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Taylor Lautner: Gay? Straight? He Finally Answers (video)

Taylor Lautner is the unquestioned hunk of the “Twilight” movies and in his new picture, “Abduction,” he’s making a bid to become a hot Hollywood action hero. But did he ever figure he would become a gay icon?

Taylor’s buff body, boyish good looks and well-groomed appearance have touched off rumors in Hollywood. Is he secretly gay?

Of course, the same thing could be said of his pretty boy co-star Robert Pattinson. Except Pattinson definitely has the hots for Kristen Stewart.

So let’s look at the evidence.

Lautner has been publicly linked with his “Abduction” costar Lily Collins and singer Taylor Swift.

Check out Taylor’s photos; click to enlarge.

Taylor Lautner has drawn the attention of gay men for his boyish good looks and buff body. But he tells Aussie GQ he’s straight.

Check out Taylor’s video

But the relationships where short-lived and superficial. Was he just going through the motions?

He drives a 2012 silver SLS AMG Mercedes-Benz, a totally gay car for someone who wants to pretend he’s not.

He’s worth millions of dollars, yet he still lives with his parents.

Early in his career, he played a character in a movie called “Sharkboy.” No, it wasn’t gay porn.

He wears skinny dark jeans, black boots and flannel shirt unbuttoned to his mid-chest, “revealing what appears to be the 19-year-old actor’s very first crop of chest hair,” the article notes.

“His smile is [Tom] Cruise-like, packed with the kind of porcelain that has never been stained by a lick of red wine,” the writer adds.

So is he gay?

It’s a question often asked of masculine Hollywood stars and sometimes produces some shocking answers.

On thing is certain, Lautner, 19, is not the first to be confronted by the question. Other Hollywood actors have been and continue to be subject to the same speculation.

For years, an undercurrent of whispers has claimed that Tom Cruise is gay. And, actor John Travolta has long been said to be bi-sexual, although he has never acknowledged a sexual attraction to men.

Also setting off gaydar, that special attraction gays have for each other, are self-proclaimed straight men, Matthew Morrison, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Seacrest.

Fortunately being gay in Hollywood is not the stigma it once was.

During the 1950s and early 1960s, actors such as Rock Hudson, Richard Chamberlin and Montgomery Clift were gay, but fiercely protected their sexual identity, to the point of marrying women, who were called beards.

Back then, it could the kiss of death for a leading man’s acting career.

Even today, gay actor Rupert Everett ripped Hollywood for its homophobia and advised actors to stay in the closet.

At the same time, other actors, such as Neil Patrick Harris are successful and openly gay.

In an interview with the Australian editon of GQ magazine, Lautner is asked point blank about his sexuality, sort of.

He was asked if director Gus Van Sant and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, both gay, hit on him at dinner in Los Angeles in June.

“No, definitely not,” Lautner replied. “I think they know I’m straight. But they’re great guys. They’re a lot of fun.”

So, he is straight.

Do you believe him? Check out his photos and the video below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Oh… incidentally, “Breaking Dawn: Part 1” debuts in November.

  • Greg

    Let’s hope he’s gay. He is much too cute and lovable to be straight.

  • JaredWilliams67

    He is gay it bothers me that he might looking at some movie stars and checking him out and might spank one of the movie star men and he might turn out to be in the news papers and he might turn into a gay sexus that will turn out scary

  • JaredWilliams67

    He is certainly gay I bet he enjoyed the kiss from Robert pattinson cause Taylor lautner smiled after that kiss and my thought he wasn’t but I know he’s gay it bothers me that he might checking out the movie star men and be in news papers

  • jacki

    Taylor lautner is sexy, which probably means that he is gay because that’s what always happens…regardless people should stop worrying, its not like any girl who is on this site will ever even see him let alone date him…

  • Savanna

    He is so not gay and the people who say that are haters because they want to be him so they have to hate on him so you guys can just cool it about taylor laughtner being gay. And you also know that the public media likes to add their own twist to every celebrity. Like next they are going to say that Taylor swift was a cover up and it is not true so don’t hate on Taylor laughtner just because you want to be him.

