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Chelsea Clinton Marriage Swept by New Discord Rumors

Photo: Retna

Chelsea Clinton’s fairy tale marriage to Marc Mezvinsky is facing a new round of rumors alleging that Mezvinsky is suffering from depression and could be facing hospitalization.

Clinton, 31, and Mezvinsky have recently been spotted in public seemingly blissfully happy in what appears to be an effort to disspell rumors earlier this month that their marriage is on the rocks.

The rumors were spurred when Mezvinsky abruptly quit his Wall Street job to go skiing for three months in Wyoming. His wife remained at their Fifth Avenue apartment in New York, where she’s pursuing an advanced degree.
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When the story broke, Mezvinsky hastily returned to New York to be with his wife and they made a much publicized appearance together at a gala event at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

Once again, the source of the rumors is the tabloid National Enquirer, which claims in a new report that Mezvinsky, 33, is on the verge of a breakdown.

“‘There’s fear Marc is headed to a mental hospital,” a source told the newspaper.

“In public, Chelsea is taking Marc everywhere in an effort to show everybody that they’re happy together, but behind the scenes he’s depressed,” the source said.

Part of the problem is Mazvinsky’s father, Ed., a former Iowa Congressman who served time for fraud.

The Clintons reportedly have been encouraging Mezvinsky to cut ties with his father.

“The things that have happened to Ed since this whole Clinton situation took place are unthinkable. He’s been treated in a disgusting way by everybody involved and he’s very upset,” Mezvinsky’s half-sister, Margot, told the tabloid.

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