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Justin Bieber Shirtless Sightings Soar; Strips at Jingle Ball (watch!)

Strip Downs Going Up for Teen Sensation; What Gives?

(Photo: INFDaily)

Justin Bieber has been working out, and now apparently feels confident enough to start flexing his muscles in public. He’s been spotted more than once in without his shirt, and stripped down during Z100’s Jingle Ball. Is he ready to go buff?

Justin has made stripping down a part of his shows these days and performed right on cue at the Jingle Ball concert yesterday (Dec. 7) at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Justin would never be confused with an NFL linebacker. He’s a diminutive five-feet, seven-inches tall, about the same as actor Tom Cruise. He weighs a reported 123 pounds, which puts him between bantamweight and featherweight. He’d have a tough time taking on a supermodel.

Last year, though, he reportedly was able to bench press 120 pounds, which is impressive. Anyone who can bench their own body weight is toned.

The Biebs is determine to shed his boyish image and that means putting on some weight and building up his guns. We just don’t know if he’s there yet. At 18, he’s probably done growing, so don’t look for him to get taller. Besides, one more growth spurt and he can kiss those high notes goodbye.

So the Biebs is going with what he’s got for now. Check out the video below, and let us know your thoughts. Boy? or Man? And, click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more Justin Bieber updates.

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