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Al Franken Accuser Leeann Tweeden's Claims Shredded by Internet Sleuths

A photo of Al Franken allegedly reaching for a sleeping Leeann Tweeden’s breasts contains a number of discrepancies discovered by photo experts. The note uneven shadows and lighting discrepancies. (Photo: Source Unknown)

Al Franken accuser Leeann Tweeden is facing a storm of suspicion on social media. Internet sleuths are shredding her claims about her interactions with Franken on a 2006 USO Tour in Iraq, including claims a “boob grab” photo has been digitally altered.

The gag photo, which shows Franken reaching for Tweeden’s breasts, while she sleeps in a flak vest on an Air Force jet, is the most damning evidence of Tweeden’s claims.

A close examination of Franken’s right hand shows a clear straight-line crop, cutting off the end of his finger. (Photo: Source Unknown)

What’s most puzzling is the fact that the photographer who supposedly took photo has not stepped forward to corroborate or deny Tweeden’s claims. The person remains unidentified.

But there may be a reason for that. Photo experts on social media believe the image was digitally altered. Franken they say was “PhotoShopped” into the image as if he were grabbing at Tweeden.

“Guys, I’m a professional photographer and I need you to look at the extremely bad cut-and-paste job that’s obvious when you look at the edges of Franken’s shadow. Plus, note the sloppy cloning on left. Also, a shadow cast by a flash would never be completely opaque,” wrote Twitter critic erika szostak.

“look closely at how Franken’s hair is so weirdly blackened by that “shadow.” That’s the effect of a bad Photoshop. A drop shadow has been created in Layer Styles.”

Leeann Tweeden claimed her relationship with Al Franken was cold and distant. But this photo, taken on the plane during the tour, suggests otherwise. Note the airline-style seats. The photo was posted by Barr on his blog. He made no mention of any negative incidents on the trip. (Photo: Source Unknown)

“Why is there no highlight from the flash or the light in his glasses? Or for that matter, a shadow from his glasses onto his face that matches the directionality of any light that would give him a bodily shadow at that angle?” the photographer wrote.

“Natural photographic shadows do not have solid lines along the edges. They fade out, even in the case of hard shadows made by camera flash.”

This screen capture from a video of their skit, shows Leeann Tweeden kissing a soldier on the lips and letting him ‘dry hump’ her. It’s going viral on the internet and is an example of her antics during the show. Franken looks on. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Among other discrepancies, the intense lighting on Franken’s face isn’t the same as the soft lighting on Tweeden’s face. They should be the same if they were in the same shot. There’s also a tell-tale blue area under Franken’s left hand due to a sloppy crop job.

“You will see that the light falls from different directions on the face of both persons. The shadows are not on the same side. This is not possible in real life,” noted one observer.

In Franken’s shadow the light is coming from upper left foreground. In Tweeden’s nose shadow, the light is coming from middle right foreground.

Al Franken and Leeann Tweeden are shown kissing on stage during a rehearsal. The photo is far from her description of a forced kiss. While the band is off-stage, soldiers are clearly present. (Photo: Source Unknown)

“Judging by the heavy shadows from the flash alone, it appears the plane was dark yet the guy to the right has his sunglasses on. Does he wear them to sleep or was there enough time as they posed the pic for him to grab his shades?” noted one critic.

Country music artist Andy Barr, who plays with Mark Wills can be seen in the photo wearing the sunglasses.

Franken’s image from the Leeann Tweeden photo has become an Internet meme to show how easily it can be cropped into photos.

Of note, both Tweeden and Wills are wearing military flak jackets. Tweeden said they were required to wear them. But in the photo, Franken doesn’t have one on.

One observer noted that a close examination of Franken’s right hand shows his pinkie has been cut off by a poor cropping job.

“Don’t trust this photo,” added Kelvino Albanez‏, whose Twitter handle is @OceanPkwyKid

An Air Force veteran noted that Tweeden is sitting in a military jump seat, not the cushy seats added to planes for VIP guests. Another photo shows those seats.

“Tweeden isn’t strapped in. There’s be no way she could be asleep in a jump seat on an airplane if she was not strapped in. She’d just fall right off, so obviously this photo was staged, and Tweeden must’ve been in on it,” a critic wrote.

This ‘photo’ of Al Franken and Hillary Clinton was posted on the Twitter account of Trump operative and GOP trickster Roger Stone. (Photo: Twitter)

“I’ve flown on these aircraft. They would not have been flying in jump seats nor sleeping in them as in the first photo. USAF installs airline seats like these for civilians traveling on cargo aircraft,” wrote another social media observer.

Tweeden claimed that her relations with Franken were strained and cold after he allegedly tried to “forcefully” kiss her. But Barr posted a photo on his blog, showing her and Franken together. Both are smiling.

A television floor director shot a hole in Tweeden’s claim that she and Franken were rehearsing in private when the alleged “kiss” took place, out of sight of anyone else on the tour.

“I can tell you that they also NEVER would have had rehearsal to themselves. Lighting, stage, sound crews would be everywhere,” she wrote.

Indeed, another photo from the trip shows them rehearsing in front of the band and others.

