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  • First of all, this “nude Elizabeth” is a fake. It isn’t Taylor at all….the face is too broad and what really gives it away – the eyebrows are NOT Taylor’s! Liz’ eyebrows are so distinctive you can see right away this nude is not Elizabeth Taylor. It’s just a cheap trick and not a good one at that. What a shame, she’s barely cold in her grave and the parasites are already on the host.

  • Fake

    The buzzards also don’t seem to care about this picture being a fake.
    http://www.petergowland.com/Studio1.html has the original.

  • madtom

    Sorry! The date of this article alone leaves me skeptical as to its authenticity!

  • Sharon

    Elizabeth Taylor has been dead only two weeks now and already the buzzards are circling wanting to make money off of her. Financier Steve Jones has already arranged to auction off his Warhol silk-screen portrait of Taylor, “Life #5.” Last year another Warhol portrait of Taylor, “The Men in Her Life,” sold for $63.4 million:

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