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Iron Man 2: Early Reviews Say It's a Junker (video)

iron-man2-scarlett-johanssonRobert Downey Jr. is back as Tony Stark in the anxiously awaited “Iron Man 2”, but early reviews are already assigning the sequel to the junk pile.

The star-studded premiere took place last night in Los Angeles (Apr. 26) almost two years after the original Downey led “Iron Man” became a summer blockbuster.

This time around, however, the movie lacks a cohesive story and sharp direction that made the original a hit, according to early reviews.

“Everything fun and terrific about ‘Iron Man,’ a mere two years ago, has vanished with its sequel” writes Kirk Honeycutt in trade magazine, Hollywood Reporter.

“In its place, ‘Iron Man 2’ has substituted noise, confusion, multiple villains, irrelevant stunts and misguided story lines.

“A film series that started out with critical and commercial success will have to settle for only the latter with this sequel. Robert Downey Jr.’s return as Tony Stark/Iron Man will assure that,” he concludes.

Iron Man 2 seems to be all talk and no action, at least at the outset. The first big action at a Grand Prix race, is 20 minutes into the film.

But the biggest complaint appears to be with the movie’s plot. There’s too many of them.

“Iron Man 2 is making the same mistake that was levelled at Spider-man 3 of throwing too much into the mix,” writes the UK Mirror’s David Edwards, who calls the movie a “travesty.”

“Do we really need Stark vs. the US Government, a rival tycoon and the mysterious Vanko? Aside from muddling proceedings, that’s three bad guys we’re expected to hate,” he adds. .

He goes on to call the film “a mind-numbingly dull, chaotic and often unwatchable muddle.”

Trade paper Variety was a little kinder.

“There are enough fun moments in Jon Favreau’s playful direction (from Justin Theroux’s workmanlike script) and Downey’s performance — a tycoon who’s equal parts Warren Buffett and Kid Rock — to satisfy a weekend audience, but one needs a forgiving nature to get past the flabby midsection,” it reports.

“The special effects, meanwhile, are more plentiful and polished once they fully kick into high gear, though there are still shots where that gleaming suit looks a bit more animated than it should.”

Iron Man 2 is carrying a lot of good will and momentum from the original movie and is still expected to do well at the box office. But with reviews like that word-of-mouth after the movie opens will be critical to a strong run.

The film is set to open May 7.

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