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Kim Kardashian Baby Birth Drama Story Doesn't Add Up

Mother, Baby Health Problems Greater Than Originally Claimed

Kim Kardashian baby drama; real or reality show real?

Kim Kardashian baby drama; real or reality show real?

Kim Kardashian was reportedly suffering from severe swelling, a potentially deadly sign of a condition known as preeclampsia, before she gave birth to her baby girl five weeks premature. But the story doesn’t add up with previous Kardashian family statements.

Kim delivered her baby on June 15 after being rushed to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center the night before. Afterward, the family said Kim had a normal birth and the child was healthy.

Kim Kardashian’s Pre-Term Birth Signals Possible Health Problems

But anytime a child is born before the 37th week of gestation, they are in a danger zone because some organs, especially the lungs, may not be fully formed. Kim’s baby was born at 34 weeks, while the normal gestation period is 39 weeks.

Celebrity Health & Fitness was the first site to raise questions about Kim and her baby’s health the day after the birth was announced.

The latest report in People magazine confirms that Kim faced a potentially serious health problem. But if she was suffering from a possible onset of preeclampsia, then doctors would not have allowed her to give birth naturally.

Kim Kardashian Baby News Tinged With Racism?

In almost all cases, doctors would have performed a Cesarean section; allowing a natural birth under those conditions is too dangerous. So something doesn’t add up.

People paid a reported $3 million for Angelina Jolie baby photos.  Is Kim set for a big payday too? It was later  accused of doctoring the photo.

People paid a reported $3 million for Angelina Jolie baby photos. It was later accused of doctoring the photo. Is Kim set for a big payday too?

Whether this is just more Kardashian manufactured drama, or her health problems are real, remains to be seen. But right now the latter seems to be a distinct possibility. The baby reportedly is in an incubator, according to the magazine.

As tabloids go, People tends to be among the more credible news sources, although it reported that the Kim’s baby is “already smiling” even though it’s medically impossible for newborns to smile.

People was also widely accused of doctoring a cover photo of Angelina Jolie’s newborn twins to make one of them smile. (Whats with the smiles obsession?). The magazine denied the photo was altered.

Another big question is whether the publication is angling to buy the baby’s first photos and hyping the story to create more interest.

One thing is certain, her delivery caught baby daddy Kanye West by surprise. He was set to attend a listening party for his new album Yeezus until he got word that Kim was in labor. He rushed to the hospital.

The dangers of preeclampsia were featured in last season’s PBS hit “Downton Abbey.” Lady Sybil gave birth, but died from the affliction. The episode was set in the 1920s, before modern treatments for the condition were invented.

  • Joy

    I agree with the mommies who went through their ordeals. @ Laura-Very sorry you lost your son. I was am a nurse. Every woman’s delivery is treated individually and with care and consideration for the mother and child. The docs I worked with were very conscientious and considerate of their patients. It depended on gestational age, how severe the preeclampsia is, and all sorts of factors. I’ve seen women deliver from 34 weeks and up depending on the case. If Kim did have preeclampsia,
    I think her doctors were being conservative and thinking of her safety, which by all means was the right way to go. Based upon her antepartum symptoms, since I see women at home now- I would have urged her doctor
    to see her urgently.
    Preclampsia is nothing to sneer at, be snarky about, or not take seriously.
    Each woman is an individual, a human being, and deserve the best care
    Possible. Unless you are a mother, a nurse, or a doc-and you don’t have
    Anything nice or informative to enlighten the public about- don’t say anything unless you get your facts straight. Speculation is not news
    and being judgemental in any profession is unprofessional and just mean.
    Once you become a mom and you go through the same ordeals, it’s
    makes you feel that you are not the only one. my heart goes out to you
    Ladies and all the woman I know who have dealt with this very
    dangerous condition.

  • Mom of one

    I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and had a natural birth. I had some of the best doctors and specialists in the country and my doctors felt a c section was too dangerous for me. So your theory is wrong.

  • Dawn

    I had pre-eclampsia and had a natural birth. It can be done under extreme care. It depends on the case. Everyone is so quick to judge. Every labor is different and depends on the Dr.

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  • Laura

    Correction- there is no modern treatment for pre-eclampsia besides giving birth. Even then it can progress after birth to the deadly HELLP or eclampsia.
    If awareness around pre-eclampsia is going to be reported on, please make sure the information is correct.

    I had severe pre-e with my first child and he ended up dying at 4 days old.

    • kredacter

      The use of magnesium sulphate to control eclampsia seizures was first used in 1955 and is still in use today. But the main treatment is still immediate birth by Cesarean section. Sorry about your loss.

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