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Wealthy Maria Shriver Socks Arnold for Child Support $$$

Arnold Schwarz enegger may be indestructible as the Terminator, but wife Maria Shriver is doing major damage to his bank account. She has demanded and is getting “significant” child support for two of their children, even though she is crazy wealthy.

The couple separated after 25 years of marriage last month, after Shriver learned that Arnold had fathered a child with the household maid, Mildred “Patty” Baena.

Shriver is reportedly getting support for Patrick, 17 and Christopher, 13, although child support payments typically end when children turn 18 unless otherwise negotiated as part of the divorce settlement.

The couple two older children, daughters Katherine, 21, and Christina, 19, who apparently are not getting support.

“[Arnold is paying] a significant amount of child support. Arnold is also paying for his sons, Patrick and Christopher’s private school bills,” a source to gossip site radaronline.

“Even though Maria is a Kennedy, and has inherited a millions of dollars from her parent since their deaths, she is taking the child support.

Under California law she is entitled. To date, neither party has filed for divorce, although a settlement is reportedly being negotiated.

“Maria and Arnold’s lawyers have been working on a divorce settlement but in the meantime Arnold is willingly paying the money to Maria.”

Maria apparently intends to play hardball.

She’s hired forensic accountants to get an accurate view of her estranged spouse’s assets to make sure she gets her fair share, according to radar.

“Maria wants to get a fair divorce settlement, and move on with her life. She has already begun to do so,” the source explained.

Despite shocking revelations that Arnold cheated on Maria throughout their marriage and even while they were dating, the estranged pair is reportedly trying to keep it real because of their children.

“She and Arnold talk quite often, it would surprise people how gracious Maria is being about the entire situation,” said the source.

Maria doesn’t want the kids to suffer because of stupid decisions their father made, and she encourages them to be honest about their feelings.

“Arnold has made tearful apologies to his children for his indiscretions,” the source said.

Maria also reportedly has forgiven Baena for her indiscretion.

The ex-maid reportedly fell on her knees and begged forgiveness when Maria confronted her about the affair.

Maria has faced so much tragedy in her life, beginning with the assassinations of her uncles President John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy.

Her cousin John F. Kennedy Jr. was killed in a plane crash and others in the Kennedy clan have died in accidents or from drug overdoses.

  • Mike

    If Maria is worth $100 mil and Arnie is worth $300-400 mil, and if she wants half of what he has–shouldn’t she have to give him half of her bank–according to California law? So if he has $400 Mil and she has $100 mil—she’ll have $250 mil and he’ll have $250 mil. Sounds 50-50 to me.

  • San Francisco Dude

    Why should he not pay child support? This article makes it sound like Arnold doesn’t have any money. Maria stopped working to support Arnold in his role as Govenor of California. Arnold is also very wealthy and able fulfill his responsibility to support his children financially. I can see if he didn’t have the means to pay support, then this would be another matter but I’m at a loss by the writer of this article believing this is news worthy. It’s a community property state and any earnings the Govenator has made during their marriage, she’s due half as her role as spouse. As for her own money, this came from her family, has not relationship to their marriage partnership but is money earned by her family and would eventually go to her kids or her philathopic pursuits. Arnold isn’t the most generous perons unless it involves a photo shot or ego building. Maria has been involved in social justice and typical Kennedy causes in making a difference. The Govenator isn’t all bad but he has enormous ego issues. Ergo, the big Cigar tent at his office in Sacramento. I hope the best for both of them. They’re not bad people but serious mistakes have been made that have hurt everyone involved.

  • jim

    This columm must have been written by a man! If Arnold is buying an illegitimate boy a house and paying support- he can very well support his own children. Right? (poor Arnold)

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