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Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Draw Apology from Drew Pinsky


Dr Drew Pinsky’s harsh professional opinion of the relationship between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, appears to have been highly unprofessional for a board-certified doctor, and Pinsky said as much, apologizing for his remarks today (Dec. 23).

Pinsky apologized to the Hollywood power couple today after proclaiming that Brangelina was heading for a split of “nuclear” proportions because of Jolie’s purported “drug addiction” and Brad’s unemotional response to relationships.

Pinsky now says his comments were taken out of context and he never intended them to be publicized, although he made them in an interview with a media outlet, The Huffington Post.

“These comments were taken completely out of context [and] they were never meant to be printed,” he told gossip Web site RadarOnline.

Shockingly, Pinsky acknowledged he did not have any direct knowledge about the couple’s relationship before rendering his devastating professional opinion.
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“I do not know Brad or Angelina [and] I certainly don’t want to be saying things that could be perceived as hurtful for them, or harmful for them in any way,” he said.

“I’m deeply concerned and apologetic and apologize for these comments that were taken out of context.”

Pinsky, a celebrity drug addiction specialist who stars in the cable television show, “Celebrity Rehab,” singled out Jolie’s alleged past heroin addiction as a “huge problem” in the relationship.

Pinsky subscribes to the view that once an addict, always an addict.

“There’s no such thing as ‘I was a heroin addict.’ That doesn’t exist in nature. Something is going on with [her] addiction. Or she’s in recovery,” he told the Huffington Post. “And I don’t see any evidence that’s the case.

He also said, “They’re constantly creating things to weld themselves together,” apparently referring to their six children.

“There will be some sort of meltdown that will be phenomenal when it does happen.”

Of course, Pinsky could just be playing the odds, since most celebrity couples eventually split up.

Pinsky said he was just speaking hypothetically, and was using the Hollywood A-Listers as an illustration of couples who have issues.

“I could not be more upset and disturbed that these things were printed as though I was making some sort of categorical analysis of people I really don’t know.'”

Although Pinsky is Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Southern California, he is only board certified as an internist, according to a popular bio.

Indeed, Pinsky professionalism and ethics are certainly subject to question.

  • Parker

    I think there is some truth to Pinksy’s comments but I question TV shrinks like him and Dr. Phil airing celebrities dirty laundry. A big problem for “stars” like them and Britney (remember Phil was planning on intervening when she was already under Dr.’s care in hospital?) is that a highly public life helps warps their sense of reality.

    I think most people with an ounce of knowledge know, for example, that these two would not be given children were they NOT celebrities. And the charity-giving more often than not comes with a price. It’s what Pears Morgan recently called “photo-ops for charity,” which may include “statements” from the charity. This is a familiar path to carve out an image. Stay in the news, stay relevant and yield bigger returns in the long run.

    Meanwhile there is precious little peer-to-peer bonding for the children with anyone outside their parent’s sphere of influence. Only relentless flying around the globe at their parent’s whim. And exposing them to media glare to boot. However since the Copenhagen convention, they may not be able to adopt as easily. In any case drug and mental illness history, along with lifestyle choices CERTAINLY play a role in adoption considerations. Meanwhile there are a ton of people who have gone though the rigors of being stripped naked, their whole lives examined under a microscope by reputable adoption agencies to insure that they are fit parents. And often prospective adoptive parents have their hopes dashed when adoptions fall through. I just think people are naive about celebrities and the business in general. Like so many Mel Gibson fans, they were SURE they knew him through carefully manicured images.

    But like I said, I doubt Pinky’s comments will be to any great effect anyway and these Drs. would better serve patients doing their work out of the limelight.