Tweeden’s account of the Tour incident was also called into question.

During the show, Tweeden can be seen grabbing the behind of a band member in a sexually suggestive move and bumping and grinding on soldiers.

Leeann Tweeden apparently didn’t have a problem kissing strangers on the lips. She takes matters into her own hands on a 2003 USO trip. (Photo: Leeann Tweeden)

In a photo showing her kissing Franken during a rehearsal, Tweeden has her arm around his neck and Franken has his hand on her shoulder, not the back of her head as she claimed.

Nothing in the photo suggests she’s trying to push him away. To the contrary, she is holding him tightly and pressing her body into his.

Tweeden said she didn’t come forward with the allegations sooner because she feared her career, including a stint as a swimsuit model, would lead others to discount her story.

“I felt belittled. I was ashamed. I’ve had to live with this for 11 years,” she said on her radio show. “Somehow it was going to be my fault. It was not going to be worth the fight.”

That’s a common complaint of sexual assault victims, but Tweeden may actually make it harder for victims to come forward, if her charges turned out to be exaggerated or contrived for politically reasons.

Tweeden has worked as a Playboy model, Hooter’s girl and conservative talk show personality. She’s appeared frequently on shows hosted by hard-right commentator Sean Hannity.

Al Franken and Leeann Tweeden rehearsing in Mosul, Iraq during the 2006 USO tour. (Photo: Spc. Creighton Holub)

Her political connections have raised eyebrows. In addition Trump operative and GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone, tipped that Franken was about to get his comeuppance hours before Tweeden went public.

Stone is a vocal critic of Franken’s and has been known to doctor photos.

What’s more, Internet sleuths note that Tweeden’s radio station is owned by conservative media conglomerate Sinclair Broadcasting. Sinclair is trying to buy Tribune Media which would give it control of dozens of local news markets.

Franken is a vocal critic of the merger and sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has some jurisdiction over the merger.

If Tweeden’s complaints prove to be false or exaggerated, it may also give conservatives ammunition to claim President Trump’s 14 accusers are disingenuous as well.

Franken has apologized to Tweeden and wisely called for a Senate Ethics Committee investigation. Tweeden will be forced to testify under oath and face possible perjury charges if her legion of Internet sleuths proves correct.

Check out the video below, let us know your thought and follow IM on Twitter for the latest updates on this developing story.

The first video shows one of Franken’s skits with Tweeden. It starts around 9:40 into the clip. The second is a glimpse of her suggestive act.

In the third video, Franken and Tweeden perform a skit in 2003 that’s similar to one she performed on the 2006 tour, countering the claim that he wrote the 2006 script just so he could kiss her. It was part of their long-standing act.

  • Bart

    What is your fascination with Al Franken? Where is your reporting of the 6 other women who reported the same thing. You’re only smearing this woman because she’s a Trump supporter. Only liberal women are to be believed?

    • BoxingCannabyte Epicurus

      You’re projecting. And not actually disputing anything put forward in the article. A liar ias a liar, manipulation is manipulation and bullshit should be called out, which is what is happening in the article, and which is what I am doing with your post. Adios.

      Then again, maybe this article is a load of hogwash, but for the sake of argument let’s say that the “Expertise” here is valid, why shouldn’t it be called out?

  • Tandem_fusion

    First of all “photo expert” according to whom? The term is intended to lend weight to this individual’s pronouncement, but absent actual credentials, should not be taken to do so. Onth eInternet, anyone can become an instant “expert” to serve whatever cause motivates them.

    That aside, the long, tortured tale of photoshopping is just pointless considering that Franken himself acknowledges the photo as genuine.

    • Leslie (eserafina42)

      That’s my thought. Also, according to her (from what I understand) she first found out about the whole incident because someone collected a bunch of photos from the tour and put them on a CD, which was passed out to the participants (several people) so if the original photo was different or not there, it seems as though SOMEONE would have come forward with it. I’d love to believe it’s faked, but I try not to let wishful thinking override my reason.

      • Tandem_fusion

        Yeah unfortunately the explanations, excuses, etc. are all a but irrational and tortured.

        Al Franken is not the indispensable man. The Democratic Party will not rise and fall on his time in the Senate, but the credibility of the party as a moral force will not be done any favors by the combination of outlandish conspiracy theories, slut shaming and victim blaming, and efforts at deflection and minimizing.

        And it’s not really important whether died in the wool Democrats would tolerate his behavior, since getting elected always requires crossover votes from the other party, as well as the unaffiliated turnout. Those folks are going to be less concerned with a little egg on the face of the Democrats than they are the appearance of a double standard.

        • ImaMe

          Oh this is FAR from “victim blaming” bs! She has groped men while on USO tours, that’s supposed to be ok??? This is an incredibly slippery slope females are beginning to realize. Supporters of Al’s wanted him to run in 2020, even though he said no, so suddenly this bs comes about? Zero investigation? I thought we were all innocent UNTIL proven guilty?? But by all means, don’t call for Trumps resignation, and keep supporting Moore! >:(

          • Tandem_fusion

            Innocent until proven guilty is ho things are judged in a courtroom. Politicians and other public figures are judged int he court of public opinion. It is what we do when we decide to vote for them and it is what we do when we remove our support from them.