  • anonamas

    i`d still like him if he was gay, it doesn’t matter to me

  • yoyojoe

    He is so gay, and you will all know soon enough.

  • scott

    he has a certain gay vibe about him. maybe it’s because he is heavily into gymnastics.

  • Brittany

    I love Taylor Lautner so if he is gay i will be mad.

  • Jessica lopes

    Yesss Deferentially Taylor Lautner is Straight and end of convocation. the reason why his relationships where short- lived was maybe because they were not right for him and he is yet looking for the right one.Taylor is straight with no doubt.

  • jenny

    how dare you said something like this to a guy that doesnt get into anyone’s life. It such a shame that people speculates and says things about others without even knowing. Clean the shit out of your head before talking about him or any other person is not your problem whether he is or is not he lives his live the way he wants it and come on if you keep saying that he is not straight is because your are the one gay which is totally fine with everyone just stop talking shit about him. Also people that confirm what this stupid stories said about is more than evident that jealousy against this guy that hasn’t done anything bad to anyone. Stop people to talk about others and stop the homophobic feelings cause we are nobody to judge someone else feelings .

  • He’s super Gay.

  • Shane

    I am GAY and PROUD of it and I think Taylor Lautner is HOT & Sexy with his tan, muscled up body and super-cute face! I hope he is gay and I hope that I get a chance at a date with him when he finally does “come out”! Taylor is just too damn fine to be str8!Anyway, I think he IS GAY! I just don’t see why it’s such a big deal, other than a lot of gurls will be disappointed that he plays on our team insted of theirs! On an unrelated note, I would sure like to see him on the pages of Play Girl magazine, and hope that he reveals ALL if he ends up there and doesn’t “chicken out” like Levi Johnston did by ending up backing out of showing his package!

  • PAP

    I wish I was few years younger he is too good looking :S It is a first time that I find myself attracted to a hollywood star!
    I should confess that I watched the movies just because he is intensely hot, which is the shame for me but he worth it totally

  • why?

    most 19 year old’s live with their parents, that dont make them gay, he played as sharkboy when he was 13-14, how gives a damn about whatever car he has, maybe it was a present and he doesnt want to give it up,maybe he likes that car, that doesnt make him gay does it, a LOT of boys and girls his age have short relationships i know i have! Even if he was gay, no one should think no different of him, he is still human you know. So before writing out some stupid lies try and think before you do and try and do your research properly.

  • bryyyylautner

    Taylor Lautner is so hot! Even if he is gay,which he definitely is not, his hotness is one thing gossipers can’t away from him. His relationships are none of anybody’s business, he just hasn’t found the one. So leave him alone and think about your sexuality, his is none of your business.

  • Megan

    I don’t care if Taylor is straight or gay I’ll love him no matter what !!! Xxxxx

  • richard

    If he is gay it’s up to him if he wants to come out. If he is straight it is probably hurtful to see this kind of speculation. I don’t care whether he is straight or gay, none of my business, none of yours either. Leave the guy alone to enjoy his life

  • lilomimi

    Taylor is gay, why else would there be SOOOO many stories or talk about about it.

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  • oberee

    Taylor Lautner has a right to be anything he desirer. Gay or straight I love him. Get real it’s not like I will ever get to sleep with him so let agirl have her fantasy. I think men are so ensecure that they won’t him to be gay. Tay Tay is avery sexy man gay or straight. I don’t really give a dam,I will still love and support him..

  • whocares

    Don’t know about him, but one sure thing is that Robert Pattinson is… And this ”thing” with Kristen Stewart is obviously made up. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kristen were homosexual too so they’re kinda helping each other staying in the closet. Sorry, I usually hate that kind of stupid gossip but it’s just very obvious to me. that said, it’s not important and people shouldn’t care.

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