  • rex

    Drew Pinsky’s flawed model of addiction and what defines it, creates a “permanent victim” mentality that can be harmful to some people, yet highly lucrative to others. His exploitation of people with substance abuse problems is ethically dubious and he should, at the very least be brought before a medical board to explain his recent and past actions. Pinsky’s statements suggesting that someone should “plant’ drugs in Lindsay Lohan’s vehicle, then call the police, shows that he has little or no regard for the law or the rights of individuals. A “cured” addict is of no use to Mr. Pinsky and those who subscribe to his backward philosophy. A “lifer’ on the other hand, can provide a steady source of income to people whom apparently lack a sense of decency or faith in the human beings they are “helping”. Perhaps Drew Pinsky is in need of an intervention for his addiction to fame and money. Could his affliction be permanent? His laughable apologies to the Pitt- Jolie family points to this conclusion. Instead of an “I was wrong to say this, I’m very sorry.” The family was given more of a “I’m sorry that I made these people feel this way” topped off with a “I was taken out of context.” These are typical non-apologies heard from people refuse to take responsibility for their actions while painting themselves as “victims”. It may be that Drew Pinsky needs “help”, and he may need it for the rest of his life.

  • Simka

    This is not spam but a second comment.

    First of all, he is defining and diagnosing them by a bunch of lies, misconceptions, and outrageous inaccuracies. Most of the media and world jumped on that bandwagon by becoming obsessed with a toxic and twisted viewpoint that continues to generate tons of profit and power for the press and certain celebs who choose to exploit it.

    Pinsky basically trashed them in every way in that article by expanding on the bs viewpoint the media continues to circulate. Jolie did NOT wreck that marriage.
    The media circulates false statements, distorts comments, and had even added lies to Pitt and Jolie’s interviews. The interviews always are edited unfavorably, alot of the quotations that Dr. Drew cited are either false or twisted around. Pitt and Jolie have always denied the allegations despite the media’s repeated attempts to make it seem they did or said things to validate those claims that caused the press to rabidly attack them in the first place. The media has circulated millions of sick articles but has also acted that Pitt and Jolie made comments that they would never make to support their misportrayal as philanderers.

    It is wrong for a professional in the field of psychology to treat press spin and accusations as fact especially when celebs have confirmed and clarified intensively that accusations are false. The media is corrupted and biased, but people in these fields should not be biased.

    Jolie NEVER said she was a heroin addict. She admitted to experimenting with drugs in her youth. She resolved those issues and conquered those demons years ago. That is no longer relevant. It was also cruel to mock her adoption of children and their humanitarian work. Celebs like Chelsea Handler and millions of people dish insults everyday but Pitt-Jolie have remained strong as a couple because they know the truth even if most of the world seems addicted to believing trash about them.

    Pitt has shown nothing but restraint towards his ex-wife considering her level of opportunism, deceit, and campaigning which validated the tabloid gossip and make most people buy into the misportrayal. Pitt was nothing but respectful and classy but got nothing but used and abused in return. His ex was actively involved in character assassination and painting not just a false picture of their breakup but of their personalities.
    Alot of celebs in the past have been in entangeled in pseudo-scandals but this was the first time two celebs got mislabeled as victimizers because of a calculating ex.
    Regardless of what you think, Pitt has been relatively tight-lipped about his ex and has tried his best to avoid being negative. One day, I hope he does speak out against her and share his side of the story in detail. They had a mutual and amicable breakup. He was a good husband who didn’t cross the line. He knows that in his heart and didn’t deserve to be crucified. He had every right to end a relationship that was wrong for him and her. He had every right to move on with the right woman regardless of rumors or speculation.

    What I said was true but I know only a minority will accept the truth. It has gotten to the point where the misportrayals are treated as fact and the truth gets treated as crazy fiction.

    Dr.Drew has trashed them in the past in other articles before that HP article. What he is citing for his opinions is based on lies and deceit. Basically, passing judgement on how the media misportrays them which is very different from reality. I’m sure Pitt-Jolie have their share of issues like any couple but I am convinced they share a very good life together and are happy. Most people
    would fall apart from this backlash and bs but they have remained strong after all of these years.