            As to her conduct, it is irrelevant. A prostitute can still be raped. Atheif can be stolen from, and and someone who themselves acts inappropriately can still be the victim of inappropriate sexual conduct. What you have done is tantamount to claiming that she had it coming.

  • Fall OfReach

    But she said the kiss took place backstage and they were alone behind the curtains on the CNN interview?

    • Heather Jamieson

      The article states, “A television floor director shot a hole in Tweeden’s claim that she and Franken were rehearsing in private when the alleged “kiss” took place, out of sight of anyone else on the tour.

      “I can tell you that they also NEVER would have had rehearsal to themselves. Lighting, stage, sound crews would be everywhere,” she wrote.”

  • CancerousEstablishment

    Idiots, he’s wearing THE SAME SHIRT as other pics on the plane, so unless he did this to someone else -on that plane-, the simplest explanation is probably correct (that he did it). Not to mention that he didn’t even deny it….

    • kredacter

      Tweeden said she was required to wear a flak jacket on that flight and the passenger sitting next to her has one on too, but Franken isn’t wearing one. It suggests he was cropped into the photo. He’s apologized for the photo, but doesn’t confirm its authenticity. No photographer has come forward to acknowledge taking it. Why?

      • CancerousEstablishment

        Why does the photog have to to acknowledge it?? And why would you apologize for a picture if it is fake instead of vehemently denying it?

        • kredacter

          The photographer could clear up in a second whether the photo is legit. Don’t you think Tweeden would want that as much as Franken? Can only speculate about Franken’s apology. It’s the gentlemanly thing to do, right or wrong, and he’s waiting for the Ethics Investigation to address it? He doesn’t want to come off like Trump or Moore? Only my guess.

        • Lalas71

          Franken called for an investigation because he can do some discovery. During that investigation testimony is under oath and she’ll be forced to swear to her allegations. If this article is even remotely correct, she’ll back down or admit that the photo isn’t or might not be genuine. The apology keeps the heat off until the ethics inquiry wraps up.

        • Helen Damnation™

          Roger Stone isn’t about to apologize. He’s insane, and can’t be reasoned with.

    • Joey Galleno

      Cancerous Trumptard

      • CancerousEstablishment

        Thank you for that insanely witty remark, I bet that took all 5 of your brain cells to come up with that. Go back to your hole.

    • Adam Schmitt

      I believe the photo is real and that photographer in the article was just grasping at straws or only seeing things he wanted to see, but the photo doesn’t prove that Al Franken was sexually assaulting anyone. Tweeden is most likely lying, but her lie required the existence of this photo in order to be sold. The fact that this photo exists is the only reason she wrote that hackey diatribe in the first place. She is the Vanilla Ice of women.

  • NMBird

    And who is this person from the State Fair? Supposedly, pictures were being taken….
    Wouldn’t be surprised if someone is out to get Franken because he’s been so aggressive during the Trump/Russia hearings….

    • Judith_Priest


    • Denise Painter

      A male friend commented in another post “Her husband is three feet away taking the photo, her father is standing right next to her, and Al Franken grabs her ass! That man has some BALLS!”

      • NMBird

        Well, glad to see she has a wonderful husband…(sarcasm)

    • Tandem_fusion

      Well, as has been rather widely reported, she posted something about it in her Facebook page at the time, and CNN was able to corroborate that it is still visible on her Facebook page, so that’s not likely to be what’s going on.

      And with now two more people with similar stores that have also been corroborated, it seems, unfortunately, as though Al has a little problem with boundaries. That’s really too bad.

  • Mr. Evil

    Roger Stone, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Hannity groupie. This has RW hit job written all over it. She voted for Trump and so did the other disingenuous woman (another Trumpette) that claimed Al Franken grabbed her ass as her husband took their picture. What husband wouldn’t have said something right then and there? What a load of bullshit!

    • Rich B

      and yet the Dems are doing the hit on Franken aren’t they?? At this point the feminists are so entrenched in the party, they’ll go after any male target. Only difference is that the Republicans wouldn’t take down one of their own even if they were guilty, whereas Al has been totally abandoned.

  • Danno

    Anyone know if there’s a high res copy of the original photo available anywhere?

    • Dustin McFadden

      That’s what I’m interested in.

  • Gary

    Curious that he would admit to it.

    • Rocknation

      Even more curious that he would be so quick to apologize, that she would be so quick to accept it, and that Franken is inviting an investigation. Either he’s playing chicken or “what’s good for the goose…”

    • Lalas71

      He called for an investigation. During that investigation testimony will be taken under oath. She’ll have to swear to her allegations and if this article is even remotely correct, she’ll back down or admit that the photo isn’t genuine. It offers Franken the chance at doing some discovery. The apology keeps the left-wing from pillorying him.

  • Shane Fox

    Also suspicious, the metadata shows no flash was use when the picture was taken, and Mr Franken is the only object in the photo that shows clear evidence of a flash.

  • Rob Anderson

    That’s not Tweeden in that last video from 2003. But it does disprove her claim that he wrote the skit in 2006 specifically so he could kiss her.

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