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Paramore's Hayley Williams Nude Photo Hacked (See It)

Paramore’s Hayley Williams is the Internet’s latest topless darling. While she’s grousing about the exposure, she’s basking in the publicity — which makes the leak, as usual, suspect.

A slew of female stars — Ashley Greene, Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Megan Fox (hers were fake) have suffered similar fates.

Almost all are up-and-coming singers and starlets, who seem to benefit vastly more from the publicity than from the embarrassment of showing their private parts. And, why no men? Why are their nude photos never hacked?

The redhead is topless in what appears to be a camera phone photo.

She’s staring blankly into the lens, making hard to figure out why she took the obvious self-portrait in the first place.

The photo was posted on Thursday and more than 600,000 of Williams’ followers had access to it. It was taken down shortly thereafter, but not before it went viral on the Internet.

Needless to say, the singer feigned distress. “Well … my night just changed drastically. Got hacked,” she Tweeted.

Coincidentally, or not so, Williams recently shot the video for B.o.B.’s song “Airplanes.”

Also, Paramore is just heading out for the Honda Civic Tour, along with indie bands, Tegan and Sara, New Found Glory and Kadawatha. The tour launches, July 23 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Williams appears to be taking the hack in stride. No further word from her on plans to rein in the photo.

  • red

    @shoopdawoop: how do you know she’s not holding the camera? Her hands are out of view. She could just be holding it with her left hand (as most of her left arm is out of view).

    @Ally Orosco: it’s real, there is no join, and hayley herself has announced publicly that it is her.

    @everyone claiming to be her biggest fan/bestfriend: shut up, and gtfo. This has nothing to do with being her biggest fan, morons.

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  • viel98

    damn those hackers!!!

  • Sam

    I think better to listen to her voice than to look at her. She is beautiful beyond the mark and nothing we can touch anyway.

  • TheBigMan

    Lol! Look at the tits… Her tits is like my mom’s. FUCKING BITCH!!

  • that person

    damn hayley williams was always hot in my opinion this is… wow! hotter

  • shoopdawoop

    I don’t really care about the photo itself, but what I do care about is something else: who took it? She’s obviously not holding it. Maybe she was forced to take the picture, or accidentally got her picture taken. Who knows? It’s stupid to look at one picture and then judge. Miley Cyrus has a photo where she shows her bra to the person taking the picture. Why isn’t she part of this site? I’m just saying.

  • Ally Orosco

    First of all. if you guys/girls can observe very closely. this photo has been photoshopped. That isnt even hayley.!! She hasnt had that color of hair for aabout a year now. So and if you guys look around the neck area in the real picture.. you can see were its been replaced. D:

  • morgan

    hayly if your reading this dont listin to these fools they just want a good story i still belive in you i love you and i always will no matter what by the way i am your biggest fan eva

  • f*’ck off

    all you guys can just f?*ck off i am her biggest fan and i respect her so go and f*ck yourself jerks and she isn’t just hot she is nice, cool and funny i know because i am one of her best friends so bye. ps: peat your a dumbass

  • potato

    Hot Damn hit that till next july

  • Kelly

    I have to say that I’ve lost some of my respect for Hayley Williams. I used to be a big fan.

  • Peat


  • sean

    Oh my gawd, I always thought Hayley was hot, but now IM SURE!!

  • sai_41

    i still love her!…
    f**k those hackers!

  • kaity

    STOP IT. hayley williams is a god and its wrong for ppl to make icky comments about her boobs. that is her private life and whew ever hacked into her account? i will hate yew for everyday that yew live. everyone has their own personal life, its greasy and wrong for yew to show everyone hers. yew dont know how yew just ruined her rep! shes an amazing person and showing that is really stupid bc now someone can hack into yurs and can show some private pix of yew too. lets see how yull like it. (:

  • dkjjfkdjgkdfdf

    ew fucking mosquito bites
    shes an ugly c**t

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    Yeah, she’s just hot. Nude or not. Well, she’s really hot nude.

  • P3RF3CT10N

    Hayley Williams is f*ckin an amazing singer and is goregeous. So what if a pic got out? Who hasn’t taken a pic and it leeked out? The fact of the matter is pic or no pic she’s still and amazing singer, she’s still beautiful and she’s still the same person as before. A pic doesen’t change a person.

  • yourmombutt

    wow those tits look yummmy

  • mfan

    Because hackers are men! The gay men hackers must be in the closet.

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