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Emma Watson Ditches Brown After Nude Photo Scandal

Emma Watson Brown University Emma Watson is the latest high-profile celebrity to drop out of college because of career demands. Could a nude photo scandal last Fall have something to do with it?

Watson had a rough go of it from classmates during the Fall semester.

Soon after she returned to classes, a photograph circulated around campus via email that showed Watson topless standing next to a hot tub.

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Watson let it be known she was pissed, and there were reports of possible legal repercussions and disciplinary action by the school.

But nothing to date appears to have happened, and the photo has been widely debunked.

Watson who gained fame and a sizable bank account from her starring role in the “Harry Potter” film series, made the announcement that she was leaving Brown University on her Web site this morning. (Mar. 7).

“As you know, I love Brown and I love studying pretty much more than anything, but recently I’ve had so much to juggle that being a student AND fulfilling my other commitments has become a little impossible,” she wrote.

“I’ve decided to take a bit of time off to completely finish my work on Harry Potter (the last one comes out this summer) and to focus on my other professional and acting projects.

“I will still be working towards my degree… it’s just going to take me a semester or two longer than I thought.”

While her desire for a higher education is commendable, she burns the student who was denied admission because of her, not once, but twice.

University officials should also be chagrined. They bend over backward to attract celebrity students, much like the try to recruit top athletes.

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Whether they graduate or not often seems immaterial. The university reaped tons of publicity when Watson chose Brown over other Ivy League schools.

With only so many freshman admission slots available, however, every celebrity accepted means some otherwise worthy student gets a rejection letter.

Every so often, a Hollywood celebrity enrolls in a high-profile school with similar results.

Jessica Biel signed on at Tufts, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen enrolled at New York University and Claire Danes attended Yale. All of them dropped out, according to Gawker.

But not all celebrities lack the fortitude to get a degree. Natalie Portman graduated from Harvard. and Jodie Foster graduated from Yale to name two. But they are the exception rather than the rule.

  • john

    Sweetie don’t listen to anybody but your slef u r very pretty and got good talent, hugs and kisses from tenessee keep smile’n

  • Van Hinkelstein

    Um… this picture has been out since the mid-2000s. I doubt she’d leave college five-ish years after a fake picture was released.

    • Exactly…. It’s not the photo, it’s the fact that it was widely circulated by Brown students that created the controversy.

  • kris kringle

    children children children, look at all these naughty comments here and everywhere on the internet(and real life),

    everybody on the internet act like they know everything best about everything and everybody…. bunch of sheep!!!
    i have a plan!


  • nordis

    Yea I think this article was just write for the publicity. Emma is a walking brain, if she quit it’s most likely because of the public statement she gave a little over a year ago regarding constant travel between the U.S, and the UK.

    She’s cute, but I really want her to grow some of her hair back :(

  • gm

    what a load of bullshit
    we all know she’s leaving because she can’t study and work at the same time right now

  • lopez

    o kurwa ja pierdole ale paskudnie wygląda

  • danny

    Lame article. Would you like to take a guess as to how many students take a break from studies or otherwise quit in a year’s time? Why not bash them all for taking a slot that some other poor student didn’t get. This entire write up is an exercise in wasted thought.

  • Whitney

    To RaulJones, do you even know what a contract is? Brown isn’t going to sue her for taking a term or two off, but the producers of HP will sue her for neglecting her obligations to the movie, especially at such an important time in the franchise. Obviously you aren’t thinking about the reperussions she would have to face for NOT dropping out and getting her life back in order. As for the school in general, the students clearly need to grow up. For such a prestigious school, I am appalled at the behavior and the general lack of respect. 

  • RaulJones

    Irrelevant. Both this story, and MIZZ Watson. She dropped out. Big whoop. If one has to drop out in order to fulfill “other commitments” (Harry Potter??? Oh, please), then I’d say they had their priorities screwed up. Sounds like this Watson girl has problems making competent decisions.

  • Steve

    So what if she did take a topless photo. If in fact she did, it’s her business. She is probably a victim of photo shop though. Go back to your own life and leave a person alone. Does Emma Watson come to your home after digging up dirt from you when you were 18 – 24 years old. Leave a person alone. Enjoy her talent and if you don’t then go find what you like. I think Emma Watson is cute and that she is a good actress. I have to get back to work now. Be nice.

  • James

    sorry the first photo where shes not looking directly at the camera– looks dead on real. besides her image- which is amazing.. quitting sure gives it to those who would nay say and doubt her. one might think to check where youve been and who was taking pictures of you undressing at their hottub.

  • Brittany

    So she should stay in school despite people constantly making fun of her being rude, sending false naked pictures around of her and in general making her life on campus difficult? All because she wasted 1 “deserving” students spot? Get out of here, if this was your kid you’d be livid.

