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Kristen Stewart Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

Magazine Alleges She'll Make a Play for Her Next Co-Star

Kristen Stewart-Ben AffleckKristen Stewart can’t escape her new reputation as a cheater with married men. A new tabloid report claims she’ll be all over hot co-star Ben Affleck during filming of “Focus,” their upcoming movie. It sees another affair in her future.

The article, however, is based on nothing more than speculation. Affleck also seems likely an unlikely liaison, because he is happily married to Jennifer Garner, and they just had a baby.

Stewart blindsided boyfriend Robert Pattinson when her relationship with “Snow White and the Huntsman” Director Rupert Sanders was exposed by a tabloid over the summer. She reportedly has worked mightily since then to win Pattinson back.

Although the “Twilight” couple appear to have mended fences, they continued to be dogged by tabloid reports that the relationship is rocky. Now, the latest report in InTouch magazine goes one giant step further.

Tom Cruise $50M Tabloid Lawsuit; Time for Reality Check 

Under a glaring headline: “Cheater Kristen: Wrecking Another Marriage,” the magazine claims steamy sex scenes between the two will make it impossible for them to keep their hands off each other off-screen. The magazine warns that Garner should be “very, very, worried.”

Kristen Stewart Cheating-InTouch magazine

As always, the story is based on anonymous “sources.”

While anything is possible, the story has no basis in fact. What’s more, Stewart hasn’t even gotten the part yet.

TheImproper reported last month that it was time for a “reality check” of tabloid gossip magazines that are making up wilder and wilder stories about celebrities to sell magazines or attract Website readers. The tricks range from misleading headlines to stories that appear to be fabricated.

Ashley Greene Takes Dig at Kristen Stewart Over Cheating Scandal

Google, the source of 70 percent of all pageviews through its search engine, is a culprit as well. It rewards the worst players in the celebrity “source” game because it gives original content, or “exclusives,” higher search rankings, even when the stories aren’t even remotely true.

It also penalizes Websites that play straight and do not make up stories to create sensational “exclusives.”

Actor Tom Cruise is fighting back. He sued two tabloids for $50 million claiming he was defamed by stories that reported he had abandoned daughter Suri Cruise following his divorce from Katie Holmes.

While that’s not the answer, the trend is unlikely to end anytime soon as the tabloids fight for sales and readers.

  • Couldn’t even finish reading this!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves! Let her be for once and for all! She made a mistake, admitted it and is now moving on……..why don’t you move on as well!

  • dani

    WAW she cheats ones in her life and now she has a reputation????, this is absolutely ridiculous, this is like a witch hunt against her, kristen just sue this freaking magazines, i’m sick of the anonymous sources and insiders, 99% of lies

  • sin

    after Rob will be in Australia and she gets horny again there is nothing what will stop her to jump the next willing guy, and guys are always willing if you let them

  • Freya

    She deserves her reputation. She is ready to move on, the public is not.

  • Just_Lena_

    People actually believe these stories that’s the saddest part. These mags kill brain cells for real! Lol

  • p

    Really !! really people what the hell is wrong with society today …. these stupid bloggers are getting worse and worse daily , i wish there was a way to stop them , make them accountable for all of these Bull they write about , but we live in the US where the majority of people are bullies and insensitive A hole … their motto ” who’s life can we ruin today with our lies and make money off the fans ” .. like i said only here , other country have more respect for people , sometimes i’m ashamed to say i’m from the us !!!!!! but in the end i won’t let these bastards ruin my good time i love movies and many actors and they already know about all these idiots on the internet they ignore them anyway , it’s the fans that get frustrated and angry and they know it so they play with their emotions therefore making more money … Greedy Monkeys !!!!!

  • paty

    “Affleck also seems likely an unlikely liaison, because he is happily married to Jennifer Garner, and they just had a baby.”

    Right. Because marriage and kids were such a road block for her the last time she cheated. Both she and Affleck have reps as cheaters, and they have to know that working together will bring these kinds of headlines. Not the most considerate thing to do to their significant others.

  • Liz

    They should just end the company who publishes all of this crap. Fans want to know what really is going on with their celeberties. The truth and not the lie. How are people supposed to move on when they can’t get the tabloids off their backs.

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