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Robert Pattinson Reveals Weirdest Twi Fan Encounter (see!)

Robert Pattinson reveals his most bizarre fan encounter from his role as vampire Edward Cullen in the blockbuster “Twilight” series. He’s had so many, it might seem hard to pick one, but he does in a new interview.

With Kristen Stewart at his side, he was interviewed by Cineplex at Comic Con over the weekend.

Most of the interview focused on Breaking Dawn, Part 1, which will hit theaters this fall.

But Rob says his most memorable fan encounter actually occurred while filming the first “Twilight” movie, before “anyone really knew what was going on.”

Rob Fan Photo: Mock Biting a Baby

Rob says his most memorable fan encounter actually occurred while filming the first “Twilight” movie. Check out the photo! Click to see full size!

Fans were waiting outside a shoot and when it was finished a woman handed a three-month-old baby to an assistant director.

“The ad didn’t really know what to do with it,” and thought the woman wanted wanted Rob to sign the baby.

“Everyone said, ‘You don’t want to sign the baby.”

“I didn’t really understand the reality of the situation, at that point,” Rob said.

What the lady wanted was pictures of Rob with the baby.

So Rob had a photo taken of him biting the baby.

You bit the baby?” asks Kristen incredulously.

Yeah,” Rob replies.

That’s so weird,” Kristen said.

“Not really biting it,” Rob added, but looking as if he was about to.

Rob didn’t think anything more about it, until the photo went viral on the Internet.

“It’s kind of a funny picture,” Rob, ever the joker said.

“The baby is so young the entire head fit into my mouth,” he added.

“I’m sure that’s not true!” Kristen laughs.

Watch the exchange below. It’s hilarious

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