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Beyoncé's Billboard Number Rips Off Italian Singer (video)

Beyoncé’s stage set for her showcase Billboard Music Awards number appears to have been ripped off from Italian pop singer Lorella Cuccerini, down to the visuals, dancers and sequencing.

Cuccarini, who is popular in Italy but not well known outside her home country, gave her performance last year and the similarities with Beyonce’s Billboard number are too numerous to be a coincidence, according to a YouTube comparison of the two shows.

Beyonce’s startling performance to her new single “Run The World (Girls)” drew a standing ovation from the audience, in part, because of its striking visuals and choreography.

Signature features such as the singer sprouting wings, a wall that Beyoncé shatters and silhouettes of the singers multiplying to form armies of back up dancers are in both performances.

The only real difference is the scale. Beyonce’s set design is far more eleborate and high-tech.

And the songs. Beyonce’s is more dance-driven and up tempo, while Lorella’s is more like a soulful ballad.

Beyonce’s version is on a far grander scale and is performed to her single which is a more energetic and upbeat song than Lorella’s more soulful one.

After the show, accolades poured in from celebrities via Twitter.

Rap Hip-Hop singer Missy Elliott, who is now a successful producer, wrote: ‘BEYONCE go awwf! Wow!!! All I can say! BEYONCE a True Entertainer!! U Deserve the Success! Such a Hard Worker!’

Even rival Rihanna, who gave Beyonce a standing ovation, was full of praise: “Congrats to Beyonce on a #MAJAH award and tribute,” she Tweeted.

Kenzo Digital was behind the Billboard Awards performance video, while the overall production was by Tribe Inc.

No word yet from the Beyonce’ on the embarrassing inicident.

  • LOL

    The Japanese always come up with everything first, LOL

  • Marilyn

    It doesn’t matter who came out with it first. The point is that she herself has admitted to seeing Lorella’s video a year ago. She ripped off the performance and only admitted to doing so after she was BUSTED!!!

    She has done this before. That’s what she is a damn copycat thief!

  • Sherry

    Thank you Japanese artist! Lorella Cuccarini was not the first to do this. People need to look up the origins of this concept. NEITHER one of these women ripped ANYBODY off. This is a presentation that’s been done before. Beyonce never said it was hers, Lorella never said it was hers. If people in the media actually took the time to check out the backstory instead of jumping on what morons posted on youtube, there would not be egg on faces.

  • Japanese artist!!

    People said BEYONCE copyed from Italian singer.
    Actually ITALIAN also copyed from Japanese artist!!!!

    Or BEYONCE copyed from Japanese artist.

    Just check this video.
    Italian also copyed music…. So similar….

    Japanese artist “KAGEMU”, they performed 2009 July.

    Italian singer performed 2010.

    BEYONCE performed 2011 mai.

    KAGEMU is the first one .

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  • Sherry

    News outlets really don’t do their research. Lorella did not come up with the routine. It’s through Tribe Inc, who has worked with Kylie Minogue and Gwen Stefani. Among other artists also. This isn’t new, this has been used previously. Especially in Japan. Does that mean Lorella ripped it off too? Beyonce saw the video on youtube a year ago, asked to work with Tribe. It’s their presentation and idea. So how is that a rip off? Not only that, a majority is not even that similar minus a couple of pieces. Again, people need to do research before accusing someone of a rip off.

  • Troy

    It figures…She’s been copying, and ripping people off since she’s left destinys child, and even with them…so what’s new…but her crazed fans hold her in high regards as something so sensational. She a thief, just like her mother and father.

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  • nick

    give me a fucking break look at the damn video beyonce didnt copy everything she took the computer idea that was it i didnt see no colorful beyonce apear and danceo n that ladies or no tiger or her throwing a vault through the shadow..and she not only did that she performed without visiuals to during the second half watch the god damn video fyi they gave her a standing ovation because she killed it and she was recieving a billboard milliniuem award dumb ass crack head

  • fbaf

    Embarrassing incident? Did beyonce say she was the first person to use the screen.. lol.. her performance wasn’t amazing now that she used the same digital team? She used the screen 1000x better than that other lady lol.. I guess she copied all of her movements too..

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