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Kate Gosselin Gets a Bitch Slap From the Nanny (Watch!)

Kate Gosselin explodes in a major hissy fit and chews out the nanny over… a piece of pizza. If this is what “Kate Plus 8” is all about, TLC did everyone a favor by cancelling the show.

Without ex-husband Jon Gosselin to push around, Kate lashes out at the nanny to her eight kids, while bodyguard Steve Neild stands around like a dope.

Even Neild, who cuts a manly figure on the show, looks thoroughly emasculated. He knows better than to defy Kate, no matter how ridiculous she is.

But the nanny gets the ultimate revenge. She threatens to quit. “I’m more than happy to leave right now,” she shoots back.

“Pizza is not a friggin’ big deal,” the nanny screams at Kate. “I am sick of your dramatics.”

Wow! Somebody give her a reality show.

Kate may be pissed, but she’s not about to let the nanny walk on their RV road trip.

What? And take care of her own kids? Kate doesn’t want to go there, and probably neither do the kids, who also look thoroughly terrorized.

The brood is on a field trip to the Grand Canyon National Park.

But dysfunction is so out of control, it’s almost hard to watch.

The kids are on the verge of tears after they are forced to go on a rafting trip to generate footage.

TLC cancelled the show last month; this is its final season. The new episode airs Monday (Sept. 5)

Check out all of the drama below, and find out why Kate is so ticked off. You won’t believe it.

  • appe

    totally fake person. When she first appeared on TV i thought she was wonderful.. but little fame and money can change you. If she would get cold bitterness off her shoulder then maybe people would love to see her back in the light.

  • nope

    lame stupid biased story. glad i stopped reading halfway through

  • critter

    good lord kate is one of the worst possible people on tv so glad there no more show with her good lord. I love this nanny she needs a raise

  • Kali

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but although I dislike Kate, the nanny was being extremely unprofessional.

  • kevin

    Ashley finally couldn’t take it anymore from Katie.All I feel sorry is for the kids.

  • charlie

    seemed to me like production encouraged the nanny to go against kates rules/schedule.
    that being said…
    i see nothing wrong with kate wanting/expecting the nanny to keep the kids on a set schedule.
    the nanny is an employee…
    not only did she go against her employers wishes…
    she even talked shit on her employer in front of the employers kids.
    i think kate handled it all very well…
    i would have fired the nanny before she had time to go “cry” to production and then quit.

  • Tammie

    People think fame made Kate evil. Not so. Fame just made her MORE evil. When the whole show started, she was completely separated from her parents . To my knowledge, she still is, she’s just added friends, staff & the rest of her family since. Anyway, Kate & Jon had it pretty tough financially years ago. Her father is a Pastor. When she was pregnant with the sextuplets, the church got together a bunch of donations, including cribs for the new babies. Kate turned down the donations. Insulting her father & his congregation, she said she didn’t want her babies to have hand me downs, that she wanted the
    to have new, matching cribs. She said she’d take cash donations. But wanted no part of the thing people had so kindly collected. What an ungrateful bi*ch!!

  • Sam

    @Frann. You’re a bigger ass than Kate Gosselin. Actually, you probably are Kate Gosselin. Fat nanny? Really? That’s pathetic.

    I am beyond thankful that TLC canceled this show. Kate now has to face the real world!

  • Tricia

    I have to tell you she has all the signs of having a personality disorder. It goes way beyond OCD. She appears to be narcissistic with total disregard for others feelings (even her childrens). Many women co-parent and raise children without making a living off of them . It’s time she moves on and pus the best interest of her kids first(not her own)and gets some counseling .

  • Jon

    Ding, dong. The *itch is dead!

  • Mary

    Wow, Kate is such a charmer. So eloquent of speech and the rhythmic singing of her precious voice. Pizza she says and pizza it is. What about Steve. What an idiot. He reminds me of the time that Madonna was dating Warren Beatty and he went on tour with her and she treated him like a complete piece of s__t! However he came to his senses and married Annette Benning. Now Steve obviously couldn’t speak over the contessa’s melodic banter. Steve didn’t look smart enough to date lassie, well i shouldn’t say that since i note the company he was keeping at the time. Think its time for the kids to move out. I think they have enough $$$$. Maybe they can invest in a pizza business. Sitter gets kudos for sure. haha Kate.

