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Jon & Kate Gosselin Teach TLC That Dysfunction Sells

Interventionist Kristina Wandzilak will star in TLC's 'Addiction.'

Interventionist Kristina Wandzilak will star in TLC's 'Addiction.'

If the fiasco over Jon & Kate Plus 8 taught the TLC network anything, it’s that dysfunction sells; dysfunction works. So it’s going for the ultimate dysfunction in its latest reality show  — drug and alcohol addiction.

TLC announced plans to air “Addicted,” a one-hour docu-series following the lives of individuals struggling with addiction as they work with an interventionist, Kristina Wandzilak.

The cable network aired a show about Jon and Kate Gosselin’s efforts to rear eight children, but the series only exploded in the ratings after the Gosselin’s marriage imploded on the air.

Episodes of “Addicted” will focus on the “unpredictable journey of recovery” and “the harrowing struggle to become sober,” the company said in a statement. Six episodes have been ordered and will premiere in March.

Wandzilak is a recovering addict herself and weaves her own experiences into her treatment. She is now sober, a mother, a wife, a top-selling author and a public speaker.

The cable network says her unconventional approach makes her one of the top addiction interventionists in the country. “Kristina will empower the addicts and the families to help them not only get sober, but to also live the healthy lives they deserve.”

Maybe Tiger Woods will turn up on the show!

Speaking of which, Kate Gosselin hates her new $7,000 hair extensions because she thinks they make her look like a Tiger Woods bimbo.

Ouch, Tiger Woods’ philandering has set a new low standard for women.

“She hates it!” a source told “She thinks her hair looks over-processed and damaged. She’s afraid people will think she’s one of Tiger Woods’ bimbos!”

Her twin daughters, Cara and Mady, 9, allegedly shrieked when they saw the make over. “They started laughing,” the source said. “Kate ended up in her room crying.”

Meanwhile, TLC says it is definitely working up a new reality show for “Clean Slate Kate” but has yet to offer details about its theme.

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  • may

    What a loser Jon Gosselin is. Why doesn’t TLC do a show on him and his party frat boy image and life after Kate! Kate is really exploiting the kids – why should she have custody, when she is NEVER AT HOME! Most of the time it was loser Jon Gosselin taking care of them [he is a loser for being such a DOORMAT to Kate] – this shows again the PREJUDICE against the father and BIAS toward the mother in custody after divorce.

  • i also think tlc should not do another show with kate gosslin she complains she never has enough time in the day well maybe if she stood home with her children she might she is a single parent now and kids need at least one parent somewhat around i know she says its for there kids future but i think she has enough to get her by for a couple of years or get a job from home she is going to regret being away from her kids …. i thought that is why john quit his job a couple of seasons ago… i hope tlc thinks twice about continueing to ruin thes peoples lives

  • Julie

    TLC should not entertain the thought of doing another show with Kate Gosselin. She needs to concentrate on her family, and leave TV to someone else. She has major issues that are standing in her way, like herself! Maybe if TLC really wanted to do a show on her, it could be named “Kate goes to therapy”. She may get a few hundred people to watch that.

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