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Miley Cyrus Gets Her Gay Self On in Racy Photos (see them)

Teen wild child Miley Cyrus gets her gay self on again, in sexually provocative photos with her female assistant. She furiously denied kissing a girl dancer on stage during a concert over the summer. What gives?

Cyrus, who only two weeks ago caused an uproar when a video surfaced of her ripping a bong at a party at her house, is closing out 2010 with more eye-opening photos.

Miley is pictured with her assistant who is tugging on her skimpy black top trying to put a lip-lock on her right breast.

Miley has a look of mock shock on her face as she reclines on a couch. Her barely there skirt is hiked up to the top of her thighs.

Check out Miley’s photos: click to enlarge:

In another photo, Miley is pictured with a group of flamingly gay men. She’s pulling up her shirt up to her bra and revealing her under-the-breast tattoo.

It says “Just Breathe” reportedly to honor a friend who suffers from cystic fibrosis.

The shot was reportedly taken backstage at a gay night club in the UK in June.
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While the photos are hardly the sort to rise to the level of scandal, they contradict Miley’s self-professed claims to be a devout Christian.

Her born-again religion considers homosexuality an abomination. So much for religious hypocrisy.

Even so, Miley went out of her way to distance herself from lesbianism, after she appeared to kiss one of her female dancers during a performance on the UK’s “Britain’s Got Talent” television show in June.

“I had such a blast and was so honored to be on that stage. That being said during my performance I supposedly “KISSED A GIRL” and this is the newest thing to cause controversy,” she wrote on her blog.

“I promise you I did not kiss her, and it is ridiculous that two entertainers can’t even rock out with each other without the media making it some type of story,” she added.

But afterward during the Rock in Rio festival in Madrid, Spain, Miley performed her song, “Fly on the Wall,” and changed key lyrics.

Instead of singing “those other guys I’m flirting with” she sang “those other girls I’m flirting with.”

Miley hasn’t commented on the latest photos, which appear to have been shot over the summer in England. She is currently shooting a new movie in Louisiana with Kelly Osbourne.

But if she’s feeling her gay side, she should stop saying one thing and doing another.

Check out the photos above; click to enlarge

  • Arrielle

    Why do mily Cyrus act like that I know she like girls but she could’ve keep it a secret now she let down all her fans now I’m a old fan of hers

  • destini

    o my god why would she do this to her fans and her ex boyfriend Justin could you!?

  • jazlyn

    miley is so gay what kind of girl kisses another girl i dont get how she would that as one her old fans i hate miley.

  • amber

    they look fake 2 me ………….. so i wouldn’t believe wat these people are saying!!!!!!!!!(:…<3

  • Jayna

    They look fake, like her head has been photoshopped onto someone else’s body.

  • Tom

    That girl is FUGLY with a capital F! She is the definition of a “butter face”! I can’t believe this no talented skank still gets press!!! Please go away, your 15 minutes has well been surpassed!!!!

  • Mike

    I am going to both defend Ms. Cyrus and scold her. First Ms. Cyrus is no longer a child star and she is making this very clear and very public. So like it or not Hanna Montana is no more. As for Ms. Cyrus’s sexuality why is that an issue? I am certainly no fan of the in your face Gay agenda but I am also a live and let live type of guy. As long as I’m left alone I have no issue and that should be everyones stance on the gay issue. Let me why is Ms. Cyrus racy photos any different than Brittany’s Spears or any other teen stars racy photos. Ms. Cyrus is breaking away from her child star persona and part of that is racy and sexy outfits. My issue with Ms. Cyrus is the Bong video. If Ms. Cyrus is abusing drugs she is hurting herself, her future, and her fans. But mostly she’s hurting herself. The people closest to Ms. Cyrus, who lover her dearly, her Mother, her Father, and anyone else should get her some help. Drugs are no joke, there not fun, there a path to nothing but misery and pain. So if you ask me what concerns me about Ms. Cyrus I will tell you it’s not racy photos or homosexuality. It’s illicit drug use and out of control behavior. Many stars die from Alcohol and Drug abuse stupors. I don’t know of one star that has died because of racy photos or for simply being gay. Drugs impair judgement which could lead to death from any number of different ways such as: Drug Overdoses, car crashes, impaired judgement in various sexual situations, and other ways to numerous to mention. So what concerns me is drug and alcohol use. Other than that Ms. Cyrus is just being the star she wants to be. Good Day, Mike.

  • anon

    She did NOT kiss a girl on britains got talent! jeez! get ova urselves will ya!

  • Chris

    Dear, It’s truly amazing to watch you get so many simple, easy-to-research things so wrong. Why should I or anyone else come to your site for news and information when you are so inaccurate? Let’s start with the fact that these photos are six-months old, taken back stage at the G-A-Y nightclub in London, UK. G-A-Y is the name of the club where Ms. Cyrus performed a concert June 5, 2010! There are numerous Youtube videos of her performance. The photos were not taken in New Orleans! The woman in the picture with her IS NOT her assistant, it’s her makeup artist, also a well known, well documented fact. Like most people, Ms. Cyrus has never said anything to the media about here sexual orientation. One would assume that that’s her private business, not yours. In her most recent comment on her religious beliefs, this past summer in Madrid, Spain, she said her “religion is love.” It’s pretty normal for kids to refine their religious beliefs as they grow from children to adults and what she might have said about that when she was 15-years old is probably a lot different from what she’s saying now. As for your assertion that she is a homophobic born-again Christian, that has never been true. For example, for pretty much as long as she has been in the public eye, she has been closely associated with gay co-workers and associates. And in every statement she has ever made in public about her religious beliefs, she has said that she believes in a loving god and that she tries to be non-judgmental. On Ellen Degenerous’ show this past summer she talked about the verbal bullying she encountered on Twitter for defending gay people which Ellen applauded and encouraged. As the commenter above said, these pictures are too old to be considered news, and there were many articles about this concert when it happened half a year ago, complete with pictures of Cyrus in the same stage costume she is wearing in these photos. I have to conclude that your poorly researched article exhibits an ugly homophobic bigotry as well as constituting slander against Cyrus.

  • natalie

    leve mil alone she just wants a life like all of us

  • SheL.

    Since when do christians hate gays? I am a christian pastor and I for one have no right to judge another as I am a sinner! I do believe we should leave the judging to God and love others as ourselves.

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  • Stan

    These pics are so old. Why drag up old stuff. Just because you just became aware of them doesn’t mean they are current or news worthy. She has obviously moved on, so why can’t you and the rest of the haters and people who like to tear down celebrities move on also.

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