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Justin Bieber Spotted Smoking Pot After Paparazzi Death

Expressions of Condolence Suddenly Ring Hollow

Justin Bieber at the party.

Justin Bieber at the party.

Justin Bieber partied hard, including smoking what looks like pot, at a Newport Beach party on Jan. 2, only one day after a photographer was killed trying to get a photo of Bieber doing the same thing while driving his $200,000 Ferrari.

The shocking photos, showing Bieber have a rocking good time, turned up on gossip site TMZ. Obviously, someone at the party sold him out.

TheImproper reported yesterday (Jan. 3) that Bieber’s reps tried to “dirty up” the dead paparazzo, by leaking statements to the media, swearing that Bieber was not smoking pot while joy-riding in his Italian sportscar.

The photographer, Chris Guerra told a friend shortly before his death that he’d witness the teen sensation driving his car while toking on a marijuana pipe. If so, it would have been a big money shot for the freelancer.

When he saw Bieber’s white Ferrari pull out of the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills, he followed. The car was pulled over by police for speeding. Christopher Moore, aka rapper Lil Twist, was behind the wheel. The photographer was struck by a car and killed after photographing the scene.

Bieber expressed his condolences in a statement, but the party seemed to undermine his sincerity. Bieber also failed to gauge the impact of smoking pot so openly in the wake of the photographer’s death. But someone at the party realized the implications and insensitivity of Bieber’s actions.

Bieber reportedly had security present, according to TMZ, but people took photos without disruption. In shots published on the website, Bieber looks like he knows his way around a blunt.

The “Believe” singer has had run-ins with paparazzi before, but this looks like an unmitigated public relations disaster. Be sure to follow TheImproper for more updates on the case.

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