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Toby Keith Joins Miley Cyrus, Joe Jonas Slant-Eye Club (See It)

Jonas-Cyrus-KeithCountry singer Toby Keith has joined tween queen Miley Cyrus and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers in the hall of shame for making a slant-eyed gesture considered derogatory by Asians during a public performance.

Two groups representing Asian-Americans suitably expressed outrage today (Dec. 16) after a video of Keith pulling his eye back when viral on the Internet.

Keith was at a Nobel Peace Prize party in Norway, no less, when the incident occurred.

During an impromptu performance with Will Smith and Wyclef Jean, he pulled back his eyes in the stereotypical expression when Smith rapped the word “yellow.”

Smith was singing “Rapper’s Delight.” The performance was caught on video and posted on YouTube.

When the Asian American Justice Center got wind of it, the organization went ballistic. “Toby Keith embarrassed himself and his country, denigrated the Nobel Peace Prize and offended Asians and Asian-Americans by using a crude, racist hand gesture,” a spokesman for the group told

“By doing this, he is telling Asian fans, ‘You don’t matter, you’re not on my radar,'” added a spokesman with the Media Action Network for Asians.

Disney sensation Cyrus provoked a similar outrage earlier this year and was also blasted as a racist when a group photo surfaced showing her and other teens slanting their eyes in the presence of an Asian partygoer. Cyrus later apologized in a YouTube video. The gesture is about 25 seconds in.

So far, however, Keith hasn’t done the same.

“No one at the concert thought Toby was out of line,” said a rep. “Everyone was impressed with his rapping skills and that’s it.”

Not long after the photo of Cyrus surfaced on the Internet, a photo of Joe Jonas pulling back his eyes went viral as well.

The Spanish Olympic basketball team also drew a similar rebuke for making the gesture in a team photo during the Olympics.

  • finalfantasy


    Who cares? You don’t think racism has caused any grief or violence?
    I don’t know why Toby Keith made that gesture, it doesn’t make sense he would purposely make fun of asians. I doubt he was trying to offend anyone. Joe Jonas on the other hand I’m not really sure, even if he was just goofing off, it looks bad.

  • jbfan

    taylor is a bitch, joe is abit asian so how can he be rascist against himself

  • katie

    i personally hate taylor swift as well.

  • Rebecca Godin

    Dear you people who wrote that tailor swift is a bitch,

    I personally think that tailor swift is not a bitch! I think that she is cool! And i like all of her songs! And all you people out there that does not like Miley Cyrus are just total jerk offs!!!!!! And i am one of miley’s biggest fan! So all you people out there just shut your freakin mouth’s!!!! III LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEE YYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU MMMMMMMMIIILLLLLLLEEEYY CCCCCCCYYYYYRRRRUUUUUSSSS!

  • Nicole

    This is the stupidest thing i have EVER heard of! Who cares! Everybody keeps hating on joe jonas! either because they’re jealous or of that taylor swift crap! Taylor swift is a BITCH!

  • WHAT is up with YOU people!!!! People make impressions all the time. SO, WHAT, now every time we just happen to pull our eyes back we’re mocking someone. That leaves one explanation….WHOEVER gets affended is a real BABY. I’m so sick of people putting Joe down! If they see people are getting sick of the whole Taylor crap, they come up with this….WOW=how desperate.

  • Frank

    Who the hell cares? People are racist, get over it, and by no means did he mean anything personal by it

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