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Emma Watson Naked? Photo Circulates at Brown U (photos)

This Is One Time Star Keeps Her Blouse On

Harry Potter star Emma Watson’s coveted privacy at Brown University has been shattered by some mischievous  frat boys who are circulating a nude photo of her around campus. Except the photo appears to be fake.

Watson has been the subject of fake nude photos before.

But this one is said to be especially irksome to her because, until now, she has praised university students for respecting her privacy.

The photo shows her allegedly topless standing next to a hot tub with a towel around her waist.

Brown is one of the schools that make up the prestigious Ivy League, which includes top tier universities like Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

But students, who pay $39,928 a year in tuition, apparently aren’t above having fun at Watson’s expense.

“Emma is trying to seek out the source so she can put a stop to it,’ a friend tells the UK’s Daily Mail.

“There have been a number of nude fakes over the past two months. Emma has seen them and finds them tiresome. People should know better,” a rep for the Harry Potter actress said.

Not that Watson is a prude. She’s definitely starting to feel her hormones kick in.

“It’s time I got more naughty,” she told London’s Sun newspaper.

“I wished I’d done more naughty things.Three months ago I cut my hair and at that moment I felt I became a woman. I’m ready to start taking risks.

“At the moment I’m just happy to be single. I want to live life to the full. But I’m more grown up and confident now. I’m ready to take more risks. I feel less girlish than ever,” she said.

Click over to sister site to see how Emma Watson’s nude photo was faked. (nsfw)

  • amarjit nayak

    hey…….don’t think about it .u just concentrate on your career………..u are my favourite actress

  • geno


  • BigD

    But also you have to look at the shadow of the hair in the back. It is extremely hard to fix something like that with any type of program like Photoshop, Gimp, or any others. It is fake in my opinion but whoever did this put lots of effort into it.

  • vds

    That photo looks awfully fake, why is her neck so straight coming off her body? 0_0 Plus the lighting on the face to the body don’t match up. FAKE!!!

  • Fariborz

    she is a cute Legend

  • Claire Niamon

    Nowadays it is almost a must for prominent females to appear nude for public consumption. It is assumed, that they are no longer in a virginal state and that they should demonstrate their prowess by a sizeable dildo lodged in the right place.

    That is the minimum requirement for any celebrity.

  • K


  • vishnu c s

    its total shit when people try to cookup stories about someone i hate and will punch in the face those who done this

  • Brown student

    The story is not true. It was invented by The Daily Mail tabloid newspaper, which cited no sources other than the usual fictional “friend.” The photo is not “circulating” at Brown. The faked photograph in question has been on the internet for more than a year. The entities “circulating” it are websites such as this one, not Emma’s university peers. Nor does your website offer any source for your “frat boys” invention. And Emma’s praise for her fellow students at Brown and their protection of her privacy continues this month in interviews with TIME magazine, Parade Magazine, Marie Claire magazine, British Vogue magazine, E! television, MTV, and in interviews with her producers David Barron and David Heyman in People magazine, who say she’s never been happier.

  • Rin

    I love when ppl say that Ivy League students are so much more refined and mature than the rest of the college students who can’t afford or simply don’t see the point in paying that much for a name when it comes to school. Boys will be boys, or should I say Frat boys will be Frat boys, and girls will be girls. It doesn’t matter where you attend school, the difference between Emma Watson and other celebs going through Ivy League is that she is young and has been consistently famous for a long time and most those at her school are around her age so the maturity level is about the same.

    So stop saying Ivy League ppl are better, trust me they aren’t, but they think they are and that’s a big reason why they do these things.

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