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Kristen Stewart Shockingly Thin on Aussie Marie Claire Cover (photo)

Kristen Stewart covers Marie Claire. Click on the photo to see the full cover supersized.

Kristen Stewart looks shockingly thin on the cover of the new issue of Marie Claire‘s Australian edition. Is it due to heavy-handed photo editing, or her cheating scandal? Either way she’s positively waifish.

Kristen will cover the magazine’s January 2013 issue, which hits the streets later this month down under.

Click on the photo at right to see the full cover enlarged. 

She looks ghastly, which is odd, considering Aussie women are famous for their fit, athletic shapes. Think Elle McPherson. But Kristen’s arms look willow-thin, and her left shoulder looks cramped and too short.

Even worse, her head seems out of proportion to her body. It’s way too big. In fact, it looks like it could have been digitally superimposed on another woman’s body.

In addition, Kristen’s left hand looks out of proportion and claw-like, while her right arm looks hyper-extended. Kristen doesn’t have much up top, but in the photo, she’s flat chested. Is that really her?

Stewart, 22, has been under a lot of pressure lately and reportedly lost weight because of the fallout from her cheating scandal with “Snow White and the Huntsman” Director Rupert Sanders. But the interview was conducted around the time of Comic Con in San Diego.

That would put it between July 12 and July 15. She and Rob were both at Comic Con and were relaxed and friendly. She was seeing Sanders by then, but the affair was still secret.

She was photographed in the married director’s embrace on July 17. Us Weekly, published the photographs on July 24. So post-scandal weight loss isn’t the problem.

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  • KStew Krew

    You don’t know shit about her involvement with Ruperv you asses. Stop with the assumptions and untrue “facts” that you think you know. Old photos here…..That’s right from Elle magazine idiots. Do some homework before you go making yourselves look stupid. Yes, enough of the scandal or should I say affair that you call it. Well if kissing is an affair then you can sign me up fir a flogging too…. I would rather be in the same boat with Kristen than write about someone or something I have no clue about…. And for what reason….$$$$$$$$. Disgusting is what you and all the lousy rag mags, rag gossip sites, and rag papparazzi are for slandering this young woman. Shame on you.

  • faithful

    You people at Improper are such a-holes, knocking down Kristen again. By the way, the picture was taken before July 27 and was the cover of Elle magazine months ago ! You guys should know that but why would you, that would make you informed !

  • Ana

    Kristen looks hot in the photo, and if it is edited I’m sure it will be the problem of the editor’s editor of the magazine. And the thing is you don’t have any news on Kristen that why your’e pointing fingers on her good looks…

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  • Kathy Giroux

    I think she looks gorgeous and please shut up about the scandal already. Her and Rob are over it, shouldn’t you be or will we see a story from you in 2056 that says Kristen Stewart, best known for her scandal of 2012 received her first social security check today? Enough already.