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Selena Gomez Adds Touch of Risque to Her Look (photos)

Selena Gomez is feeling a little restless. She’s changed up he hair color adding a touch of punk to her look. Will she ditch her Disney princess style once she hits the road for her upcoming South American tour.

Gomez, 19, unveiled her new look on Twitter. Although the change is subtle–she added some wild purple highlights to her hair–it suggests that the pop star might ramp up her sexiness a notch or two for her shows. She added a simple comment to the photos: “Change is good.”

Selena told her stylist wanted something fun and exotic for her upcoming South American tour, her hair stylist, Chauntal Lewis, told gossip site HollywoodLife. “She wanted something a little more spunky, fun and different.” Lewis said.

Check out Selena’s look; click to enlarge.

Gomez is one of a number of former Disney stars who are trying to cross over to a more adult style now that they are out on their own. She’s been one of the most conservative so far in her dress and attitude. Former Disney queen Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, has experimented with sexy, rock star looks.

Gomez boyfriend Justin Bieber, 17, is also changing his look. He’s been steadily adding tattoos. He’s latest, however, is religious. He had a portrait of Jesus tattooed on the back of his calf.

Justin Bieber Goes Back to Old Hair Style; Click for more

In Latin American, fans are used to seeing pop stars dress in exotic, barely there costumes. So, Selena may be just trying to meet their expectations. She launches her tour on Jan. 22 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. From there, she’ll head to Panama City, Mexico City, Lima, Peru and Santiago, Chile. She also has dates scheduled for Rio de Janerio, Sao Paolo, Cordoba, and Buenos Aires.

  • Kristen

    I just dont think you should Hate Miley inless She stole your Bf or killed someone I mean like Hate people like thats` worth hateing like Mistakes shouldnt` be a reason to hate someone .I could really tell Miley that what She did was wrong smokeing and all but She already Knows her Mistakes so why are we bringing it up? Selena Gomezs` Hair is reallyy cool! I get it Selena? if I had to choose someone I like more than Miley it would be Selena because Shes` perfect and She dosent smoke from Bongs so Yeah I guess we are bringing her Bad dessions up but really if were honest didnt` Miley already say Shes` sorry?

  • Kristen

    Selena Gomsez is not a slut and nethier Is Miley case closed! The Risque photos were private they got released by accident! Yes ok people who smoke from a bong are kind of nuts` ok make that alot nuts but are you judgeing her for Photos or her one time mistake?

  • Selena Gomez Fan

    I’m not sure purple/blue highlights automatically mean she’s going to “sex-it-up” on tour.

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  • Truth

    Will say it nicely-Purple hair doesn’t look right on her- Just my opinion

  • Lauren

    I agree with Sam! Selena is BEAUTIFUL! If I were a lesbian I’d totally get with her!! Miley is a slut!!

  • Sam

    @Person Selena Gomez is not a slut, miss Miley Cyrus is a slut. (don’t make me list the reasons) Selena is just being creative with her hair so that doesn’t make her a “slut”. I think she looks beautiful.

  • Maya

    She looks so pretty with her highlights. My cousins say that she is ugly but she is not

  • Person


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