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Franken Foil Leeann Tweeden a Hard-Right Hannity Protégé, Hooter's Girl

Is Nude Playboy Model Politically Motivated?

Leeann Tweeden Playboy 2011

Al Franken accuser Leeann Tweeden appeared for the second time in Playboy in 2011, posing nude. Her first appearance was in 1996. (Photo: Playboy)

Leeann Tweeden, who explosively accused Sen. Al Franken of groping her during a 2006 USO tour to Iraq, once worked as a scantily clad Hooter’s hostess, posed for Playboy twice–including nude– and was a talking head on two Sean Hannity Fox News shows.

While Tweeden’s background doesn’t excuse Franken’s behavior, it does provide some context to her charges, which may be exaggerated and politically motivated.

Update: Al Franken’s Military ‘Escort’ on USO Tour Disputes Leeann Tweeden Claims

Franken apologized for their interaction, which involved a skit where they kissed during the 2006 USO Show.

Franken, who was a comedian at the time, was also photographed jokingly reaching for her breasts while she slept on their Air Force flight home.

He acknowledged and apologized for the incidents today (Nov. 16).

“I certainly don’t remember the rehearsal for the skit in the same way, but I send my sincerest apologies to Leeann.”

Leeann Tweeden Playboy 1996

Leeann Tweeden first appeared on the cover of Playboy in 1996 in an issue devoted to “Sports and Sex. ” (Photo: Playboy)

“As to the photo, it was clearly intended to be funny but wasn’t. I shouldn’t have done it,” he said in a statement.

It’s unclear what Franken meant by having a different recollection of the rehearsal, but his comment suggested that Tweeden may be exaggerating for political reasons.

Update: Roy Moore, Donald Trump Accusers May Testify in Al Franken Ethics Probe

Franken, a Democrat who was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 2008 from Minnesota, has been a harsh critic of Fox News, and President Trump.

He also sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has some oversight over alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 election.

Tweeden appeared regularly on the Fox News political show “Hannity,” hosted by the hard-right commentator.

Hannity frequently has been accused of promoting wild alt-right conspiracy theories and fake news. He’s also a hard-line critic of Democrats, liberals and so-called “leftists”

Leeann Tweeden FHM Magazine

Leann Tweden covered FHM magazine in a risque photo that showed her unbuttoning her bikini top. (Photo: FHM)

Tweeden also appeared on another Hannity show, “The Great American Panel” and occasionally appeared on “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld” a right-wing slanted, late-night Fox News comedy/satire show.

Tweeden was known for her wit and risque quips on the show.

The 41-year-old personality is probably best known for her 2001 to 2007 stint as a correspondent on Fox Sports Networks’ “The Best Damn Sports Show Period.”

Before that she worked for ESPN. She made her first appearance in Playboy in 1996 in a feature called ESPN “hard bodies.”

She did not appear nude at the time, but she did land on the cover.

In 2011, at 38, she appeared again in the December Playboy and posed in full-frontal nude shots.

Tweeden wasted no time heading for Hollywood once she graduated from high school in 1991. She bypassed college to pursue an acting and modeling career.

Leeann Tweeden Hooter's Calendar

Leeann Tweeden was picked for the Hooter’s calendar in 1993 and was named a Top Hooter’s Girl of All Time in 2998. (Photo: Hooter’s)

At 5-feet, 5-inches tall, she was too short for runway work, but did work as a fitness, lingerie and swimsuit model.

In 1992, she landed a job as a scantily clad hostess at a Hooter’s restaurant in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

She posed in the 1993 Hooter’s calendar, and must have made an impression.

As part of Hooters’ 25th anniversary in 2008, Tweeden was named one of the “Top Hooters Girls of all time.”

She left the Fox sports show around the same time and began a stint as hostess of NBC’s late night television series “Poker After Dark.”

In February this year, she joined the Los Angeles morning radio show “McIntyre in the Morning” on KABC 790 AM. She appears as a news anchor from 5-10 am weekdays.

Tweeden exploded back into the spotlight today when she accused Franken of forcibly kissing her during the USO rehearsal.

“On the day of the show Franken and I were alone backstage going over our lines one last time,” she wrote on the KABC website. “He said to me, ​’​We need to rehearse the kiss.​’​ I laughed and ignored him. Then he said it again. I said something like, ‘Relax Al, this isn’t SNL…we don’t need to rehearse the kiss.’​”​

But she said Franken persisted even though she said she was uncomfortable: ​

​”​I said ‘OK’ so he would stop badgering me. We did the line leading up to the kiss and then he came at me, put his hand on the back of my head, mashed his lips against mine and aggressively stuck his tongue in my mouth​.” ​

Leeann Tweeden Nude Playboy

Leeann Tweeden appeared nude in the Dec. 2011 issue of Playboy magazine. (Photo; Playboy)

Tweeden said she decided to come forward after women started publicly accusing movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of groping, sex assault and rape, and hearing California Rep. Jackie Speier tell about being sexually assaulted as a congressional aide.

​”​At that moment, I thought to myself, Al Franken did that exact same thing to me​,” she said.

