• Troy Ahearn

    Tamra should be dropped from the show. She`s a bore and a dullard.

  • Sheila martinez

    Come on you guys quit being haters! Tamara is a gorgeous woman with a sexy boyfriend! Who wouldn’t want to be in her shoes? Not to mention she’s got it going on! I love you Tamara ignore the haters!!!!

  • Gals from the I.E.

    Us gals in the I.E. think your a low class liar. Simon made u and he is so much better off. He is now free from the sucking leak. How long will it take before you back stab Vickie again… Oh wait, you need her, Peggy, and Eddie now. Eddie your great.. Don’t allow her to contaminate you.. She is quite the black widow. Us I.E. Gals are with the rest of the bloggers….GET OFF THE SHOW…

  • Shellz

    i will not be watching next season if they recast tamra, i wish we could petition to have her replaced. this was the very first realhousewives show, and use to be the best, but now it’s disgusting and classless thanks to tamra and her horrible influence on vickiand slowly but surely Peggy. If i were Micah I would pull Peggy away from Tamra fast before he starts heading to divorce court.

  • Reese

    Tamra is the perfect character of an old trashy whore. Her midlife crisis is hitting her hard!! and so is passing it on to Vicky….the best and gorgeous looking are Gretchen and Alex….

  • LadyChica

    You need to act like a mother, and a decent woman! You don’t look good kissing all over Eddie(whom by the way looks like a closet Gay)! Seeing your mother, no wonder you act the way you do! I really feel sorry for your kids, because they have to carry the shame of their adulterous hooker mom acting so childish, and immature!! You will reap what you sow Tamra! Stop trying to be young, and act your age, because believe me honey your age has caught up to you!!!

  • Blondie

    I used to love this show. This season Tamara acts like a trashy whore. What is not becoming is that she has young children. She certainly is not thinking of anyone but herself. Simon should be glad to be rid of her. Vickie is so busy feeling sorry for herself. Don will be much happier without her. She will find no one out there to put up with her. Gretchen’s laugh seems so fake at times. She is using Slade, so obvious. I’m so sick of hearing about Alexis and God. She makes a mockery of out religion, so NO!! I am not watching this show anymore.

  • kittykat

    Tamara tries waaaay to hard to be sexy which is really quite unsexy.

  • Abby

    I think Simon was the best thing that could ever happen to her. I feel when you have no breeding, manners or etiquette that you do need someone to help you walk the straight and narrow. jmo

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