  • louisejana

    I wish people would just leave Brad and Angelina alone! They are two enormously talenteed and service oriented people who are trying to do something special with their lives and their family. Why can’t we just wish them continued happiness and joy? Why must so called “addictions specialists” comment on them without having any personal knowledge of them? Although Dr. Pinskly is not a board certified psychiatrist, he clearly has a great deal of experience in working with those who have addiction problems. However, I am amazed at his remard of “once an addict, always an addict.” I think addictive personalities often remain with a person who has had a history of addiction, but to make such a statement does not allow for a spiritual transformation of a person. The world is full of those who have had various alcohol and drug addictions and completely turned their lives around and devoted much of their time to the service of others. So why single out Angelina and Brad?
    And my sense, from just reading the papers and watching the news and the change in Angelina’s life, is that she went through a spiritual change after she adopted Knox and ended her marriage with Billy Bob Thornton. And that change just continued with more intensitiy when she met Brad Pitt, who seemed to be her real soul mate. How many people do we know who have met and spend their lives with their soul mates? Not many for sure! So let’s be happy for them. Having a solid marriage or long term relationship in the entertainment business is very difficult and especially under such a spotlight that this very dynamic couple must undergo. It is quite understandable that they would choose to live away from Hollywood for this very reason. Between the service work they do individually and together, Angelina and Brad have enriched the lives of hundreds or thousands of people all over the world.
    Dr. Pinsky: Get a grip! Not that many people care about the narcacistic lives of the hollywood addicts who come to you for rehab! All lives are important, but I’ll give money to help the cause of Brad’s homes for Katrina survivors in New Orleans, or Angelina’s work with refugees in Africa and homeless people in Haiti and other places. They spend their hard earned money as actors to give to these causes that are important to them. They don’t earn their money as a result of other people’s problems. Meditate on that before you make any further comments about them.

  • Simka

    Brad and Angelina are the most misportrayed couple in the world. A false accusation got sold against them and they are the constant targets of spin, deception, lies, and corruption. Most people’s understanding of their life, relationship, family, personalities are utterly false and inaccurate. It is insane to me how Pitt’s millions of fans just threw out a correct understanding of his principles,past, and personality to swallow rumors that
    contradict who he is as a man. He is one of the few genuinely nice, good, and decent men in Hollywood who
    people should respect and trust. Jolie mended her ways, became a humanitarian, and mother way before Pitt and that pseudo-scandal.

    They got together about 3 months after his separation. She was not the cause of his divorce but people have become so blinded over the years against reality that any analysis of the past regarding Pitt and Aniston’s personalities and true natures about why that marriage really ended would be lost on most people. The mentalities and viewpoints on these 3 celebs are contradictory to a crazy degree.

    It was a case of tabloid gossip clashing with reality. So much can said about this but it has accumulated too many layers and perversities because people continue to allow themselves to be mislead and deceived by the press and his ex’s wife’s PR camp and minions. It is a shame that
    they are the objects of unfounded hatred while a lot of awful celebs get so much love and blind worship because they know how to play the game.

  • Sharky

    Seriously, I don’t care one way or the other about Brad or Angie or Drew. However, why does everyone hate on them as a couple? Is it because everyone is so resentful of their own problems or marriages and these two seem to have “the fairytale”? People are thinking, “There’s no way those two are that happy! There must be something wrong with them. If there is something wrong in my life, there must be something wrong in theirs.” Fix your own lives people. If Brad and Angie do have the fairytale…good for them. If they don’t…who does? This is just jealousy. How dare them be so good looking. How dare them be so successful. You hate them because they remind you of your own mediocrity. Drew thinks everyone is an addict. Get a life Pinsky…or at least get a board certification in psychiatry you media whore.

  • JoeG

    What a douche-bag! He doesn’t know these people nor has he treated either of them. How can this idiot pass professional judgement on people he has no experience with? I used to like him, but now I see all his reality show stuff has gone to his head. What does he know of Brad Pitt’s attitudes toward relationships, Jennifer Aniston, or anything else for that matter having no knowledge of the man whatsoever. Brad should put a beat down on this idiot.

  • Maeve Lawrence

    Pinsky is not a board certified psychiatrist — or a psychiatrist of any stripe. He has spent ZERO minutes in a psychiatric residency. He has a “specialty” in internal medicine just like my family doctor. He is a quack who uses celebrities in his promotion for his commercial enterprises which puts him on par with Chelsea Handler. Highly unethical and downright tacky. The fact that he bases all of this on tabloid lies is equally disturbing.

    He said this **** about Angie for print in Playboy in 2009 so it must be comments about Brad that brought out the long knives. He also did a schtick for broadcast on the web so spare me the “apology” Drew it is BS.

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