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Bristol Palin a Pawn in Mom Sarah's Lamesteam Media War

Bristol Palin lashed out on her Facebook page at one of mom Sarah Palin’s favorite targets, the “lamestream media.” She specifically zeroed in on MSNBC fathead Keith Olbermann. But is it really Bristol talking?

In a screed titled “Mr. Olbermann—Sorry We Can’t All Be As Perfect As You,” Palin takes the talking head to task for supposedly attacking her efforts on behalf of abstinence education.

Among other things, Bristol is an ambassador for the Candies Foundation, which promotes teen pregnancy awareness and prevention education.

First, did she really write this? Bristol bounced around three high schools before graduating from Wasilla High School in 2009.

Her only accomplishment of note was becoming an unwed, teen mother at the age of 18 a year before she graduated.

Yet, the Facebook posting is well written and uses a lot of two-dollar words like “canard” and “incredulity.”

It’s hard to believe Bristol had time to polish her writing skills between fornicating and getting pregnant in high school. She never went to college.

Yet, she writes: “Accusing me of hypocrisy is, by now, an old canard.”

“What Mr. Olbermann lacks in originality he makes up for with insincere incredulity.”

Wait, did she really mean that? Incredulity means being incredulous or disbelieving.

Does insincere incredulity mean Olbermann doesn’t really mean what he says. Or, does she mean his disbelief is not real?

Did she not take the SAT? Lack of originality has no association with incredulity, let alone “insincere incredulity.”

Internet speculation is centering on Sarah Palin ghost writer Rebecca Mansour as the author of the piece.

If so, she needs to take a refresher course.

Palin infamously tried to use her daughter as a prop during the 2008 presidential campaign.

But Bristol’s awkward presence at the GOP National Convention, backfired, and she became a symbol of her mom’s irresponsible parenting and family values hypocrisy.

Bristol did a lot to repair her image on her recent turn on “Dancing With the Stars.” She showed pluck and determination against far more skilled contestants.

But she ultimately became a polarizing force after her mom’s rabid followers advanced her to the finals, well beyond her capabilities and over far more deserving dancers.

Afterward, comedian Margaret Cho, another DWTS contestant said on her blog that Sarah forced her daughter to go on the show.

“She told Bristol she ‘owed’ it to her to do DWTS so that ‘America would fall in love with her again’ and make it possible for Sarah to run in 2012,” Cho wrote on her blog.

Sarah Palin’s spotlight hogging on the show didn’t help. But apparently none of that matters.

Bristol is destined to be nothing more than a pawn to further her mother’s political ambitions and family values agenda. Greek tragedy, anyone?

  • joe

    Yea, that was not bristol replying to olberman who went after her left and right.
    But thats whats important, Bristol, thats overbites priority#1. Not FCC trying to censor media and free speech, Asia, 9.8% un-employment, Q.E.2, inflation, euro meltdown, JP Morgans silver shorting scam, off shore banks balled out with trillions of US dollars secretly by the fed, along with MSNBC (state sponsored media) along with several fortune 100 companies. Nope bristol the big deal. I hope olberman stopped wetting his pants under that desk.

  • ericbarlow

    that chick with the oversized head looks older than her mom. what a disgusting pig. put your fork down, porky.

  • Jo

    Please…it’s obvious to me that it was not actually Bristol who “wrote” the reply to K.O. May be her sentiments but definitely not her vocabulary! Shameful…

  • Tawny Jones

    Beautiful Bristol Palin is an independent young woman who thinks for herself and does as she pleases. Gov. Sarah Palin does not control Bristol, and doesn’t try to. Both are busy following their separate career paths.

  • Trout

    ….from her mother
    ….from her mother’s ghostwriters
    ….from her mother’s lawyers
    ….from her mother’s advisors
    ….from her mother’s Wasilla Fox News compound

  • amy

    may the whole g**damned Palin clan go down in flames!!!!! So sick of these backwater moronic grifters

  • Mike

    I call bull on the Cho thing. This is a kid who went out and got knocked up, then went behind her parents’ back and got re-engaged to the guy, telling the world in a tabloid and breaking up a few weeks later… Yeah, I’d say no one tells her what to do. And it seemed like she wanted to be on the show, so… Yeah. I call bull.

    As for her mom being there, when she wasn’t there for the first episode, everyone threw a fit. “She’s not supporting her daughter!” Make up your minds.

    As for Keith Olbermann –

    Bristol’s what, 20 now? I give her a little more credit than “pawn.”

  • CatM

    George: While I agree that it is “Not too hard to believe the word canard has not been uttered in the Palin household,” I am pretty sure that you actually meant the opposite of what you said. Thus, I will pretend that you actually said, “Not too hard to believe the word canard has been uttered in the Palin household,” and respond accordingly.

    If the post allegedly by Bristol Palin had used the word to describe an airplane, your argument might have weight. But given what we know about Bristol Palin and her educational background and vocabulary, many are justifiably incredulous that she would use it properly in any other context.

  • Vicki

    Canard? Bristol Palin? Give me a break.

  • chris

    Not surprising that Sarah would use any opportunity to shovel crap. Sarah is very insecure and does the “smarmy teenage” cutdowns in attempt to make herself feel better. I feel sorry for Bristol, but her recent Facebook rant shows either Mama is rubbing off on her, the stress of being a Palin is getting to her, or she’s “got the genes”. Usually smarminess goes away by age 20 (often by 15 or 16). Sarah’s too old to change – she’ll always be a vindictive snipe. She has a nice smile, but it’s starting to look painted on (vacant eyes). With every catty statement, she seems closer to the edge of the rainbow – no politician has EVER disrespected so many people, especially not those in their own political party.

  • george

    Canard is acommonly word used in describe some aircraft. Todd Palin is a pilot and owns his own plane. Not too hard to believe the word canard has not been uttered in the Palin household.

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