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  • I finally saw my DVD of “Melancholia.” I’ve actually seen it twice. It’s a pretty good movie, and I didn’t expect how it ended. Kirsten Dunst is nude in the whole movie for about a minute, or maybe a little more. That’s about it. I must say that she’s very beautiful, and has a body that you soon won’t forget. To think that she was Claudia, the little vampire in “Interview With The Vampire.” She’s definitely grown into a beautiful young woman since then. I can say that without feeling dirty, because I’m just a year older than her. When I saw that scene, all I could think was, “Hubba, hubba.” :)

  • Juan Carlos

    I 1st saw Kirsten Dunst in “Interview With The Vampire,” but I saw a few years after it came out. I was 13 when it came out, and I thought Kirsten was kind of cute. I saw her again, years later, in “Bring It On.” She looked really good in that. Then I saw her again as Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man movies. Since I’m a comic geek, and Mary Jane is considered to be one of the hottest women in comics, Kirsten definitely was right for the part. She’s a very beautiful woman. I got “Melancholia” on DVD a few weeks ago. Can’t wait see her “special” scene.

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