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Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert Fracas Ignites Gay Uproar

Lady Gaga is a huge supporter of gay rights, but apparently she draws the line on gay rudeness. She bounced Adam Lambert from her birthday party for loutish behavior and causing a huge scene.

The incident sent reverberations through the gay Hollywood community, after openly gay blogger Perez Hilton revealed the incident on Carson Daly’s Morning Dish radio show.

“Adam showed up beyond drunk; super sloppy embarrassingly drunk,” he said.

And, he wasn’t even invited! Hilton proclaimed.

But as the story circulates over the Internet, Lambert’s fans are coming to his defense, claiming that Hilton exaggerated the incident.

“Adam is an awesome person and a stunning vocalist who inspires a tremendous amount of loyalty from his friends and fans. Perez Hilton, on the other hand, does not,” wrote one angry fan on a web site.

Hilton has often drawn the ire of the gay community because he has outed a number of closeted gay actors and celebrities on his blog.


He’s also been accused of bullying other gays in his posts, which some critics attribute to jealously.

In any event, Lambert showed up at the party at La Cita Mexican restaurant as a guest of the Scissor Sisters, who have been opening for Gaga on tour.

Once inside, Lambert reportedly began acting out. He kept pounding the walls until he punched a hole in the room’s low ceiling. And, he kept jumping on chairs and screaming.

“Adam acted like an animal. He kept jumping up on the tables and chairs and screaming,” a partygoer told UsMagazine.

“When they brought the cake out he tried to smear it in Gaga’s face and put a doll from cake in her mouth,” the source added.

Hilton said Lambert also began singing loudly “like he was auditioning for Idol, again.”

The next thing Lambert knew, he was being escorted out of the party by security.

Gaga apparently had, had enough of his boorish behavior.

Lambert seemed to acknowledge as much the next day on Twitter.

“My hand still hurts. Lol’, he tweeted. “Was trying for celebratory gesture 4 gaga’s B- piñata style…instead my fist is all bruised and la cita has a hole in the ceiling. #sloppy.”

Gaga has defended Lambert in the past.

She berated a man in an Ottawa club last year after he ridiculed her and Lambert for being “freaks.”

“Okay, that’s it! Call me anything you want, but when you start calling my friends names, it’s over. it’s war!” she yelled back.

Gaga reportedly threw a glass of water on the man and left the club.

Nice payback for that act of kindness Adam.

  • Jo

    Ahem, Perez wasn’t even at the party.

  • Allison

    LOL not only is the story you’re reporting false, but the story where Lady Gaga supposedly defended Lambert is false as well. That incident never happened and it was refuted a very long time ago. What kind of schlock reporting is this?

  • Kim

    You need to post a retraction! Gaga’s people came forward and said he was NOT tossed out! Try doing a little research next time and get your facts straight before “reporting”.

  • April Fools!!

    Dear the Improper: Make sure you have proof before you publish sh*t like this! On E news they reported that this story is not true, and Adam was not asked to leave the party. The only thing that did happen was that Adam was dancing and accidently punched a hole in the ceiling. So, all of the people reporting anything else than that need to shut the hell up, since they don’t know what they are talking about. Perez wasn’t even there. He is just trying to cause trouble for Adam.

  • maryann

    I don’t believe any of these stories…ha!

  • boing

    The most comical thing is watching Adam fantards defending him. They are SO clever…

  • Dogstar

    Lambert had too much to drink, became a danger to himself and others, so Gaga’s security people did the right thing and escorted him out. Wouldn’t you do the same if a friend had too much to drink at one of your parties? So what on earth does this have to do with Lambert or anyone else being gay. What makes this “gay rudeness” as distinct from any other kind of rudeness? What “gay reverberations”? You may not be homophobic, but it sure sounds like you are.

  • Chrissie

    I’m really shocked to learn GG has limits….errr since when?

  • CharliGirl

    In this day and age with all the camera phones, where are pictures of his bad behavior. You would think if he was acting the badly someone would have thought to document it in a picture or video!!!! This has been way exaggerated……leave it to Perez to try and throw someone under the bus!!!! Guess he really hasn’t changed……

    I find it hard to believe that Adam would do all the things he is claiming happened……..

  • tess4ADAM

    REALLY?? Try reading what other writers have to say about the “INCIDENT” … NOT Perez Hilton … who couldn’t WAIT to spew his garbage on the air … anybody BOTHER to ask Lady Gaga about this? Go peddle your NEWS somewhere else … PLEASE!!

  • givemeproof

    Pictures? Video of him being tossed? First-hand accounts (other than P.H.’s),please?


    I don’t believe this to be entirely true,then!! The hand and the ceiling thing…true…came from Adam himself. The rest of it….consider the source….I mean,we’re talking about one of the world’s nastiest bottom feeders whose only reason for living is to make-up stories and lie for a living!!

  • onlyfoolsbelieve

    Dear The Improper.

    Since you seem to buy into things so easily I have some property to sell you. It’s a nice bridge in New York. You’ll love it. I also have this wonderful piece of property I’ll sell to you for a song. I call it Atlantis.

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