    Who are you to say who is a deserving student or not. You’re not an official at the university. She had top marks and was a straight A student. Maybe you should study the matriculation of college students. Quite a lot of first year freshmen don’t stay in their original school and drop out and transfer to other schools that are the right fit.

    I’m just sad some of the brightest kids in the country couldn’t act more adult and treated her kindly instead of being bratty. I’m not a celeb lover at all but Watson is one of the few who doesn’t deserve to be crapped on.

  • gekegirl

    What, so only non celebrity students can drop out for a year because of this pesky problem called commitments and real life? Did she have the grades to get in? Did she pay her tuition? Then mind your own buissness. Sounds more like someone got rejected and feels the need to blame others instead of the fact they didn’t have the grades and now has to write for this rag.

  • Amber

    “Jessica Biel signed on at Tufts, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen enrolled at New York University and Claire Danes attended Yale. All of them dropped out, according to Gawker.”

    Gawker. Enough said.

  • diablo

    i’d just like to point out that its a bit ridiculous to say that she stole someone else’s spot. like someone above me said, alot of it is based on housing arrangments, and also, at my school (nyu) they’re offering spots to any student that can pay the full tuition completely in one go which is, in my opinion, much worse than accepting celebrities. THAT is a good example of someone taking someone else’s spot that could be more deserving of it.

  • Ceri Cat

    TBH I can understand why she’d postpone her education with that sort of thing having occured, I know how badly my grades suffered due to the rumours circulating my school regarding my supposed lovelife. If half of them were true I’d have more than my current two boys, in high school I supposedly got 6 girls pregnant. Most of whom I never even met, but the rumours made life and study hard.

  • Jennifer

    This article is bullshit, that photo has been around since 2005 and has always been known to be a fake. It wouldn’t suddenly cause her to drop out of school.

  • Kat

    As a regular human being who had to take two years off between my sophomore and junior years of college can I say that I am not at all offended by Emma Watson’s decision to take some time off to complete her obligations. It seems like she is leaving because she wants to be successful in school, and she can’t do that when she has to miss classes to complete her contractual obligations to the HP series. It is difficult enough if you are a person who doesn’t have a movie franchise on your resume to get school work done, I can’t imagine her work load.

  • she is handsome :) nice hairstyle.

  • dpbert

    “All of them dropped out, according to Gawker.” Glad t see one outstanding source of reliable information citing another outstanding source of reliable information.

  • jane

    emma watson is a straight-A student with exceptional extra-curricular activities – which is viewed very highly by Brown.

    Shiori is right.
    This article certainly sounds like sour grapes.

  • Kritter

    Julia Stiles also went to Columbia and I am pretty sure she graduated.

    Also, Julia Child went to SMITH!!!!!

  • Lyta

    I heard she gained acceptance to University because she is smart, not because she is a celebrity. Anyhow, as long as she plans on going back to finish, that’s what matters. Failure is not Fatal. Success is not Final. It is the Courage to Continue that Counts.

  • polychromeuganda

    Your criticism proceeds from a false premise.

    Every year a large number of students at Brown, the ivy’s, and other colleges with highly competitive admissions take a semester off. An even larger segment take a year abroad. All of this is figured into the admissions plan. They get everyone’s next year plans before they send out the admissions letters, and they keep a wait-list for spaces that open up.

    Further – Miss Watson’s admission probably took a place no one else could fill. The freshman class is ultimately limited by dorm space, not seats in the lecture halls. For her personal safety she probably had to arrange for other accomodations nearby, and didn’t keep anyone else from going to Brown.

  • knowow

    bring, what

  • kathy

    I luv emma watson, she is the new Lancome image, she became famous with the role of Harry Potter, Emma Watson will be the image of young cosmetics brand Lancome, such as Julia Robert, Anne Hathaway and Kate Winslet.

  • Sam Spade

    That’s a ridiculous set of statements, Emma Watson was let into Brown because she has exceptional scores and is the founder of several international charity organizations that are helping thousands of poor people overseas.

  • Shiori

    Since the school is not a public institution and financed by the taxpayers, they can pretty much accept whomever they please. If someone wasn’t able to attend because Ms Watson took that slot. So what? How many other students that started in that semester, never finished? That’s nothing but a cheap shot from someone who is probably jealous of Ms. Watson’s success.

  • RS

    There’s no need to be so melodramatic about her taking another person’s spot at the school. Colleges don’t accept students in exact numbers. They pick the students that they think are a good fit, and try to shoot for a an approximate number of people, taking into account that some of the accepted applicants are going to decline the offer anyway.
    I think it’s unlikely that Miss Watson’s application affected the results of other applications in any way.

  • Eva

    Emma actually seems smart though. I’m sure her SAT scores must be stellar.