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Kim Kardashian DNC After-Party No Bust, Club Owner Says

Kim Kardashian with Marc Hubbard at Club Hush in Charlotte, N.C.

Kim Kardashian was doing a personal favor when she took a high-priced private jet flight from New York to Charlotte, N.C. to host an after-party following the Democratic National Convention, says club owner Marc Hubbard.

Hubbard told TheImproper in an interview that the a report about the Club Hush party in gossip site radaronline, was riddled with errors.

Citing an anonymous source, radaronline claimed that only about 50 people showed up for the event and termed the DNC after-party a bust. The report was also picked up by The National Enquirer.

Kim Kardashian Parties Hard at Club Hush

Hubbard said neither media outlet contacted him for comment. He told TheImproper that Kim flew to Charlotte after attending Fashion Night Out in New York as a personal favor to him. She did not charge for the appearance, he said.

Hubbard said he met Kim through her rapper boyfriend Kanye West, whom he’s known since 2004. They met he said, during one of Usher’s tours.

“Kim appeared at the club as a favor to me. [The after-party] was not open to the public,” he added. “Actually we had about 250 people at the event and we didn’t even charge,” he added. The Web site reported that only 50 people showed up.

He also said the club wasn’t new as radaronline reported. It had merely changed locations, because the city had bought its previous location to establish a movie lot.

Hubbard also owns a club named Hush in Spartanburg, S.C., which has been in business since 2001. He’s currently looking into franchising the concept.

He confirmed that he picked up the $15,000 cost for the jet.

  • Michelle

    I knew all along this was bullsh*t like all of the other bullsh*t that Radar online prints this is twice this week that they have been busted for major lies, even the people that were at the party was on twitter talking about it being a lie and how many people were there, radar online keep doing this sh*t because they know that it’s a bunch of ignorant haters out there that are willing to believe anything negative about Kim and they know tha the other idiot blogs will run with it, so sad. One of these days they are going ot get their a** sued for printing lies. They are idiots and the people who believe anything that they say are bigger idiots.

  • Lisa

    Um the person above, did you forget to take your meds? The club owner was not required to speak up fro her. Its not her PR idiot

  • Liar Liar

    LIES! Just another attempt by Kim’s PR people to fool the public. Fact is her career is finished, no-one cares for her anymore…she’s DONE. 50 people?? How sad. I’m sure the infamy was fun while it lasted, right Kimmy doll?? Hahahahahahaa

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