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Kate Gosselin Loses TLC Reality Show; Here's Why it Failed

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Kate Gosselin’s reality television series is history. Her show “Kate Plus Eight,” was canceled by TLC in a terse announcement today (Aug. 15), and it’s not hard to understand why. Her success became her undoing.

When her reality show, with then husband Jon Gosselin, first went on the air in 2007, they were a young couple struggling to raise a eight children, including miracle sextuplets.

They were middle-class, hard-working and viewers could easily relate to the trials and tribulations they faced as they tried to manage their miracle family.

After two seasons on the Discovery Health Channel, the show moved to TLC, where it grew in popularity.

But as the episodes progressed, it became evident that friction was building between Jon and Kate.

Jon seemed plodding and indifferent; Kate seemed hard edged and ambitious. She began to regularly berate and belittle him in front of the kids, a no-no for most parents.

She went through a remarkable transformation. Tabloids reported that it included a tummy tuck, breast enhancement and botox. On ABC’s “The View,” she denied both surgeries.

She also dyed her hair blonde and got a trendy asymmetrical style at a high-end Manhattan salon.

Meanwhile, she continued to take the kids to a cut-rate Supercuts.

She also began wearing mini-skirts and stiletto heels. Before long, she looked more like a Beverly Hills socialite than a suburban Pennsylvania mom.

Viewers continued to watch, but for a different reason. They were transfixed by the slo-motion implosion of their marriage.

On June 22, 2009, in an extended one-hour episode, Jon and Kate announced that they were separating.

The show’s rating soared as the divorce exploded in the tabloids, fueled by allegations of infidelity and double dealing.

The controversy cost Kate her own talk show after she’d taped a pilot with Paula Deen. Her audience was polarized by the divorce, and she was deemed to controversial by network suits.

For a time, the show suspended taping after Jon refused to allow the kids to appear on air as the bitter court fight continued.

On Dec. 16, 2009, the couple’s divorce was finalized. TLC renamed the show “Kate Plus Eight,” and announced the show’s relaunch.

By now Kate, 36, was a full-fledged celebrity, followed by the paparazzi.

She was photographed on the beach in a bikini, showing off her tight figure and on regular jaunts to New York City’s trendy restaurants, shops and that high-priced hair salon, without the kids.

Far from a happy family, the kids, now older, were starting to come across as bratty, entitled and dysfunctional. Problems in school followed.

The kids were always the stars on Kate's reality show (Photo:INFDaily)

Kate made an appearance on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” last year with partner, Tony Dovolani.

But even that ended in controversy, after several more qualified contestants were dismissed ahead of her because of her ardent fanbase.

Then she was paired with Sarah Palin in a disastrous trip to Alaska that Kate cut short.

She went on talk shows lamenting that she couldn’t find a man, even as her bodyguard Steve Nield was constantly photographed at her side.

The new season debuted Aug 8. with Kate, once again, in New York City. It had the air of the “Bachelorette” or “The Dating Game.”

Kate claimed her eight children were begging her to get married again, and she aggressively pursued a passerby in a scene that turned out to be a disaster.

The man didn’t even know who she was.

Even the trip to Australia and New Zealand, failed to generate much in the way of ratings, which ultimately sewed the show’s demise.

When the ax fell, Kate was stoical.

‘TLC cancelled it. I’m sorry. We’ve had a great run! Six years of whirlwind fun-filled adventures,” she Tweeted to her fans.

“While it is very sad for me and the kids (there were many tears at the breakfast table this morning!), we are looking forward with great anticipation to our bright future!” she added.

Kate said she is looking forward to future endeavors and the network says it will keep Kate and her brood in mind for future specials.

Maybe this is the break Kate needs. Now she can finally ditch the kids and become a star in her own right. Maybe “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?”

The final episode of “Kate Plus Eight” airs Sept. 12 on TLC.

  • peter

    Kate is nobody , no talent , nothing . Just self absorbed b….., looking only for fame . Poor children , need love and mother . Not idiot who think is superstar . Please Kate open eyes to reality and have normal job and take care for kids

  • glendi

    I feel sorry for the kids. I really enjoyed the show but Kate began to change for the worse. She became full of her self and for whatever reasons she became an angry diva with a nasty disposition. I hope that she can find, with therapy, that Kate that First appeared on TV. It is apparent that she is unhappy and with this low self-esteem the children will fall victim sooner or later. I feel that we are already witnessing some of the negative repercussions. I pray that the children have a good therapist.
    I would also like to say that it is a privilege to be on television and with no particular talent, Kate, it is a true blessing. I hope you can look back and see how you and your family got into the position that you are all in and make the appropriate changes to turn this mess around. Good luck in the future.

  • Wendy

    I feel sorry for the children. Try talking to them instead of screaming all the time. I just watched the special with them on the RV…WHAT A DIVA! She seems to put herself on a high horse at the expense of others around her. I don’t disagree that she is organized but it is almost obsessive compulsive. Please for the sake of your children stop focusing on becoming a star and love your children. I’m glad you had Ashley & Jamie around because it was obvious on many episodes that they love your children unconditionally.

