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New Evidence: Miley Cyrus Nude Elaborate Fake (see it)

The Miley Cyrus nude photo controversy has roiled the Internet for a second day, as evidence increasingly suggests the full-frontal photo originally claimed to be the “Hannah Montana” star is actually another female poser.

The provocative nude and semi-nude photos rapidly went viral yesterday (Dec. 2). But it was difficult to pinpoint Miley in the raciest, full-frontal photo because it had been cropped just above the chin so the face could not be seen.

Celebrities have been plagued by fake nude photos for years. Recently, a nude photo purported to be Emma Watson circulated around campus at Brown University where she attends classes.

But it also proved to be fake.

In the latest developments, the Web site that initially posted the photo has since acknowledged that the woman is not Cyrus. Rather it is a 19-year-old British woman who looks remarkably like her and has impersonated Cyrus in the past.

If the photo is fake, it’s part of an elaborate hoax.

The photo in question, shows a nude female wearing an open flannel shirt.

Gossip Cop, which purports to debunk untrue gossip claimed the woman couldn’t be Cyrus because a known tattoo below her left breast wasn’t visible in the photo.

Also the woman is holding a cell phone in her left hand and Miley is right handed.

But the photo is clearly a shot of a reflection in a mirror, which would reverse the image. That means the left breast is obscured by the shirt and long tresses and the phone is being held in the right hand.

So much for Gossip Cop’s investigative prowess.

The girl in the photo has hair similar to Miley’s and the shirt is similar to one that Miley was photographed wearing in Madrid in early November. She was there for the MTV Europe Music Awards.

The photo shows the woman wearing a wrist band that looks likely something Miley wore in another photo.

The photo was purported to have been taken at the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid, where Miley stayed while she was there.

Miley has also been known to send racy camera photos of herself to various boyfriends.

But the real evidence is a comparison of the female poser and the uncensored “Miley” photo. The tans lines in the two photos are identical.

Other reports claim that Cyrus has asked her lawyers to pursue some sort of action as a result of the brouhaha.

But their options appear to be limited.

First, the hoax apparently took place overseas, either in Spain or Great Britain, which would make a legal pursuit very difficult.

Second, a lawsuit would probably require Cyrus to disclose the contents of her cell phone as part of discovery in the case.

That could lead to even more embarrassing discoveries.

If if she has deleted compromising photos, they could be uncovered forensically.

And, because the photo is fake, it could be considered a satire or spoof, which are afforded Constitution protections under the First Amendment, making it difficult to curb such expressions.

PerezHilton published a fake photo purportedly of Miley flashing her private parts getting out of an auto. No legal action followed after he claimed it was a joke.

Finally, Miley is now 18.

  • dean

    It looks alot like her; look at the eyes, the smile and the way she holds her head.

  • Dayums

    It was obvious from the start that this one is fake. Usually her pictures have some kind of magical feeling to it and this one was missing exactly that.

  • yakofujimato

    So the Emma Watson photos “PROVED” to be fake??

    Just explain how this was “proved”!

    And explain this, then:

    Likely fake

    Likely real!

    Looks as if Emma’s nudes were real after all!

  • Under which tit?

  • Tiffany

    are you guys dumb?! this is definately not her; I should know because I have met her before and this is NOT what she looks like! this person is a fake and is trying to get Miley off singing due to people hating her and posing naked like her, and also, Miley Cyrus has a tatoo. gosh, fake much?!

  • Miley Suxx

    lol @ you guys argueing. it’s obvious that it’s not her (even though she looks a lot like her) and don’t worry – it’s just a matter of time before miley comes out with a sex tape or another scandal of that sorts. peace ya’ll!

  • Anonymous


    It’s fake.

  • natalie

    haha it wasnt miley nd i new tat miley would neevr do anythin like tat luv ya mil

  • mfan

    @Bobby, is there a huge mirror in that room. It would have to be outside the bathroom.

  • Bobby

    Yet another FU*KING RETARDED website that doesn’t understand that she took the photo INTO A MIRROR. And if they do know that, they don’t know HOW MIRRORS WORK!!!

    You are fu*king dumb. The photo is real.

  • Chris

    @theimproper, Miley Cyrus is LEFT HANDED, not right handed. She spent an entire chapter of her autobiography talking about that one fact! So much for the investigative prowess of theimproper!

    • Miley Cyrus is actually ambidextrous…. While she is a natural left hander, she plays guitar right-handed and also writes with her right hand. She uses her right hand almost as often a her left hand to perform various tasks.