Until Tweeden surfaced with her charges against Franken, Republicans in Congress had been reeling over child molestation allegations against Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Moore has been accused of groping a 14-year-old girl and attempting to date six other teenagers while he was a 32-year-old county prosecutor.

He’s adamantly denied the charges and refuses to drop out of the race.

Check out Tweeden’s appearance on the hard-right Hannity show.

  • Norm DeSha

    Leann Tweeden is a trump supporter, ’nuff said. She was sexually molesting everyone on the USO tour.

  • Bart

    I’ve read your previous posts. You’re a vile, disgusting, nasty, dumb, woman hating liberal. You spew verbal garbage and offer nothing of value.

    • DT wxrisk

      yes to a KOOK like you …proof and evidence that none of this happened is offensive. I get that .

      Now go fuck your self

      • Bart

        Thanks for proving my previous post true

        • DT wxrisk

          The only thing you have proven is that you are stupid and that you can’t look at evidence and the overwhelming amount of evidence

          . You won’t look at the fact that she strongly connected to HANNITY show. All the other women and the more case and Alabama are all conservatives that voted for Trump.

          You won’t look at the fact that she practice this kiss with Al Franken on stage in front of everybody else and never complained about it once.
          The pictures and video prove that.

          You won’t look at the fact that the security officer is in charge of Miss tweeden and Al Franken both said they were with them the entire time and this event never happen.
          The testimony of the two security officers prove that.

          You won’t look at the fact that the alleged photograph where Al Franken is supposedly molesting her his hands never touch her.

          You won’t deal with the fact of the only person who is molesting anybody is Miss tweeden who apparently thinks it’s okay to grab

          the crotch of guitar players and kiss servicemen on the mouth when they’re not expecting it. The pictures and the video van that tour prove this categorically

          So yes you have proven that you are stupid

          • Bart

            So she made him grab her boobs? Poor Al, so innocent, so misunderstood. And you call me stupid…sheesh…

    • Mark Braun

      Bart the Trump ass-kisser. Only a dope would admit he supports Don. Look out, Bartsy, fartsy.

      • Bart

        You sound like a real rocket scientist

  • Bart

    You show pictures of her naked and tie her to Hannity in order to discredit her and protect scumbag Franken. Are you implying she asked for it because of the nature of her work? God forbid Leeann should be choosy about whose tongue she allows in her mouth. After all she did pose topless ergo she’s fair game right?

    • Redacter

      The article is biographical in nature. You can draw your own conclusions about her career choices and what they mean. If she were involved in a civil trial, her background and credibility would be an issue. It’s called “impeaching the witness.” So it’s worth reporting. She’s not just a Republican voter, she’s a political operative. So far, we’ve only heard one side to the story… hers. This is also not a case of conventional sexual assault. There are such things as mitigating factors, and those need to be taken into account as well.

      • Bart

        Political operative? You’re paranoid! She’s NOT on trial. Stop protecting a perv and a predator. He did wrong! He needs to own it.

        • Redacter

          Even the conservative NY Post doesn’t buy into what you’re saying, and yes, for better or worse, her credibility is on trial…just like the Trump and Moore accusers.

          • Bart

            I don’t base my opinions based on NY Post articles. Since when is a conservative website being considered as a source of information? She’s being vilified because she exposed a DEMOCRAT senator. Also because she went on Hannity’s show and Soros is trying to eliminate Hannity. Leeann spoke truth and now she’s being crucified for it. Besides, unlike Moore’s accusers she has picture proof of harassment. Franken got caught and exposed and that has set the left in a feeding frenzy.

  • Stephen LaPoint

    Blocked me on my Birthday Fakebook Employees and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg For posting this link on Facebook really.

  • Robyn Ryan

    The photo was a staged shot. She’s not asleep. You can’t scratch through Kevlar. Much less grope.

    • Bart

      That’s not the point. It’s the fact that he looks at her not as a human being but a pair of boobs with legs. Furthermore, Franken had been harassing her all along. This wasn’t just one incident.

      • MyLovelyNose

        Prove it. One drip said, “Oh, I know about a lot of stuff” but then said, “Oh, my delicacy and indiscretion prevent me from exposing those involved–just take my word for it.”

        • Bart

          Lay off the pot…

      • Kay Vinci

        She spent her career BEING a pair of boobs with legs. She’s a sex symbol, and that’s what her fame is all about. If she’s going to pose naked in Playboy, then how does she expect men to ignore that fact. It’s like putting a sign on your back that says “fuck me”. Which is why Al, being the comedian and also afflicted with a real live conscience, didn’t actually touch her; he made the obvious joke. Some accounts say she was in on it. Same thing with the kiss. It was rehearsed, and scripted.

        • Bart

          My point is just because she’s a sex symbol doesn’t mean that she has to accept any and all advances all the time from whoever. So basically you’re saying because of her career she has no right to say “no”. Bullcrap.

  • Brian Bruggemeyer

    Seems to me that two scumbags have be revealed. The first is Al Franken, the second is Leeann Tweeden.

  • Bad Will Hunting

    Leeann Tweeden is such a beauty, inside and out.

    • Kay Vinci


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