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Justin Bieber Reps Try to 'Dirty Up' Paparazzo in Ferrari Death

Allege Stalking, Harassing Pop Star at Every Opportunity

Photographer Chris Guerra and Justin Bieber (inset).

Photographer Chris Guerra and Justin Bieber (inset).

Justin Bieber reps are slamming photographer Chris Guerra for allegedly “stalking” and “harassing” the pop star on New Year’s Day. Guerra was struck and killed by a car as he tried to photograph Bieber’s Ferrari.

Bieber was not driving or in the car. His pal Christopher Moore, aka rapper Lil Twist was behind the wheel when police spotted the car speeding.

The tragic incident highlighted the dangerous cat-and-mouse game that Bieber and other celebrities have been playing to avoid being photographed. Bieber has been arrested at least twice in the past two years for speeding to elude photographers.

In the most recent incident, the “Believe” singer was clocked traveling in excess of 100 mph before he was pulled over. Paparazzi were pursuing him. In November he was cited for making an illegal left turn and driving on an expired registration.


Justin Bieber Could Face Legal Liability in Paparazzi Death

Guerra, 29, reportedly told friends that he was sure he saw Bieber earlier in the day smoking pot while driving his car and was trying to get what would have been a sensational shot.

Sources close to Bieber deny that the singer was smoking pot and had not left the hotel earlier in the day as Guerra allegedly claimed, according to gossip site TMZ.

Efforts by Bieber’s reps to dirty up the dead photographer are an apparent effort to generate sympathy for the singer and limit his liability for the accident.

Justin Bieber, Paparazzi: How Dangerous Game Led to a Death

They claimed the paparazzo was “following and chasing him at every opportunity.” The suggestion is that Guerra’s own reckless and negligent behavior led to his death.

Guerra got out of his car and crossed busy Sepulveda take photos. After he was told to go back by police, he started to cross the road and was struck by a Toyota Highlander. The woman driving the SUV has not been charged.

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