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Tiger Woods Sex Therapy Doubted; Is He Catting Around?

tiger woodsTiger Woods has been reported to be seeking treatment for a sexual addiction at three different facilities. But a new report claims he’s not been at any of the other clinics, including the latest in Mississippi. Is he still catting around?

Woods whereabouts have been unknown every since he crashed his Cadillac Escalade at 2:25 in the morning on the day after Thanksgiving, following a heated argument with wife Elin Nordegren.

The crash unraveled Woods’ secret life of sexual escapades with at least a dozen women, if not more, during his marriage.

One or more friends of  one woman, Rachel Uchitel, claim the New York party girl spent time with Woods over Christmas. But Uchitel’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, issued a statement saying the 34-year-old had not seen or spoken to Woods since the car crash.

On the flip side, Woods has been reported to be seeking treatment for sexual addiction as part of an effort to rehabilitate his image and save his marriage, much like NBA star Kobe Bryant, who weathered his own sex scandal and resumed his career.

Initial reports claimed Woods was at a clinic in Arizona, followed by another report that he was at a clinic in South Africa, and finally the latest round of speculation — that he is in a facility in Mississippi.

But a new report by sports blog SportsbyBrooks, claims that Woods is not at the Hattiesburg, Miss., facility.

The site notes that an exclusive report to that end by celebrity Webloid radaronline was neither an exclusive nor true.

A site called 8countnews had the story first, but only claimed it was “pursuing a report” that Woods was at the Pine Grove Mental Health Facility in Hattiesburg. The site has not followed up.

Radaronline claimed, definitively, citing sources, that Woods was getting treatment at the facility. “The troubled golf great checked into Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services,” it reported.

Then, E! News reported that a University of Southern Mississippi student, Adrian Smith, had claimed to see Woods at the airport. But that was easy to debunk.

Woods never flies on commercial airlines, Brooks noted. What’s more, no student by that name is enrolled at the school. It appears to be a hoax.

An usual police presence and the erection of a black plastic screen around the facility was also cited by radaronline as evidence of Woods’ presence.

But a reporter on the scene said it was in actually in response to the crush of media that showed up looking for Woods, not Woods himself, according to Brooks.

So, where is Tiger? The search continues…

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  • CLB

    Ha, Ha, what a Joke! First it was Arizona, then South Africa and now is Mississippi! If this is true, it certainly took him a long time to make a decision. Maybe he got tired of partying and decided to get a little rest. I suspect that this whole rehab thing is a big HOAX. Tiger is so arrogant that he thinks he does not need rehab. Sorry Tiger, we cannot trust you again, but keep trying.

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