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Taylor Swift, Rapper T.I Get Down in Duet (watch!)

Country sweetheart Taylor Swift went a little urban at her concert in Atlanta Sunday night, when rapper T.I. joined her on stage for a duet. She’s the latest singer to get down with rap–if that’s possible.

Pop queen Selena Gomez has also been rapping during her concerts, raising eyebrows about her embrace of the often coarse urban music.

T.I. was fresh out of a halfway house, wrapping up a 10-month stint in federal prison on a probation violation.

He was an unannounced guest and drew loud cheers when he appeared on stage.

Swift introduced T.I. by singing the opening chorus of his hit song “Live Your Life.”

He rapped and she sang a vocal chorus originally sung by Rihanna.

Justin Bieber and rapper Nicki Minaj have also joined Swift onstage during her tour, and she appears to be attempting to broaden her base beyond country music.

Check out the performance below:

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