” for the 2nd year in a row. If anyone was following the comments on EW’s poll, Ian’s fans were able to vote numerous times and Rob’s fans were only able to vote once. Rob will always be way sexier to Twilight fans, but as Ian’s fans stated “Rob is no beast, he is too much of a gentleman.” That really says it all. No one thinks Rob is a beast, but he is way sexier than Ian.

  • catrina

    come on, as if we didn’t know that most people would have voted for ANYBODY just to see the edward cullen character lose.
    the damon fanbase counts maybe about one third of the edward cullen fanbase, at the highest. some people who voted don’t even care for damon.
    i still think wolverine should have won, not a gay vampire.

  • Rob and Ian Fan

    Okay, lets all get real. Ian twitters all the time, I follow him, I know. He is more outgoing than Rob, and more into his fans. Rob could care less about all this and is probably glad he didn’t win. The results were a sastical tie, get over twilight fans. Many twihards love the VD too, so get over it!

  • lena

    Those pics say it all – Rob all the way!!

  • katie

    i highly doubt rob really cares about an online poll. why anyone would twitter about this is beyond me. i can see the fans doing it, but actors and their co-stars? they are not winning an award.

  • kam

    what the heck?!? somerhalder begged for pittance??? he just lost about 95 sympathy points. pattinson’s i-don’t-give-a-shit-attitude seems sexy all of a sudden

  • daniela

    robert pattinson is the best and most sexy man alive in this world no mater what say ew or ian

  • khushi

    yeah…true ut was IAN begin 4 votes n his comments wich made him win…sympathy votes u c……..
    ROBERT is alwaz s SEXIESTttttt…man evrrr alive..
    he is d clear winnerr..
    ROB….u r d best…:)

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