  • Cujo33

    What frightens me is that Kate was at one point in her pathetic life a nurse. Could you imagine being her patient? Or, even worse, working with her? Nurse in charge: “Um Kate, Mr. Davis is choking”. Kate: “You dumb bi*ch, can’t you see I am waiting for my nails to dry? And, who took the last piece of pizza?”. This woman is pathologically narcissistic and have severe borderline personality disorder. Thank f*5k they cancelled her show. I am so glad her nanny quit. No one deserves to be treated that poorly. They should send Kate to the new Guantanamo Bay. Were I a prisoner there, I would choose water boarding over listening to her.

  • chris

    Worst Mom Ever! Steve? are you serious? you are worried about the roady/security guy eating pizza from a kid’s hands? I think Kate is wearing Steve’s “pair”…

  • ChiTownPartyBus

    D.C.F.S Nuff Said!

  • Janet

    Thought this show was the sadest yet. Kate is more worried about her concept of organization , than relationships with people or her kids. When asked about the trip she enjoyed the organization the most?? This show has ruined her, money and fame do corrupt, this is proof. She is not the same person she was when the kids where born. Seems like a blonde , all about ME hollywood mom. Is a blessing the show is canceled, praying it was not to late.

  • wow!!

    I can’t believe jamie let kate push her around! If Ashley was smart she needs to stay away from that weirdo, kate and steve was always together, they shared an RV, kate acted like she didn’t want the kids to be around her, maybe because her and steve had something going on in the RV! the “TALK” show would be very stupid to hire kate the ratings on the “Talk” would go way down!! Maddy acts just like her mom. I think kate has diffrent personalities obviously their something mentaly wrong with kate. I don’t blame jon for getting away from that crazy lady!

  • Belinda

    I have watched this show from episode #1. I used to look up to Kate, as she seemed so down to earth and an amazingly organized Mom of 8 lil ones! Every episode seemed to reveal more and more about KATE!! These last few years have been all about “show Kate”, less about her children! After the last few episodes, she has proven to be a wicked are her responsibility not the nannys, that aren’t perfect enough for Queen Kate…choke choke! Lastnites episode was just horrifying to me! What has it done to her poor children ???? I’m just sick of her self centered, disgusting behavior! I pray that she will NEVER be on tv again! She’s a MONSTER! Why take children that young on a long and forceful “vacation” such as the 14 day Eve trip!! My God…did she freaking loose her mind???? Wow! From great mom to. “I’m on tv, look at me me me”

  • Neil

    Kate acts worse then the kids like a real witch

  • shelly

    FRANN IS KATE!!!!!!!

  • Donna

    Fran do you know this first hand, are you fat, do you sneak food and blame it on your kids or other kids so you can eat all day???

  • Donna

    Kate has mental problems such as OC and bipolar, she is very negative and her children will pay the price the older they get. My advice, go see a shrink get medicated you will feel so much better!!!! Oh and when you go on a white water trip you tend to get wet, HELLO???

  • Nick

    It’s about time this show was cancelled. Jon was right to jump ship. I believe they are both to blame for not thoroughly thinking about the consequences. Kate is a drama queen and should never have been given the opportunity to raise children when clearly she is not fit to be a mom. Theses kids are gonna be very troubled when they are older and will likely never have a normal life. I highly doubt this will be the last we see of the Drama Queen and these poor children.

  • Ashley

    @Frann: If Jon were the one acting like Kate and everyone else had acted the same, would you still say the nanny was fat and deserved to be fired, or would you bash Jon?

    By the way,the nanny was NOT fired. Ashley QUIT. There’s a difference, honey.

  • Paula

    Why does Kate care more about what Steve, the supposed hired help, get to eat than her own children. Jamie’s words, It’s all about him, isn’t it, is very telling in the relationship between Kate and Steve. Why weren’t Steve’s wife and sons on the trip instead of Jamie? These kids need to be with Jon ASAP.

  • Lucy

    @Frann: You must be on drugs.

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  • Marianne

    TLC are missing an opportunity – how about a program about “Momzillas” – of course a takeoff from “Bridezillas”. Everybody would love it and Kate could be the producer (she has claimed to want to be a producer.) At last!! Something Kate is really good at and all the looney toons who twitter to her and apparently just looooov her can be stars!!!

  • Ashley

    Hopefully the Kate fans will see that this is the real Kate, and not blame it on editing or the nanny or anything. I’m sick of Kate throwing tantrums and having people still support her.

  • Frann

    This footage is a farce. Kate had every right to kick that nanny off the bus and get rid of her. The nanny had the kids eating lunch throughout the morning and ate all the food so the others would have to do without. It was leftovers that was to feed the adults. The fat nanny wanted food and just put it out for the kids so they would take the heat. That fat nanny needs to get a real job, not one that just lets her eat and eat and eat and eat…