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Bethenny Frankel's Panty Flash: Accident or Planned (watch!)

Reality Star Shocks Audience After Dress Flies Up

Oops! Bethenny Frankel moments after her wardrobe malfunction.

Former New York Housewife Bethenny Frankel flipped up her dress in Anderson Cooper’s face. Luckily, he’s gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But the reality TV personality was embarrassed, nonetheless, because the audience was also forced to see her bony behind.

Frankel, 41, flashed her pink panties while challenging the buff journalist to a push-up contest on his talk show. Her bottom was quickly blurred by studio censors.

Frankel was bouncing around on stage in a dress during the live taping. She enthusiastically crouched on the floor and kicked her legs out to assume the position.

That caused her skirt to flip up across her back, exposing her behind and her pink panties. She seemed to almost immediately realize she was exposed and sat up and covered herself.

The blushing Bethenny laughed, “I don’t usually have the jump [before doing a push-up]. How’d I look? Did you see the pink?”

Anderson was rolling on the floor, laughing.

The episode of Anderson Cooper featuring Frankel will air March 19, 2012. The network used the spot in a promo. So was it a real accident, or did Bethenny fake it for publicity? Check it out below.

  • Eric

    Was it really a wardrobe malfunction? Or was it shameless self promotion for Frankel as well as an attempt to boost ratings for Anderson?

    People have to realize by now that celebs pull these “accidental” stunts all the time. At least this website realizes there is a decent chance the whole thing was staged.

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