  • bettielee

    It failed because Kate Gosselin is amonster. I loved seeing her say someone else was “dramatic.” She never has any fun. All she does is make everyone around her miserable.

  • Sunny

    The children’s lives are already ruined. They are so spoiled with trips and attention. The non-show life is going to be a big adjustment for them. They may never get over it. They should start speaking with a psychologist now to help them through this new period in their lives. Their mom will not be a stable factor. If she could get a television show, she would leave them with a nanny in a nanosecond claiming she must work to provide for them. No one wants to watch mommie dearest. Kate, please concern yourself with your children before it is too late to have a normal life.

  • shiela jones

    Ahhh, justice at last. I was a great fan of the show when it was first in its infancy and was genuinely surprised how nice Jon was to Kate. He did all her bidding and never once did I ever see a genuine gesture of appreciation from her. She was always nagging and just plain complaining. I felt that Jon “escaped” her clutches, he went raving mad with freedom, thus was not able to control this new found freedom and went crazy with dating women who also wanted to use his “celebrity” status for exposure. I saw that Jon was more loving towards his kids and they seem to enjoy being with him more. It was sad that there was no one who was there to really advise Jon to deal with his new found freedom and was painted by the media in a very negative way. I honestly think that TLC found it to their advantage to have Jon painted negatively in order for Kate to be seen in this “vicitm” light so the show will definitely go on without Jon.

    Again, Jon was not advised well. He should not have tried to take on TLC and that caused more damaged to his damaging public image. Well, at least it is nice to know that he has a regular life, pays child support and sees the kids when he can. I wish the kids and Jon a good life and that Kate should just try pursue her dreams in the entertainment industry without dragging all 8 of her kids with her. Fine if she wants to be a “celebrity” at least be one but let the kids have a more normal life. Let them be with the dad that seem care for the kids. Make your fortune and send what you think the kids need as Kate seem to be spending most of the $$$ on herself than on the kids. She expects “gifts” for the kids but would go for designer things for herself.

  • IHateKate

    Thank you TLC!!!!!!!!! I never liked this show and never liked Kate… what a self centered witch with a capital B!!! Please no more specials with her, keep her off the air forever… her show was why I quit watching TLC as much… couldn’t stand to see her bratty face.

  • Kim

    I admire her soooo much. Perfect, no. But who is…I admire her standing up for herself and her kids and making a life for them.

  • marilynr

    Kate is a toxic mom. She is totally self-absorbed, and only wants to be famous. Unfortunately, she has no talent. She is very unlikeable, which comes out clearly on televsion. She publicly makes negative statements about her children’s father, and obviously makes those statements to her kids. Shame on her! She is a bully and a very unaffectionate mom. Those poor kids.

  • Pamela

    I have seldom witnessed any adult–much less any parent–who was this self-centered, self-absorbed and silly. The Grand Canyon trip was spoiled, not by her children, but by her ridiculous, childish behaviour. The very idea that one takes a rapids ride and expects not to get a drop of water on them–and then gets ANGRY because of the possibility of getting wet. This idiot isn’t a mother. I say let Jon have the kids and go off in your own world, Kate–where your “fame” will last about 30 more seconds. At least your children will be spared your idiocy and have one decent parent instead of a self-important moronic fool like you.

  • Sharon

    I stopped watched when Kate became a diva instead of a mother. Why is she crying about her ‘loss of employment’? She spent time traveling around the country doing book tours and speeches…except now no one cares anymore. She thinks that people want more of her but what she doesn’t realize is EVERYONE IS SO OVER HER AND HER ANTICS. Honestly….tanning, surgeries, stilettos, perfect nails and hair….GET OVER YOURSELF KATE!!!

  • Granny

    We’ve all heard Kate was a Nurse. I’ve never believed that, not for a moment. Real Nurses don’t fall apart and go crazy when an infant has a bowel movement, even if it was all over the bed and the child. But Kate did. If she got through Nursing School, I’d like to know how. I would not allow that woman to care for anyone in my family. She has no empathy, and certainly no ability to put others and their needs first. She has never once provided a calm, nurturing environment for those children and the children have always acted out very strongly to her continual chaos — chaos she always blamed on the children. That she is now off the air is no problem with any of us. We never watched her after the first few shows. Her behavior was too sickening. She will simply find someone else to manipulate and control, and I’m sure she will continue behaving and dressing like a bimbo all the while the children, again, are left behind in the dust or used as her props. Her family needs to step up to the plate as does Jon, and remove those children and let that disgusting woman have the life she wants and craves. The lives of those children have to matter to someone, and at this point they don’t.

    As a Mother and a Grandmother, I stand firmly by my comments.

