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Kate Gosselin Goes on Big Apple Date Sans Kids (video)

Kate-GosselinReality TV diva Kate Gosselin stepped out in New York City for dinner at the chic Manhattan eatery Butter. But where were the kids who made her famous? Let them eat McDonald’s.

Despite her newly tricked out hair, Kate is still a reality star without a reality show.

Although various tabloids have reported that she is working on a new pilot with TLC, the home of defunct “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” so far nothing has materialized.

A single mom without a job — now that is a novel idea for a show, especially starring someone who can afford a high-priced restaurant, known by paparazzi to be a celebrity hangout.

That almost assured she’d be spotted and get another spin in the tabloid press.

Kate has the celebrity attitude down. She blew by the photogs, looking perfectly annoyed.

Update: Kate Gosselin, Hailey Glassman Cut Ex-Jon Down to Size, Read More

Then she got in a taxi! No long dark Mercedes? How de classe

Kate trimmed her unruly extensions earlier in the day and wore her hair in a simple, straight style. Gosselin also wore her now trademark MILF mini skirt with a black cardigan, dangly hooker-style earrings and a beaded cuff bracelet.

Was she on ABC’s dime? Kate will be back March 11 for another guest turn on “The View.”

Meanwhile, Jon Gosselin reportedly is ready to turn TLC cameras loose on his kids again, if the cable channel will drop its breach of contract lawsuit.

So much for his protests that the filming was detrimental to the kids.

Kate declined to comment when X17online asked about Jon and the children. After dining out with a mystery man, Kate headed to Spin New York, a social club.

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  • Psychic

    SERIOUSLY? That two year old boy from Indonesia who smokes 40 cigarettes is CRAZY. Someone needs to kick his parents around, or just throw them into the nearest large body of water. I saw the video here

  • Mary O

    Has no one ever told her to spit out the gum?
    She is forever
    chewing, and it is extremly rude.

  • Kim

    Hounded by the media?? Please you know she calls the media to let them know where she is going to be so they can be there taking her picture – she thinks she is an A-List celebrity hahaha its very Sad!!and this whining and crying about how she cant support her 8 children yet she can sit for a 20hr hair extension session and pay thousands of dollars for it and pay her 2 or 3 nannies to raise her kids? gimmie a break she is a sad story!!

  • wvcfridley

    Lay off Kate, sure she was a little hard on Jon, but he’s an idiot. I’m glad they split- I mean come on- look at her now and look at him. She’s hot, he’s not. I’m sorry,but none of the girls he has been linked to can hold a candle to Kate.

  • Jordan

    I wish this piece of trash would disappear, she is a lousy mother and a poor excuse for a human being shame on her she ignores her meal ticket(her kids) and whines about how tough it is raising 8 kids as if she has ever taken care of her kids people raise them for her and the kids support her fat lazy ass awwww get a job bi#$! I have 8 kids to and work to support them they don’t support me and we eat out as a family.

  • renee

    as u notice alot of the girls on here are saying bad things about her . because there probley fat , ugly , and inscure so all they have to do in there life is set on there fat a** and make comments on pretty girls . u go kate . live ur life to the fullest and find a guy that deserves u

  • Sara


  • Folders

    She looks great and deserves a night out! Good for you, Kate!

  • Dawnmichele

    Just leave her alone! She looks great and deserves to start a new life without that loser ex-husband! You go Kate!!

  • Christine

    Hope u bring back the show, we miss seeing the kids, my two kids and I loved to watch the show to see how all eight kids were growing up, The show Jon and Kate Plus Eight was not just a reality tv show it gave us moms the hope, that if a mom of eight kids can achieve certain things, then I put it my mind that a mom of two kids can have the encouragement to make any bad situation to a better one. And I think that Kate did do the proper way to wait until after the divorce was finalized and it is up to her when she starts to date.

  • Denise

    She does look great, she only had surgery to remove extra skin, from her TWO multiply pregnancies. Its still her own body and she works out to keep in shape. Kate was tough on Jon but try not being snippy when you have 8 kids to raise.
    Jon wasn’t always so sweet either. He never showed her affection and always made faces at her too. At least she often said she loved him too. She showed she didn’t want to air their business, but Jon was humiliating from his behavor and the way he trashed the mother of his kids in public. She also has the right to go to places every other person does. I think papparazzi look for her, not the other way around.

  • Diane

    WOW joanne, lol and what. you get it out of your system all that hate is no good for you, tae a chill pill.
    to start off I have seen all the Jon and Kate plus eight and if you watch them all back you will see Jon in a different light, Kate had to stay in ‘mommy mode’ with Jon as he use to take off at the drop of a hat at airpots playing out by himself leaving his eight crying on the drive while he skates up the street etc. We know Jon now and if you re watch it, its eye opening and all the little niggles that you expect from kids Jon is first in line he is by far the biggest kid of all, and for the comment ‘a wanna be’ well its so last year because this year SHE IS A BE! you go girl and I hope you and the little ones get back on screen soon

  • lol

    Beautiful and classy? LOL, wth are you smoking? Kate is dressed like trash, while it’s FREEZING outside. Everyone has their winter coats on while Kate is wearing a mini skirt?

