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Gigi Hadid Single, Again, And Working Her A*s Off! Just See Her New Photos!

Focusing on Career After Cody Sampson Split

Gigi Hadid has ended a two-year relationship with Aussie singer Cody Sampson to focus on her burgeoning career. And, she's working her tail off. (Photo: Guess)

Gigi Hadid has ended a two-year relationship with Aussie singer Cody Sampson to focus on her burgeoning career. And, she’s working her tail off. (Photo: Guess)

Gigi Hadid is single again after dating Australian singer Cody Simpson for the past two years. Gigi is throwing herself into into her work with her hottest photo spread ever. Is this what she means by focusing on her career?

Hadid, 20, and Simpson, 18, both cited their busy schedules as a reason for the break up.

The two said in a statement they are committed to remaining friends and have no “hard feelings” over the split.

“Cody and Gigi want each other to be in a place right now that allows him to only focus on his music, fans, and new message, while she can focus and continue building her career,’ Hadid’s rep told E! News.

Gigi Hadid Hot for V Mag
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Hadid has been better known as the daughter of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reality star and former Dutch model Yolanda Foster. Gigi has her mother’s build.

She’s 5-feet, 10-inches tall with exotic look thanks to her Palestinian father, a noted Beverly Hills developer.

Her modeling career exploded this year when she was one of 12 rookies to appear in the 2014 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. She also became the face of Guess? jeans. She’s also worked for Tom Ford.

If that wasn’t enough, Vogue magazine certified her as a fashion star when it picked her for the cover as part of the relaunch last year of the fashion bible’s web site.

Like her fashion counter-part, Kendall Jenner, the fetching blonde model has also had to overcome her Beverly Hills background. But that only seems to make he work that much harder.

She pulls out all the stops for her latest photo spread in fashion title V magazine. Gigi is as close to bare as she can get.

Check out her photos, let us know your thoughts and be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest celebrity news.

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