  • Ann Wesbecher

    When the show started i was amazed at how the couple worked together to take care of the kids. Jon was a wonderful father and he accepted the six babies as worked along side of Kate. But when they started to sit on the love seat and kate was so mean to Jon I really was disappointed that Jon ‘Just took it’. If I would speak to my husband that way even when alone, he would be so hurt and I would see the pain in his eyes, just as I saw it in Jon’s eyes.
    Well the last episode I watched was the trip to the Grand Canyon and the pain that was in Jon’s eyes was in the eyes of all the childre. I doubt it they enjoyed the trip as a family trip and found the shooting time a real painful time.
    Kate is truly being mean to her childre. I would question if she is actually mentally abusing them and it would do well for the kids to have some time away from her to heal. Kate is a nurse who needs to review her past life and see herself in the TV but with her eyes blindfolded and just listen to how she talks to the kids then look at still shots of their beautiful yet pained faces.
    I hope Jon reads this and thinks about how he can save his kids from their mother and her self centered life. He needs to stand up for the kids and get someone to help them plan a way to continue the raising of the eight children as potential wonderful adults. The entire family needs to heal and it HAS to start with Kate. This is not meant to be a slur on Kate but a eyeopener to a driven Mom who wants the best for her kids but got too involved in her own need for love from others. God help all of them.

  • Jan Gills

    The trip was set up for disaster and failure from day one because they put too many people in two vehicles, and they got on each others nerves. Tempers flared when they had no AC, plus mechanical problems, and trying to stretch food. Good recipe for failure. I didn’t like Kate’s attitude and constant complaining, but Ashley & Jamie should not have been making critical remarks about Kate in front of the older children, especially the twins. How did they feel being in the middle. That’s too hard on the kids on long rides. At their age, that scenery doesn’t interest them. It’s adult interests. If it’s a vacation for kids, then do fun things with them. TLC is partially to blame for this blow up for setting up such a long trip with so many kids in two RV’s, with mechanical problems on top of it. Kate’s complaining does get to anyone, but Jamie & Ashley were goading Kate about eating the food, knowing they had to feed a lot of people. Why wasn’t production crew or other TLC getting the group somewhere while RV was being repaired, instead of sitting around inside complaining and snacking on all the food. They needed to set up a short trip, instead of riding so long they got on each other’s nerves. The fight may not have escalated to be irrepairable if Ashley and Jamie had not been goading Kate, especially knowing her temper and controlling personality. I’m sorry the kids got caught in the middle, and shamed before the whole Nation, including their school friends. The had their trip ruined, lost a long time babysitter and friend, as well as Jamie and her kids out of their lives, no doubt. A month-long road trip isn’t for kids that age, unless planned with activities for kids. Big deal, the looked at the Grand Canyon, while Kate punished Maddy & Cara, as well as Ashley. They had to look happy for a picture, and then were sent to the RV for punishment, while the rest oooh’d over the canyon.

  • karen

    I was grinding my teeth during kates trip last night. Nothing educational for the kids. And she calls the Grand Canyon a waste of space! Your kids wont remember your organization skills. Frankly you did a bad job! Those poor kids cant feel loved. Kate is no fun. Has a terrible personality. What was the point? Love the rapid guide!

  • mary c

    Kate know that i’m one that is praying for you and your childrenthat God guide you in the right way and that you put God first and you just take one day at a time and enjoy your children and enjoy your self and alway’s know it’s a reason that GOD made you the way you are if you were any different your life and childerns would be a mess but you stand up for what is right for you and your childrens keep your head up and keep it moving forward . be bless

  • Charl

    I have never watched Kate plus 8. She became so obnoxious that I never saw any reason to watch someone who just aggravated me. Plus she began to show that she cared only about her career (not that she had one, but she thought she did) and less and less about the kids. But, when I saw that it was finally being cancelled, I watched because I wanted to see the friends finally tell her where to go and leave her too. But, of course, TLC only used that to string you along to get ratings. It just keeps building up to it. I could hardly get through one show. Had to keep fast forwarding to the fight which never materialized. What a miserable witch she is. So glad her 30 minutes is over. She definitely stretched the 15.

  • Eileen

    THANK GOD we don’t have to look at the KATE GOSSLIN show anymore. In the beginning it was about her children and I truly loved that. Now it is ALL about her!!! She is a nasty controlling person who has lost all her GOOD friends and family for the price of fame!! She has no problem doing away with people who don’t agree with her. I feel sorry for those children and for Jon!!
    Toot-a-loo Kate.

  • Johna

    PLEASE go away. You are not interesting. You can breed.That is your skill. Congratulations.

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  • Aj

    Maybe now she can stand in front of the mirror all day and make love to herself all day. She has a disgusting leathery body.

  • Christine

    O M G. It finally happened. Yippppeee! But wait, please don’t tell me she will be back with future specials. As it is now I hold a pillow up to my face just in case I pass by TLC. God forbid I see her smiling face. I just cringe when I see her and her poor children. I want her gone, gone GONE. I hope now she will see that her children are most important, not her fancy clothes, her desire to be number one in the news, along with all her other self-serving desires. Kate, your time in the spotlight is OVER. Face it… and now…take care of your children!

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