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Justin Bieber Radio Interview Goes 'Horribly Wrong' (Listen)

Flips Out Over Justin Timberlake, One Direction

Justin Bieber lost it during a radio interview with Detroit’s 106.7 show, “Mojo in the Morning,” after the DJ strayed from fawning compliments and asked about Justin Timberlake and boy band One Direction. Justin hung up on him.

Bieber has been working overtime promoting his new album Believe , which includes a slew of radio call-in interviews as well as public appearances and live performances.

Justin may be stressed out because his record debuted at No. 1 as projected but did not match sales projections, which caused a spate of questions about over-promising sales and under-performing record.

The 18-year-old started losing it when the DJ said he “sounded just like Justin Timberlake.” He then made a joke about One Direction’s Harry Styles making a play for Justin’s mother that caused Bieber to hang up on the interviews.

At first, his rep tried to blame it on bad cell-phone reception, but later confirmed that Justin was upset and wouldn’t be calling back.

It “went horribly wrong,” said the DJ’s sidekick. “I was having a heart attack.”

After some fawning banter and high praise, “Now you are the man with Believe” the DJ said, the conversation turned to Timberlake.

“I hope you take this as a compliment because I really mean it as that,” the DJ said. “I thought it was Justin Timberlake, when I heard ‘Boyfriend” the first time.”

“That’s crazy because our voices sound nothing a like,” Justin replied. “Saying I sound like someone else is not really a compliment.”

The DJ changed the subject to UK boy Band One Direction, and Styles’ recent spate of dating women twice his age.

“Do you worry about harry around your mom since he likes older women,” the DJ asked

Justin snapped “I think you should worry about me around your mom, bro.”

“Justin my mom’s dead so unfortunately that wouldn’t work,” the DJ shot back.

With that Justin hung up on the interview. After it was clear Justin wouldn’t be calling back, the DJ said Justin is “starting to take himself way too seriously.”

Dude, lighten up.” So, does Justin need to light up? Or was the DJ too snarky.

  • Marc

    Just wanted to let the author of this piece know that the “Mojo in the Morning” show is not hosted by 106.7 but rather 95.5.

    P.S. Mojo does this and other idiotic to ALL of the people they interview including listeners who call in,so I would advise any celebrities that receive a request from their show for an interview to decline!

  • swaggieuniverse

    justin is not a brat gay or a prick and stop saying fame has gotten to him hes just growing . I would be mad if the guy said that about my mom justin is amazing so haters shut up

  • kate

    honestly, I thought it was justin timberlake at first too…and thats not something bieber should be offended by. Justin Timberlake is amazing, and did everything that bieber is doing right now. he should be happy about being compared to someone like that. as for the mom comment, well, immature on everyone’s part.

  • Kevin

    Just another KID that cant handle fame. What a prick

  • Kasey

    I think Justin took it offensively about the Dj talking about his mom that way . Ti know i would . The Dj needs to review what he has to say . its sounds like all his words were just brain to mouth. And they need to give Justin a break and stop talking about him like that on national radio. He works too hard , for that kind of criticizam and Yes as a matter of fact he is the big shit , hes worth Millions ! But yeah he is just too stressed about everything , he really is a good person , you just needa watch whatcha say to people ;)

  • DStaine

    Mojo was wrong with the comparison & the comment about Justin’s mom. He need to remember the age of the person he is interviewing. It was the right choice for Justin to hang up. Then the comments the so call adults made after the call ended was rude. Justin need to stop giving interviews to everyone his music & his loyal fans is all he needs. Unfortunately when a star gets as big as Justin is becoming the world becomes nastier to them.

  • Kim

    I think he was definitely being rude, and way over sensitive. That was uncalled for, every celebrity gets questions they don’t like sometimes, they don’t need to act like he did. He’s a spoiled brat. He should be grateful for what he has considering the life he had before fame, and that he’s not really so talented.

  • LALA

    that DJ was such a douche. Stop harassing Justin. also, he obviously didn’t now that his mom was dead. That DJ was so inconsiderate, and that’s what is wrong with Hollywood. This DJ loser is just trying to get popularity from Justin. And these DJ’s don’t even know Justin, they take THEMSELVES wayyyyy to seriously. I have never been more disappointed. Fucking loser adults mocking a kid. Pathetic.

  • MeganLovesJustin

    I have listened to Justin Bieber’s voice over a hundred times from TV specials to Interviews, to recordings and listen to it and then think about JB’s voice, I don’t believe it is him.

  • Ciera

    Did he seriously refer to himself in 3rd person at 5:17? This DJ was not being rude. Considering he’s a DJ, and it’s his JOB to get exclusive information, this DJ was actually being very nice and respectful.

  • Honestly, Justin is just growing up & is under alot of pressure right now. Trying to get that album at #1, charity, and whatever else. But I still don’t think he should have said what he did. But it was kinda funny since that Dj dude was trying to compare Justin and making it sound like that Harry dude was getting closer with Justin’s mom.

  • Ava

    How rude! I love jb!

  • Denise Mendoza

    I think Justin did react a little too seriously but give him a break he’s working alot right now. And the radio guy just shouldn’t have said that thing about one direction I’m sure Harry is a bit offended with that. I mean imagin if harry hears this. Well you can now never have a good interview with one direction.

  • Uglena Trolmez

    And he says he’s not the baby’s father and he so called took a paternity test. Wouldn’t you think his management team would’ve provided the paternity test results if the results were negative? Wouldn’t they have wanted to prove his innocence? I mean he wrote a song about him not being the baby’s daddy…why not show us the paternity results :)

  • Uglena Trolmez

    Justin Bieber is just a rude teenager. He is always acting like he’s better than everyone and that he’s not into the interview. This kid should not be famous. His singing is average at best. He is so called rapping most of the time becuz he can’t really sing and he lipsincs…not cool little bieber boy not cool

  • Personally I think it was rude for Justin to be talking about somebody’s dead mom..but the dj was also rude for comparing him to Justin Timberlake and talkin junk about Justin’s mom as well.

  • Sel

    I think that the Dj was rude to him

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