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President Obama's Hip Hop Video Cameo; Or Not (watch!)

obamavidMore reason to suspect President Obama isn’t who he says he is, or is the coolest president since Andrew Jackson. A hot Internet rumor claims the leader of the free world had a cameo role in a 1993 video by hip-hop group Tag Team for their song “Whoomp (There it is).” Check it out.

For the moment, let’s just say the alleged Obama figure pops up in the video about 1:01 into the song. It’s quick, so watch closely, but the image is clear.

The fact that — we’ll say the guy — appears in the video and then gets a close up, makes it suspiciously seem like the producer/videographer knew he was somebody special.

Of course, the video was shot in 1993. Obama had recently graduated from Harvard Law School. The presidency was still a sparkle in his eye.

Sounds like something a cool Harvard guy would do, especially if he had desires to run for the city council or a local office.

He was community organizing in Chicago at the time and that could have exposed him to some hip, happening dudes that might have landed him in a hip-hip video.

Biggest arguments to believe its him, according to Gawker: It really really looks like him! Obama likes Kayne West and Ludacris, so he’s into hip-hop. Q-Tip sampled one of his speeches. The guy in the video is also left-handed!

Reasons to believe it’s not him: The guy is wearing earrings. Tag Team is from Atlanta. The Obama figure’s hat says “Compton” which is in California. He more likely would be wearing a hat from his hometown — unless he was trying to disguise himself!

Anyway, watch the video. Watch it again, and again and again. What do you think?


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