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Brittany Murphy Autopsy Results Stun Husband, Mother

Brittany Murphy, Simon MonjackBrittany Murphy’s death from pneumonia and drug intoxication surprised just about no one, except her husband Simon Monjack, who should have known more than anyone else about her condition.

He expressed shock after learning the findings of the LA Coroner’s office autopsy report, saying he was “ridiculously upset” and claiming that his wife was “not that ill.”

Even more biting was the coroner’s conclusion that Murphy’s death was preventable, if she had seen a doctor sooner.

“I don’t know what he said so I don’t want to comment on what I haven’t seen,” was Monjack’s only reply.

Murphy, 32, suffered cardiac arrest in her Hollywood Hills home, Dec 20, and died on the scene despite frantic attempts by her husband and her mother, Sharon Murphy to revive her.

Los Angeles Chief Coroner Investigator Craig Harvey said yesterday that pneumonia was the primary cause of death, with drugs and anaemia being contributing factors. Anemia suggests a possible eating disorder.

“Everything surprised me and Brittany’s mom about the report,” Monjack told London’s Daily Mail. “I expected the cause of death to be her heart.”

Monjack and mother Sharon had previously said a congenital heart murmur was the cause of death, and heatedly denied rumors that the actress used illegal drugs or suffered from an eating disorder.

“She wasn’t coughing up. I’ve had pneumonia and coughed up handfuls of spittle. So yeah, everything surprised us, everything.”

Los Angeles Coroner’s Assistant Chief Ed Winter said Monjack was never considered a suspect. “No one’s criminally liable here because this has been ruled an accident,” he said.

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  • Kathy Babin

    Maybe her husband and mother should be investigated. Seems like it took a long time to call 911. Why?

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