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Miley Cyrus Wardrobe Malfunction at MTV EMAs (photo)

(photo: Retna)

Miley Cyrus, just over two weeks away from her 18th birthday, but still technically a minor, showed a little more skin that disapproving adults would care for their kids to see at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Her white frock and floor length lace skirt looked cute and age-appropriate from the front.

But the top gaped and exposed nearly all of her breast from the side and back.

The dress suggested that Miley, who was not wearing a bra, has no plans to change her free-spirited ways.

The daring outfit exposed most of her breast in photos taken on the red carpet, as well as a tattoo below her left breast.

Check out Miley’s Photos; click to enlarge:

The tattoo was first revealed last year when Miley wore a pink bikini while vacationing in Florida. The tattoo reads “Just Breathe.”

Supposedly it is a tribute to a friend who died from cystic fibrosis.

Miley continued testing the boundaries of her sexuality by wearing a jewel-encrusted leotard, fishnet tights and style lace-up boots for her performance during the show.

Earlier in the weekend she performed in Germany with an equally risqué outfit that revealed her bikini underwear. But she wore a flesh-colored body suit underneath.

Miley has rolled out her most daring performances in Europe. During an earlier performance, she kissed one of her girl dancers, while a male dancer grabbed her breast during a number.

She later said the girl-on-girl kiss was faked.

For the record, Miley turns 18 on Nov. 23.

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  • Jamie

    supergirl is definitely correct about her assumptions. Something is wrong with her and her family.

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  • supergirl

    I already think there is an unnatural relationship with Miley’s daddy. It’s rather disgusting. No father is ok with his teen dating grown men when she’s 15. No father is ok with his 15 year old posing nude. No father is ok with his little girl exposing herself in public. NO FATHER SUPPORTS THE GIRLS UNDERAGE WHORING AROUND UNLESS THERE IS SOME SORT OF UNNATURAL SHIT GOING ON. IT’S SO GROSS! I CAN’T STAND TO SEE HER ANYMORE. I USED TO THINK SHE WAS CUTE AND TALENTED. NOW I THINK SHE’S A WHORE. HER DADDY IS HER BIGGEST CUSTOMER.