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Kate Gosselin Bid For Celebrity TV Stardom Stumbles

kategosselinKate Gosselin’s effort to maintain a foothold — or any hold for that matter — in the celebrity world of expensive clothes, sharp haircuts, fancy homes and diva behavior has apparently taken a step backward. Her planned debut as part of a new TV show appears on its way to being cancelled.

The show also included “Food Network” star Paula Deen, Lee Woodruff and former “Early Show” co-host Rene Syler.

The situation appears grim for the show, tentatively titled “Momlogic,” a take-off on ABC’s popular “The View.”  Four mothers discuss family matters. Radaronline reports that the show is going to be pitched at an upcoming syndication convention but the prospects don’t look good.

Either way, however, Gosselin appears to be out because, get this, Telepictures, the show’s producer think she’s “too controversial.” Wonder what gave them that idea?

Gosselin last show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, was a modest reality television hit about family life with eight kids,  until her marriage to Jon Gosselin imploded. Kate played the victim and generally won the battle for public sympathy over her bumbling husband. But the tabloid headlines took a toll on her image, too.

She went from a typical, if  frumpy, suburban housewife to the ultimate MILF after extensive plastic surgery, a new wardrobe and an edgy asymmetrical haircut that became her trademark  — along with her ever present body guard.

As she made the talk show rounds complaints of diva backstage behavior trailed her.

One TV source told radar that high-level executives believed Kate was too unpolished for a full-time hosting job, even as part of a panel. But the decision was far from unanimous, and “there was a lot of arguing,” the source told the Web site.

Meanwhile, Kate is proceeding with a new show for TLC. Its exact format is unknown, but TLC is committed to the program and it will air, likely in the Spring.

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