    Beautiful? LOL. Look at her face. It looks horrible. Can you say GOBBLE GOBBLE?

    Look at the rest of the pics. You can see traces of cellulite all over her left thigh. haha

    Jessica Alba is beautiful. Kate Gosselin. Hahahahha Not even close.

  • Teresa

    “She looks great, a lot more then some mom’s can say”? I would imagine “most mom’s” would look awesome too if they had someone to pay to have their bodies surgerically enhanced and/or refined too. lol

  • Teresa

    Kate is a beautiful girl. Too bad she’s not as pretty on the inside as she is the outside. Pretty is, is pretty does. And she portrayed a big “B” to her husband all through out their reality shows. I’m no fan of Jon’s but no one deserves to be talked down to like she did him.

  • NOT Jealous- I wouldn’t want any of it…

    Was that “Cash Cab” she was getting into? I hope so…or maybe she should get ‘real’ and go back to nursing and supporting her kids. Then I would be impressed…otherwise, she is not much of a role model for single moms or for her kids. Why give her a break? She too is just as &#&47^ up as her loser ex…they both have added to this dysfunctional mess of a family.

  • Em

    IT IS HER HAIRDRESSER!!!!!and even if it was not it is not our bisneess!!!! LEAVE KATE ALONE

  • Heather Lepkowicz

    Why do you write stories that are so anti-Kate? Why bother? If you are going to write a story can you at least attempt to make it unbiased? Most of us reading the Kate Gosselin stories like her so you just come off looking like a terrible writer with no ability to control your emotions.

  • what

    She obviously wanted to be seen. That’s why she went to Butter and Spin. 5 Million places to go in NYC and she went to Paps central. What a wanna a be!

  • Amanda

    comment to joanne what the hell r u talking about that woman looks pretty damn good for having 8 kids.

  • Debbie

    Well, I always heard “pretty is as pretty does”…which pretty much leaves Kate out of the “pretty” loop..I think there are many who comment who probably aren’t aware of all the facts of the situation and that’s fine..everyone can have and voice an opinion…but as one who knows about Kate from WAY back,I will say she’s done a great job of snowing a few of you…But,given that the majority of the public has now seen her for who she really is,I think any chance of success in a tv career without the 8 “money makers” is about as likely as a second Obama term at this point..There aren’t enough of you out there that can stomach it…

  • Debbie

    Hmmm…I see she still be smackin’ on that gum…God,has she never seen herself with her mouth cracking gum??Obviously, not, or she’d never put another piece in it!

  • Quit The Sour Grapes Haters

    Kate looks beautiful and classy! Happy for her and her children, I think she is really trying her hardest, so glad she dumped that loser Jon!

    She looks great, a lot more then some mom’s can say who just let themselves go. Cannot wait for her new show and for her to be on THE VIEW!

  • Vickie

    Leave Kate alone. Would you like to trade places with her?
    Deadbeat dad? Financial responsibility for 9 people? Hounded by the media? Give her a break; let her have a life.
    Others in television shows don’t get nearly the grief. Walk in her shoes for a day!

  • julie

    Kate looks breath-taking, she has beautiful legs not two sticks like some woman do! Kate you look great and this hairstyle look good on ya! Wish you all the best Kate, ignore the stupid ignorant comments, they sound jealous and full of hate souls! Good luck girl, you’re still very young with a lot to look forward too!

  • dessertgirl

    Is having dinner with her gay hairdresser (all paid by TLC) supposed to make Jon jealous? No man in his right mind would voluntarily pay for a meal for Kate.

  • victoria

    hey give the poor lady a break. 8 kids, a father who is f#%&^ed up, good for her. She has to support them. Happy mom is a good mom. Let her live. GO KATE GO!! cheers sweetheart.

  • ac

    why isn’t she wearing a jacket? it’s NYC in February, not LA!

  • HOward

    Is that black guy her date?
    She does seem pretty clingy among other things.

  • c

    Sorry guys I love her.. Give her a break.
    I iss watching their show…. I think she looks great….

  • Jess

    Seriously. I agree with the comment above. You are way to harsh on someone who actually looks pretty hott for once.

  • joanne

    Cellulite legs, cankles, too fat for the skirt and hooker shoes and one ugly face, yup, another night on the town for Kate Gosselin

  • Terry

    Hooker style earrings? MILF?? What the heck are you talking about? Not a fan of hers but this is the first time I’ve seen that woman looking great.

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