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Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Breakup: How Rumors Started

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have just experienced their first Internet break up rumor as a couple, after stories swept through gossip sites this weekend. Is it true? And how did the rumors start?

On the first question, it appears for the moment that the rumor may be more fiction than truth.

As to how they got started, well there are two likely sources.

The first source appears to be London’s gossip tabloid The Sun, which has a reputation for stretching the news, if not outright fabrication.

The London tabloids are notorious for making wild assertions in news articles.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt won a lawsuit against London’s News of the World last year for printing a story that they were about to break up.

The Sun claimed that the Selena, 19, was upset about Justin’s new hip-hop music friends, which include Chris Brown, who savagely beat his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

Justin has also reportedly been hanging out with Sean Kingston, rapper Lil Wayne, who served served time in prison for illegally possessing a handgun.

Justin and Sean were pulled over by police in South Beach, after police became suspicious about two young boys pimpin’ in a Rolls Royce convertible, which sells for over $100,000.

Of course, Justin can easily afford one, and nothing came of the incident. But showing off like that is out of character for Justin.

After the incident, Selena reportedly exploded when Kingston showed up with Bieber backstage at one of her Florida shows.

“Selena told him to stop hanging with these bad people. She didn’t want him to crash her gig,” The Sun reported, citing a “source.”

“They had a huge row and said it was good they were having time apart while she was on tour.”

The rumor seems possible because Selena is two years older and way more mature than Justin, and may see his behavior as childish and damaging to her soaring career.

Then, a separate break up story circulated after a YouTube video was posted which claimed Selena caught Justin texting one of his old girlfriends.

But another source close to Bieber told E! News that the split never happened and that Justin and Selena are as close as ever and still very much a couple.

Justin was also seen backstage Saturday night (Aug. 6) at Selena’s show. But Justin has since left for Los Angeles to record songs. Sooo…. a too quick exit, maybe?

See… that’s how rumors get started.

Check out the video below; looks like a self-promoter.

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  • lovejustbieb

    justin bieber and selena gomez r cute and sweet iluv justin!!

  • I think you guys shouldnt judge them like that they are both happy leave them be! Dont hate on Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber. I think it is so mean for people to tell her to go kill herself or someone go beat her I think that is so rude and mean!!!!! Let them handle there love life and leave her and him alone!!! They are happy! So LEAVE THEM ALONE!!

    Truly yours

    Emily, Tori, Andrea

    #! Jelena Fan!!!

  • sonja

    some1 punch him in the face 4 me.PLEEEEEEASE!!!

  • tanya ghai

    hey im the biggest faneiber and i just think its rumours i dunno y but they r gr8 together

  • Why????? they were so cute 2getha! :(

  • Courts


    I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • celinexox2

    seriously? i think you are a legend! I’m sick of people thinking they know celebritys of by heart, as if they have them on speed dial. seriously, shut the hell up! their celebritys, you don’t know them atall you just read their “personalitys” through magazines, your not their bff. stop acting like your best friends with them,and have some humour. ‘justin bieber’ is gorgeous, he’s the best, blah blah blah…..get over it! ‘selena gomez’ is gorgeous, she’s unreal, she’s everything, blah blah blah… what?! get on with your life, instead of fantazising over something like this….yeah they are amazing, and i’d love to meet them, but really though? it’s obsession…stop listening to rumours, until you hear it from their mouths…thats all :) your a legend who made this video…’asian bloke’ :D

  • THAT IS such a lie! they never did break up! they are still together!

  • you don’t need to know

    I hope the rumer is true Justin Bieber can do so much better he needs to wake up and realize that Selena isn’t that great

  • sexy

    why? i love biberfiber. i tink she is so sexy and i am sexy, jes.

  • pcolagirl

    I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo unhappy!!!!! But Justin does deserve a better girl.

  • Sanchez


  • Belieber 4 ever

    I think its just a rumor and if its not who cares? Its there busness not the whole worlds. They should be able to have a relationship and not not have the whole world worrying about it. That goes for all celebrtys and some not famus people everyone esepully famus people should be able to have some things personal in there lives that the whole world doesnt need to know about.

  • World’s Best Belieber

    I personally believe they didn’t break up because they were a great couple!
    Yours Truly,
    World’s Greatest Belieber

  • loveleen

    i just can’t believe it ! i am really very happy but little sad also

  • GabbyBolt

    SHUT UP! They’re cute together , SO WHAT. You idiots are so dramatic, GET OVER IT . They can BOTH do better, maybe if you weren’t stupid you’d know that … #DontHate Sincerely, Demi Lovato’s Cousin [TRUE ]

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  • kelly

    JAM… Who ever you are i am not being funny you said that selena can do much better the ‘BIEBER’ I think justin bieber can do much better then her! yours thankfully a devoted belieber :)

  • annie ashbrook

    That cant be the truth they make a well good couple stay 2 gether justinand selina x

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  • Jam

    Just a rumour? Really? I wish they’d just break up already… She deserves much better than Beaver boy.

  • batira luckman



    HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAH timothy what have you doneee!!!

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