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Kate Gosselin Breaks Down in Tears: I'm No Monster, She Says

Kate-Gosselin-CryingThe Kate Gosselin melodrama continues with the reality television personality breaking down in tears as she hop-scotches from one media outlet to the next to promote her book. Why is Kate so upset? It’s not just the kids, this time.

Kate breaks down during a television interview with Inside Edition’s Jim Moret.

She’s homesick for the kids of course, but she’s also angry at her brother, Kevin, for testifying against her Wednesday (Apr. 14) before Pennsylvania lawmakers investigating he defunct show “Jon & Kate Plus 8.”

Kate has been leaving the kids with nannies while she tapes “Dancing with the Stars” in Los Angeles and hits the road to promote her new book, “I Just Want You to Know.”

“My job takes me away from them and it’s not easy to let somebody else pick them up from the bus stop…It’s hard, it’s really hard,” she said, as the tears started flowing.

Kate turn on DWTS has put her under a lot of stress. She says she takes a red-eye flight home. But this week, she’s promoting her new book in New York City.

“What do you want people to know about you after they read this book?” Moret asked.

“That I am a mom with a really huge heart…and that I’m not the monster I’m painted to be,” she replied.

Hey, was she really feeling sorry for herself?

Although Kate would love to be the next Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray, she generates sharply polarizing feelings.

While she has a devoted fan base, she also has a Greek chorus of critics who find her ruthlessly ambitious, controlling and aloof and demeaning to those who work with her.

The treatment of the Gosselin’s eight kids has also been a major issue. Both Jon and Kate have been accused of exploiting them by putting them on television.

Gosselin also reacted to complaints against her by her brother and sister-in-law who went before Pennsylvania lawmakers yesterday claiming Kate’s kids were exploited during filming of the show.

Gosselin dropped in on Jay Leno last night (Apr. 15), and discussed “The Kate Effect” on “Dancing With the Stars.”

“They’re probably just tuning in to see if I’ll fall,” she quipped.

“But that’s still part of the effect, it all counts!” Jay said. He would know.

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  • Just Saying

    …and those would be called ‘crocodile tears’ and yes, she is feeling sorry for herself – again. This is the only way she can keep her ‘devoted fan base’ support.

    Kate’s only concerned with herself and how much money she can make off her kids’ backs. It’s sickening to watch!

    Of course she’s angry with her brother…he and Jodi have let the cat out of the bag. Kate will stop at nothing so she can make as much money as she can before the cute, adorable kids are no longer marketable. Hence why she’s published ‘personal’ letters to the kids via the book ‘I want you to know.’ Um Kate, if they’re ‘personal’ letters then why did you publish them for the world to read?

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