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The Naked Truth About Kristen Stewart On the Road Nudity

Star Has No Qualms About Showing All If Part Calls for Nudity

“Twilight” star Kristen Stewart is nude in “On the Road,” ending months of speculation whether she would take off her clothes for the film. She shows both her rear end and her breasts.

The movie, which follows 50s Beat writer Jack Kerouac’s exploits from his seminal book “On the Road” is no “Twilight.” Kristen gives it her all.

While chastity until marriage was one of the themes of the relationship between Stewart’s Bella and vampire Edward Cullen (he was 108 years old) just the opposite is a theme in this movie.

Kristen plays a promiscuous teen Marylou, who gets married at 15 and pushes the limits on free sex with husband Dean Moriarity, a fictionalized character based on Kerouac’s traveling budding Neal Cassady, played by Garrett Hedlund.

“I love pushing, I love scaring myself!” Stewart told reporters at the Cannes Film Festival, where the picture screens today (May 23).

In the film, Stewart, 22, appears naked lying on her stomach in one scene, resting on a bed. In another scene her character is shown having sex with Hedlund’s character and with Sam Riley, who plays Sal Paradise, the fictional version of Kerouac himself.

During the scenes, Stewart flashes her bare breasts. She also gets naked with both characters and in a menage-a-trois in the front seat of a car while driving cross-country and performs a sex act on them.

But none of the actors show any full-frontal nudity, according to reports.

Stewart chided actresses who wear flesh-coloured patches to hide their breasts or other parts during movie sex scenes. She did not want to feel safe and went full on nude.

“To watch genuine experience on film is just so much more interesting than seeing (it faked).” In fake scenes, she added, “You can see the tape holding up the pasties.

“I wanted to do it,” Stewart said of the sex scenes.

“The reason you want to do the job is that you read it and you’re provoked on some level and then it’s just taking that further and you just love it. And I always want to get as close to the experience as I possibly can.

“In this case, I really didn’t have a thought in my mind. We were just really going forth. It was always about going forward. As long as you’re always just being really honest, there’s nothing ever to be ashamed of …”

As for Bella, who does not have sex until she is married, Stewart assures: “She really wants to!”

  • Covington Beasley

    Ms. Stewart’s daliance with exposing herself is a sad if not tragic departure from what 45+ million fans clamoured for in Twilight, which was chaste virtuous restraint. In a world inundated with incessant decadent rubbish, fans were starving for some measure of purity. Hence the blockbuster reception the series has received. Perhaps Ms. Stewart mistakenly felt this OTR misadventure would show other producers and directors that she is a big girl prepared to doff her kit and compete in pandering to the debased public to earn those big pounds at the box office.

  • Catca

    She chided other actresses for wearing flesh colored pasties because she wants to be as close to the experience as possible? Last time I checked, there isn’t a full camera crew in the room with you when you’re intimate with someone, even with respect to promiscuous people pushing the envelope (with a few exceptions…) Kristen has her acting technique and what works for her she should follow, but I think she misses the point when she chides other actresses. There have been many actresses that used those flesh colored pasties and had very real performances.

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